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Apply these 10 Fan Tan strategy tricks to your gameplay at Fun88 India & win up to ₹9,000 daily! Follow the Fun88indi experts to increase your win rate by 98%.

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If you want to fund an easy way to make extra cash in the most entertaining way online, then playing online casino games like Fan Tan on beneficial online betting sites like Fun88 is the best way to start. However, winning is not always guaranteed as it will require you to use some of the Fan Tan strategy tricks to win maximum rounds online. So here, with the help of Fun88indi experts, we have put together 10 Fan Tan strategy tricks that will guarantee an increase in your win rate by 98% and help you earn up to ₹9,000 daily!

Fun88 fan tan strategy tricks to win online

1. Select a good Fan Tan game room with traditional gameplay

First on the list is a basic Fan Tan strategy that beginners must learn to do for most online casino games, and that is to select the best game room in the betting world online. This is extremely important for many reasons as selecting a good game room would equal to selecting a proper playing ground to play the game efficiently and effectively online.

  • The online game room that you select should come from a legal online game room provider and must be offered by a legal online casino website. Additionally, there are many Fan Tan game rooms, but playing in a traditional one where they use beads or stones instead of modern cards is the best way to experience authentic Fan Tan online.
  • Currently, in the gambling world online, the best Fan Tan game room is provided by Club Evolution, which is considered to be the best of the Best Online Casino Game Providers in the betting world online.
  • If you create an account in the Fun88 register on the official website, you can access the Club Evolution Fan Tan game room in the easiest and quickest way to experience traditional Fan Tan gameplay online.

2. Skip some betting rounds to observe the Fan Tan game

Next on the list of this Fan Tan strategy tricks article, we have one of the most important skills that every beginner must adopt from the very start and that is to learn the art of observation online. Observing Fan Tan games before placing your bets in the game room is extremely crucial to winning and earning extravagant payouts.

  • Observing the Fan Tan gameplay online can help you with many things like making sure the basic Fan Tan rules are followed well in the game room and grasping the basics of the gameplay in the room you select.
  • But most importantly, observing the Fan Tan game by skipping some betting rounds would help you understand which of the four main betting options wins more rounds than the others.
  • Once you know which betting option wins the most in the Fan Tan game room, placing bets using the below-mentioned Fan Tan strategy tricks would be a piece of cake for you to win almost every betting round.

Fun88 fan tan strategy to win online

3. Make use of the previous bet winner chart accurately

In continuation with the above-mentioned Fan Tan strategy, observing the gameplay by skipping a few rounds is the best way to predict which bets would win the most, however, it is equally important to finding out whether your observations are correct or not. To do this, you can easily make full use of the previous bet winner chart in the game room you select to get a list of all the previous winning bets before you begin your observations.

  • For this, the online betting game room you select should offer you a detailed previous winner bet chart. At Fun88 Online Casino Club Evolution, you get an accurate chart for all the winning bets including the side bets.
  • If the observations you make are in sync with the chart details then you can go ahead and try out the next Fan Tan strategy, however, if it is not in sync then you must practice your observation skills a little bit more.
  • That being said, if you do not want to spend time skipping to observe a few betting rounds, then you can directly place bets on the most winning bet option from the chart itself using progressive betting systems which we will look into in detail further down the article.

4. Use the minimum betting stake to place bets on your observations

Now that you know or at least have an idea of which betting option wins the most rounds in the game room, it is important to go ahead and place your bets on the betting option. However, as a beginner, we recommend using the minimum betting stake to place your bets online as this is the best way to save most of the cash in your bankroll and also play more rounds online.

  • Using the minimum betting stake to place bets is beneficial in many ways and is thus, considered a pocket-friendly Fan Tan strategy that would help you win big in small amounts as you will play more rounds and place accurate bets most of the time.
  • To add to this, the minimum betting stake can let you place more than 1 bet on the main and side betting option for a single betting round in the game room to increase your chances of winning the game round even more.
  • The Club Evolution game room for Fan Tan has stakes starting from ₹20 only which is very pocket-friendly for most beginners and also beneficial as winning one round with ₹20 as the betting stake would give you double the amount! To know more about club Evolution games at Fun88, click on this detailed Fun88 Review article.

Fun88 fan tan strategy betting options

5. Place bets on the side betting option in Fan Tan

We are fully aware that the side betting options in casino game rooms online do not pay as much as the main betting options do, but in the end, winning something is better than winning nothing, and betting on the side betting options is sometimes easier than betting on the main bets to win. So, if you are not sure which main bet to place then you can give the side bets a shot in the Fan Tan game room online.

  • In Fan Tan, the side betting options are the most common ones seen in any online casino game and they include Odd/Even which stands for 1 and 3 or 2 and 4 winning, and Small/Big which stands for 1 and 2, or 3 and 4 winning, respectively.
  • Observation skills come in handy when trying to figure out which side bets win the most rounds too and sometimes it is easier to keep track of these smaller bets than the main ones, which is another beneficial aspect of Fan Tan’s side bet options.
  • Additionally, you can also look at the previous winning bet chart to know which side bet options win the most, and if you want to win more in small amounts place more than one bet using the main and side bet, or place bets on the side bets alone.

6. Use a progressive betting system to win back the lost money

Now that you are equipped with the basic Fan Tan strategy tricks for placing bets in the game room online, it is time to learn how you can utilize your bankroll like pros to save up on the money you already own. Sometimes it is so that most gamblers join game rooms with more money than they have when they leave and this is because of their lack of mindfulness in using the bankroll properly.

  • One of the best ways to use your bankroll properly by using the minimum betting limit and also by placing bets on only the most winning betting option is to make use of the progressive betting systems. For beginners, the D’Alembert system is the best one to go with.
  • Progressive betting systems are those systems in which you must increase your betting stake every time you experience a loss so that when you eventually win, you win back the money you previously lost as a part of the payout.
  • So, using the minimum stake as the initial amount, you can keep betting on the most winning betting options, and if you win 7 out of 10 rounds, then you can win nearly the same amount you lost in the 3 rounds or even more as the payout.

Fun88 fan tan strategy tricks to win real money

7. Be aware of the Monte Carlo or Gambler’s Fallacy

So far we have explained to you the Fan Tan strategy tricks that you must carry out so now it is time to give you a tip on what you must not do, and that is you must not fall for the Monte Carlo fallacy. This is a fallacy that has a great negative impact on even pro gamblers who have been playing the game for years, so learning how to stay away from the Monte Carlo fallacy as a beginner is a Fan Tan Strategy you must carry out with great attention.

  • The Monte Carlo Fallacy is commonly known as the Gambler’s Fallacy where gamblers believe that since a betting option has won most of the rounds, it is unlikely to win again.
  • This makes them alter their betting option and sometimes lose a lot of cash in one go. Thus, it can be said that during this time gut feelings can go very wrong and have a much greater negative impact on the bankroll.
  • Remembering that the goal is to win most rounds and not all rounds, it is advisable to stick to the most winning betting option that you observed because as mentioned above, even if you win 7 out of 10 rounds, you will go home with more money than you lost, and with the progressive betting system to back you up, you have a greater chance of losing very little.

8. Maintain your bankroll by keeping daily betting limits

Fan Tan is a game that is enjoyable even when you are simply observing the game because of how skillfully the croupier carries out the gameplay. Thus, regardless of whether you bet with money or not, you still would enjoy yourself by just looking at the game. With Fan Tan tricks like these, winning becomes easier and so, with the amazing gameplay and continuous earnings, it is very possible that you would lose yourself in the game.

  • This is why maintaining a set bankroll at the beginner before you play the game online is very crucial especially for beginners to learn to skill of gambling mindfully. Doing so is very easy at online betting sites at Fun88, so make a Fun88 Signup today!
  • This is in fact one thing that distinguishes pros from rookies as they know the responsibilities of gambling responsibly and keeping away from addictive behaviors at all costs.
  • Setting betting limits would be a reminder for you to know when to stop and these betting limits can be set based on time or based on a reasonable amount of cash or game rounds you would like to play for the day.

Fun88 fan tan strategy tricks to win

9. Apply for your online casino bonus to play Fan Tan

As we are almost at the end of this article, it is important to remember that learning how to apply all these Fan Tan strategy tricks in your gameplay can take time and so would increasing your winning rate and earning up to ₹9,000 daily. However, if you want to win a huge cash amount quickly then applying for your online casino bonuses is the best way to do so.

  • Online casino bonuses are something that many players ignore however, as a beginner this is the best way to save money in your pockets and still enjoy playing online Fan Tan games by using the bonus cashback offers deposited in your online casino wallet.
  • So, instead of spending a lot of small amounts by placing betting stakes in the Fan Tan game room, you can make the minimum required deposit in one go to claim a promotion offer and receive double the amount as bonus cash in your wallet to play Fan Tan games online.
  • At Fun88, you can claim a Club Evolution Fun88 Bonus for a new member account that gives you a 100% up to ₹10,000 bonus offer for a minimum deposit of ₹1,000 where you can play Fan Tan live dealers games and other games offers by Club Evolution on the official betting site.

10. Play mindfully and keep track of your wins and losses

With this, we come to the last Fan Tan strategy offered by the Fun88indi experts and that is to play mindfully. It is important to note that all the above-mentioned strategies to win would be useless if you do not have proper control of the game and how you play and so, it is important that you be mindful of everything when playing Fan Tan or any online casino games at Fun88.

  • Being mindful when playing a game would mean that you must be aware of how the croupier carries out the gameplay as well as how much you are betting per round. This means that you must sit to play Fan Tan online without consuming any alcohol-like substances.
  • Additionally, it is important to be mindful and keep track of your wins and losses because in the end, Fan Tan is a game of pure luck and so luck may not always be by your side, especially at the initial stages of using these strategies.
  • If you feel like you are losing more than winning even with these Fan Tan strategy tricks, then you should leave the game room for the day and come to play again the next day with a fresh bankroll, as it is a method to go easy on your bankroll by saving what you would have lost otherwise.

Fun88 fan tan strategy to win


These were the 10 Fan Tan Strategy tricks from the experts at Fun88indi who have tried and tested out these tricks to boost their own winning rates by 98% and higher! With this, you can easily start making ₹9,000 per day and if you use online betting sites with extravagant bonuses then you could be making even more. So, join Fun88 today to access a cool Fan Tan game room and make ₹10,000 yours today!, and if you want to play other casino games, then stick around with Fun88indi, the best online betting guide you will find in India!