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Most online betting sites like Fun88 India are available in a mobile configuration that entitles stakes to be set on the go. You can effortlessly back your favored football team or tennis player while waiting for the bus or train to arrive. For that, we are to let you know some of the best 10 Asian handicap betting tips for online football. Keep on scrolling!!


1. Choose the finest online betting Site

  • Choosing the most profitable betting sites is necessary, not just for handicap betting but for all sportsbook and casino forms.
  • Always place your handicap bets on an online platform like Fun88 for Indian players who have valid licensing, safety certifications, sound support, and a broad choice of payment modes.

2. Get the best odds

  • Handicap betting may seem a whole new form of football betting for some newbies but, the identical Asian handicap betting tips are applicable while discovering the best odds.
  • Players must bet on Asian handicap betting markets utilizing the best possible odds available.
  • You will only expand your possible winnings by gambling using the finest odds, and, in most circumstances, it can take a moment to compare odds between different bookies.
  • You could be failing out on a splendid exchange of money for a year if you accept the initial odds you find when Asian handicap betting football.
  • A glance at the most profitable odds.
  • Utilize comparison mechanism


3. Learn Handicap Betting thoroughly

  • For many newcomer football bettors, Asian handicap betting is something renewed, but it is uncomplicated enough to comprehend.
  • Asian Handicap betting is famous when a powerful football team plays against a weaker team.
  • To balance the playing domain and make the game more engaging for wagerers, the Fun88 has Asian handicap betting tips for the football market and gives the favorite a weakness at the start of the match and the outsider a benefit.
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4. Bet on favorites

  • This conveys players well on to the next Asian handicap betting tips, which is to bet on favorites.
  • It could be alluring to go for an outsider and expect them to make life difficult for the favored but you will be always recommended to support the heavy favorite when handicap betting on football.


5. Check out the form of the team

  • Before setting a handicap bet, you ought to check the form of both teams involved – signifies the general state of the form for that individual match and home/away form.
  • However, when they play in the supposed Champions League, their record is not as adequate, and thus you will overlook avoiding using handicap betting in this match.
  • Home and Away forms are necessary. Check out the Fun88 1×2 football betting odds tips for newcomers!
  • Peek at that precise tournament
  • Discover dominant teams

6. Analyze the team news

  • Team news plays an enormous part in betting online, and one of the top Asian handicap betting tips for winning more at football betting at Fun88 is to consistently review the team news before putting a bet.
  • Always scan team news
  • Look for essential players
  • Never bet if influential players are missing


7. Review Head-to-Head Record

  • The head-to-head narrative between teams can deliver a useful insight into what may occur in a match.
  • You should never desire the exact kind of outcome to replicate itself each season between 2 teams but you can manipulate it to back up your handicap betting strategies.
  • The timing and effectiveness of an earlier fixture must always be evaluated before setting a bet.
  • Analyze head-to-head record
  • Employ it to back up your strategy
  • Study the consequence of the previous stakes

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8. Review the history & study the statistical margin

  • It is not always sufficient to only glance at the past 5 outcomes and the team info when playing Asian handicap betting.
  • You must likewise peek at respective results, be it for the entirety of the previous season or the games already played in the recent campaign.
  • You can maintain a track of which teams are defeating by heightened margins throughout the season, and it will be more manageable to uncover the details as and when you require it.
  • Analysis margin of success
  • Which teams are defeating by 2 or more goals?
  • Preserve your record for effortless reference


9. Form of individual players

  • If you intend to place a handicap bet, you must ensure the team you are supporting has players who are achieving goals.
  • You do not like to back a team to overpower a 2 goal handicap if their strikers have been stumbling to score goals.
  • They might be playing what is deemed ineffective opposition but if a team does not have somebody who can kick the ball in the back of the net, it could turn into a battle.
  • Back teams with the highest goal scorers
  • Study the form of the strikers
  • Discover teams with players in the goal-scoring state

10. Avoid low scoring teams

  • There is one straightforward direction you require to observe while handicap betting online and that’s to stay away from low scoring teams.
  • When you consider it, this makes logic because when handicap betting on the favorite to succeed, you are funding them to overturn a deficiency.
  • It could be down to the tactics of the leader or the playing personnel but you must always ignore low-scoring teams.
  • Keep out from the teams beating 1-0
  • Evaluate a team’s strategies before gambling


Handicap betting is a fantastic path to put a bet on a heavy favorite and enhance your odds. If you observe the Asian handicap betting tips expressed above you will have a more reasonable possibility of placing a winning handicap bet but keep in mind, that there is still a risk and you should not bet more than you could afford.