Top 10 fastest Indian bowlers in the cricket history

Ranking of top 10 fast bowlers in Indian cricket history of all time. Know their career statistics, fastest ball, and total wickets in Test matches, ODI, T-20!

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Cricket rules the heart of millions of Indians and they leave no chance to get acquainted with the facts and pieces of information. We have presented the list of the top 10 T20 World Cup best batsmen. Enough of batsmen already and let’s look at the top 10 fast bowlers in Indian cricket history. This Indian fast bowlers list is based on factual data of the matches played by them over the years.

#1. Kapil Dev: 1978 – 1994

Fastest Delivery: 155 km/hr
Wickets in Tests: 434 wickets
Wickets in ODI: 253 wickets
Wickets in 1st Class: 835 wickets
Wickets in List A: 335 wickets

Kapil Dev

  • The name needs no introduction, therefore, we repeat the name again, Kapil Dev, the greatest pace bowler India has ever produced and is thus an Indian fastest bowler.
  • His extraordinary talent led India in the 1983 World Cup and world record of aggregated test wickets from Hadlee.
  • He has been a chairman of the National Cricket Academy for 2 years and then returned to the breakaway Indian Cricket League.

#2. Jasprit Bumrah: 2016 – Present

Fastest Delivery: 153 km/hr
Wickets in Tests: 68 wickets
Wickets in ODI: 104 wickets
Wickets in T20: 182 wickets
Wickets in IPL: 82 wickets

Jasprit Bumrah

  • Debuted in 2016, the second Indian fastest bowler, Bumrah has paced off his curve and became one of the fastest bowlers within a short frame of time.
  • He holds the record to take 5 wickets against South Africa, Australia, and England in the same year.
  • He bowled with a high speed of 153 km/hr to be listed as the fastest bowler, India has ever produced.

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#3. Javagal Srinath: 1991 – 2003

Fastest Delivery: 154.5 km/hr
Wickets in Tests: 236 wickets
Wickets in ODI: 315 wickets
Wickets in 1st Class: 553 wickets
Wickets in List A: 407 wickets

Javagal Srinath

  • Next on the Indian fast bowlers list is Javagal Srinath. He is considered to be the best pacer to date, he ruled the cricket world with his fast bowling for 9 years.
  • He’s an inspiration to all the bowlers and they often watch his moves to sharpen their bowling techniques.
  • He still holds the record of 300+ wickets in the ODI tournaments, after years of his retirement in India.

#4. Ishant Sharma: 2006 – Present

Fastest Delivery: 152.6 km/hr
Wickets in Tests: 300 wickets
Wickets in ODI: 115 wickets
Wickets in T20I: 8 wickets
Wickets in IPL: 71 wickets

Ishant Sharma

  • Ishant Sharma, a fast bowler in India and the right-hand bowler is the reason behind the winning of India in Lord’s after 28 years.
  • He was called upon to join Indian Squad on South Africa tour in 2006-07 when he was just 18 years old.
  • In 2020, the Indian government has awarded him Arjuna Award to appreciate his dedication and hard work in cricket.

#5. Ajit Agarkar: 1997 – 2013

Fastest Delivery: 145.5 km/hr
Wickets in Tests: 58 wickets
Wickets in ODI: 288 wickets
Wickets in T20: 03 wickets
Wickets in IPL: 29 wickets

  • Ajit is the third-highest wicket-taker for India in ODI matches, he is known to work efficiently in loads of pressure and has made it to the Indian fast bowlers list.
  • He holds a record of making the fastest 50 by Indian in just 21 balls, he’s the fastest all-rounder with amazing swing techniques rooting in traditional.
  • In 2013, he announced his retirement from all kinds of cricket formats and began a new career as a cricket analyst.

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#6. Mohammed Shami: 2013 – Present

Fastest Delivery: 146 km/hr
Wickets in Tests: 180 wickets
Wickets in ODI: 144 wickets
Wickets in T20: 91 wickets
Wickets in IPL: 40 wickets

Mohammed Shami

  • Shami is a fast bowler in India with 100+ wickets in ODI, he bowled a memorable 4 over maiden against Pakistan in his ODI debut.
  • His surprising swing puzzles can baffle any powerful batsmen today, with his consistent fast-speed balls.
  • He howled 5 wickets in his test match debut against West Indies, He’s also the second Indian bowler to claim a hat-trick in World Cup 2019.

#7. Irfan Pathan: 2000 – 2020

Fastest Delivery: 153.7 km/hr
Wickets in Tests: 100 wickets
Wickets in ODI: 173 wickets
Wickets in T20: 173 wickets
Wickets in IPL: 80 wickets

Irfan Pathan

  • Next on the fastest bowler in the India list, Irfan Pathan emerges in the eyes in 2004 and since then his bowling career graph has always been up, he’s a natural.
  • In 2007, when India won against Pakistan in the inaugural World T20, Irfan Pathan took over 3 powerful batsmen singlehandedly.
  • He became the legendary first Indian fastest bowler to take three wickets in the first over in the history of test matches.

#8. Ashish Nehra: 1997 – 2017

Fastest Delivery: 149.7 km/hr
Wickets in Tests: 44 wickets
Wickets in ODI: 157 wickets
Wickets in T20: 162 wickets
Wickets in IPL: 106 wickets

Ashish Nehra

  • He is the second oldest player to represent India in T20 International, his fan regards him as ‘Nehra Ji’ in love and respect.
  • He has been subject to much criticism for his injuries but has always been considered the best bowler of India.
  • Nehra Ji announced his retirement from all formats of cricket in 2017 and has been a cricket coach since then.

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#9. Umesh Yadav: 2008 – Present

Fastest Delivery: 152.2 km/hr
Wickets in Tests: 144 wickets
Wickets in ODI: 106 wickets
Wickets in T20: 148 wickets
Wickets in IPL: 119 wickets

Umesh Yadav

  • Umesh Yadav took the most number of wickets for India in ICC World Cup 2015, 18 wickets in 8 matches, marking his name in the cricket history with golden letters.
  • Umesh broke the 15-year-old highest striking rate in the test match record of Stephen Fleming, New Zealand captain.
  • He made his debut in One Day Internationals in 2010 against Zimbabwe.

#10. Zaheer Khan: 1999 – 2015

Fastest Delivery: 145.1 km/hr
Wickets in Tests: 311 wickets
Wickets in ODI: 282 wickets
Wickets in T20: 17 wickets
Wickets in IPL: 102 wickets

Zaheer Khan

  • Last but now least, is the fastest bowler in the India, Zaheer Khan. He is considered to be the second-best fastest bowler after Kapil dev in Indian cricket history, shining always bright with others.
  • In 2013, the Indian government awarded him with the Arjuna award for his incredible performances throughout his career.
  • He captained Delhi Daredevils in IPL for a ₹4 crore contract in 2016 and retires shortly after it’s over from all formats of cricket.

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As rankings of the top 10 fast bowlers in Indian cricket history can never be stagnant since new talent emerges every year, we’ll always keep cricket lovers updated with a ranking of fast bowlers in Indian cricket history. We favor cricket watchers too if you can’t earn through playing cricket then earn through watching it. Sign up at Fun88 India and earn real money through betting on cricket matches.