What is 1X2 in soccer betting? How to read 1X2 odds at Fun88

Here’s a Beginners guide to doing 1X2 soccer betting! Learn how to read 1×2 odds & witness a real money example at Fun88. Get 3 effective tips to win a 1×2 bet.

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What is 1X2 in soccer betting?

Some players prefer to call it football, but a difference in the name won’t change the fact that soccer/football is one of the most popular sports to bet on in the gambling industry. There are multiple betting types available to wager your money on, like Asian handicap betting, over/under betting, etc. But the most popular one is the 1×2 betting option at soccer games. Fun88 provides two chances to bet on a 1×2 bet type, once in the half-time and second in the full-time.


Understand the 1X2 soccer betting option

In the 1×2 football betting option, the punter predicts the winner of the match or the match will result in the drawing. The most popular and chosen betting option has three variables in it, indicating something important. It is a three-way bet type that holds the draw option. It is a traditional sport betting term where the selections are like below.

  • 1” refers home team will win.
  • X” means draw in the match.
  • 2” indicates the away team to win.

How to read soccer odds 1X2 at Fun88

There are two betting options for the 1X2 type, punters can bet on 1X2 twice in the football game. 1X2 betting option can be wager on twice, once in the half-time and other in the full-time. Understand the concept deeper and continue reading.

#1. Half-time 1X2 betting odds

Half-time means the first half of the game, that is, 45 minutes. Whichever team score more goals than the other wins and that is predicted by the punters. It is not the end of the match, just a break. If you think the home team will score more goals in starting 45 minutes, bet on 1. If you think both teams will have the same score by the end of 45 minutes, then bet on X. Let’s take an instance of betting ₹100 on either of the three options at once and know what will be the possibilities.


  • Case 1: Bet on half-time 1 – Crystal Palace: If Crystal Palace scores more goals in the first half of the match, you win the bet and get ₹398. If not, then you lose your betting amount of ₹100.
  • Case 2: Bet on half-time X – Draw match: If both Crystal Palace & Arsenal score the same number of goals in the first half of the match, you win the bet and get ₹216. If not, then you lose your betting amount of ₹100.
  • Case 3: Bet on half-time 2 – Arsenal: If Arsenal scores more goals in the first half of the match, you win the bet and get ₹273. If not, then you lose your wagering stake of ₹100.

#2. Full-time 1X2 betting odds

Predict the team which will win, punters have to predict the result of the whole football match, including the first and second half, meaning the whole 90 minutes match. Bet on 1 if you predict the home team to win, bet on X if you think the match will end in a draw, and bet on 2 if you predict that the away team is going to win. Suppose you place a ₹100 bet on either, let’s see the cases.


  • Case 1: Bet on full-time 1 – Crystal Palace: If Crystal Palace (home team) wins the match, you win the bet and get ₹398. If not, then you lose your wagering amount of ₹100.
  • Case 2: Bet on full-time X – Draw match: If both Crystal Palace & Arsenal get the same score, the match results in a draw, you win the bet and get ₹216. If not, then you lose your betting amount of ₹100.
  • Case 3: Bet on full-time 2 – Arsenal: If Arsenal (away team) wins the soccer match, you win the bet and get ₹273 in your account. If not, then you lose a wagering stake of ₹100.

Evaluate your payouts using 1×2 odds

Remember the great odds give greater payouts. Punters can evaluate the winning amount before placing the bet and before winning the game. It’s a trick of using a simple mathematical formula of multiplication. The amount of money you will win if you win the bet depends on the odds on the team and the betting amount you wager on the team.


Expected Return = Betting Odds X Wagering Stake

  1. Odds: 3.55
  2. Wager stake: ₹100
  3. Expected return: 3.55 X 100 = ₹355

Suppose you choose to bet on a soccer team to win with 3.55 odds and a ₹100 wagering stake, then the expected winning amount is 3.55 X 100 = ₹355. Now you need no machine to tell you the amount you are going to win, you don’t have to click on odds and see the expected payout in the betting slip, all you have to do is multiple betting stakes and odds.

How to do 1X2 football betting at Fun88 – 3 Easy steps

Once you learned the basics of what 1X2 soccer exactly is, you need to apply that learning while playing on the Fun88 sportsbook. Follow the 3 steps procedure below and start playing, thus begin winning!

Step 1: Access Fun88 & Select Fun88 Sports

  • The basic yet simplest 1st step will be visiting the official website of Fun88. You can access the website via your device’s browser, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or others.


  • Once you reach the homepage, you need to login into your account if you’re an existing user. Otherwise, follow the guide by reading the article Fun88 register and signup on Fun88.
  • Once logged into your account, you’ll be redirected to the homepage of Fun88. Locate the Sports category from the menu bar and pick Fun88 Sports by clicking on it. After selecting Fun88 Sports, you’ll be redirected to the betting page Fun88 Sports.

Step 2: Select Soccer sports to bet on

  • Select the Sports from the left panel you want to bet on, and choose Soccer to experience 1X2 betting options on Fun88 sports.
  • Choose the highest tier of soccer in the world to bet on, the English Premier League in England. It is the most popular league of football in the world.
  • Prefer the ongoing or upcoming football match to bet on, we chose Crystal Palace vs Arsenal to give you an example of 1X2 betting at Fun88 with real money.


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Step 3: Place your bet with a minimum of ₹100

  • When you’re already on the betting page and chose the preferred game team to place a bet on, decide the betting amount and confirm it. Observe the odds under the 1X2 bet type and click on the team you want to put a wager on.
  • Enter the stake amount in the betting slip, which appeared on the right side of the screen & click ‘Place Bets‘ to confirm bets.


  • Suppose you chose to bet on Crystal Palace win, that is, 1. Click on Crystal Palace and the betting slip appears on the right side. You enter ₹100 to bet on 1 with 3.55 odds. If Crystal Palace wins the game, you’ll win ₹355 in return. If Crystal Palace loses the match, you’ll lose your ₹100 too.

Mentioned below are three cases of betting at 1X2 bet type. Suppose the punter decides to bet on either with ₹100 stakes, let’s see what will be the result of his betting in tabular form to get a more clear idea of 1X2 betting at a soccer match.

Case 1: Bet on 1 – Crystal PalaceCase 2: Bet on X – Draw matchCase 3: Bet on 2 – Leeds United
1x2-Soccer-Betting-03 1x2-Soccer-Betting-041x2-Soccer-Betting-05
Odds: 3.55Odds: 3.57Odds: 2.09
Wager: ₹100Wager: ₹100Wager: ₹100
Pay-out: ₹355Pay-out: ₹357Pay-out: ₹209
If Crystal Palace wins: you get ₹355If match draw: you get ₹357If Leeds United wins: you get ₹209
If Crystal Palace loses: you lose ₹100If match doesn’t draw: you lose ₹100If Leeds United loses: you lose ₹100

You can follow the next section talking about the 1X2 soccer tips used while playing on the Fun88. Continue reading the article to get more interesting insights and be independent.

3 Strategies to win at 1X2 football betting

Besides querying what 1X2 football betting is, several people are similarly concerned about when to bet the best access bet. We are here to provide you with some insight on the best access bet for 1X2 and another additional tip to help you predict the winner. Know the top 10 best football betting tips to learn more and win more.

  • Choose Underdog in half-time: If the team had a comparatively open front, the competitor had secured the last goal. Still, the wedlock always got back, winning a thrilling victory. Thus, betting players can play HT / FT, weak side / strong side with this sort of dispute. It means that the weak side will have an opportunity to start in the first half, and the strong side will win at the end of the match.
  • Understand the Draws in 1X2: In other instances, you believe that the strong team will lead the goal in the first half. The strong team will be penalized the urge will progressively reduce. You can choose HT / FT to win, draw, or win a strong/weak win. If the game is 0 – 0, the player can win the HT / FT deal, Draw / Draw. Furthermore, all HT / FT bets that are not demanded will revert to the player’s account and be counted if the player has not obtained a bet.
  • Follow the tipsters & sports forecasts: For absolute beginners, we recommend following the sports news and forecasts to determine the winners. Follow others until you understand the game better and then choose to follow your own strategy. There are loads of betting experts willingly helping new punters to win money, reading the sports news and sports forecast predictions, and learning how they made the decision. Don’t stick to one, compare 4-5 at least.


Summing up the learning just presented above to respond for everyone to understand betting tips, placing bets, and prediction for what is 1X2 in soccer betting half-time and full-time at Fun88 India. Indeed, this will be the most meaningful information to improve people’s participation in placing bets in every match. Have fun while gambling at Fun88 by claiming a ₹100 free bonus without making any real money deposit at Fun88 India.