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Learn the 24 highest cards in 3 Patti games based on the rankings: highest, 2nd highest, 3rd highest & lowest; to get the best 3-hand sequence at online casinos.

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When you think of online casino games then Poker is probably the first game to come to mind, but if you think of an easy poker variant, then Indian Poker, 3 Patti comes to mind. This is because 3 patti requires you to get the best 3 hands in-game rounds and so it makes the game fun to play and sometimes can be even more thrilling than traditional poker. That being said, besides choosing a good online betting site like Fun88 to play Teen Patti online, it is important to be thorough with the highest cards in 3 Patti. So, to help you with this, we have put together this detailed article.

The ranking of individual cards in 3 patti games online

Before we look at the detailed rankings of the highest cards in 3 patti, let us look at the individual rankings of the cards in India Poker. Just, like Poker, there is not a huge difference between the ranking of the cards except that they must come in a 3-hand sequence. When playing 3 patti games online, it is important to remember these hand sequence-by-heart to keep up with the pace of the game room. To find cool 3 patti tables from top game room providers, visit Fun88.

highest card rank in 3 patti online games

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In a deck of cards, there are Suits that are made up of Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, and Clovers, and in these suits, there are 13 cards from 2-10, 3 face cards, and an ace. These cards are ranked in a way where the number cards have a lower ranking than the face cards. However, when it comes to Ace cards, they can either be the highest before the King cards or lowest after the 2 numbered cards. The individual rank of cards in 3 Patti puts Ace as its highest and 2 as its lowest, so the card rankings are:

A > K > Q > J > 10 > 9 > 8 > 7 > 6 > 5 > 4 > 3 > 2

3 Patti is a game where the value on the cards or rankings in the suits determine the best hand but if there are 2 or more players playing and they get the same ranking cards, then we must look at the suits to determine the best hand from them. Suits have individual ranks too based on a reversed Alphabetical Order where Spades are highest and Clover or Clubs are the lowest, so the rankings go like this:

♠ > ♥ > ♦ > ♣
Spade > Heart > Diamond > Clover

There are 6 main hand ranks in 3 Patti and in these 6 hand ranks there are different sets of 3-card hands that rank from highest to lowest. Based on the above individual rankings for each card and suit, any 3-card combinations make up the 3 Patti hand sequence but these sequences have ranks too which we will look into in detail below. To understand these hand ranks, use the Fun88 Live Casino where you get game rooms containing hand rank charts to glance through before every game.

Note: Rank is always looked at before the Suits in 3 Patti games. If there is a hand combo that has the highest individual card, then that becomes one of the best hands. For instance, the A-2-3 hand is greater than K-Q-J, since Ace cards are higher than K, Q, or J.

Highest to lowest ranking cards in 3 Patti hands

Getting to the main section of the highest cards in the 3 Patti article, we will now take a closer look at what are the 6 main hand ranks and the highest and lowest 3-card combos each hand rank has. Using the information below or memorizing them, would help you play 3 Patti at online casinos smoothly as you will be able to spot the best card combo hands effortlessly

Note: Between the 3rd Highest and Lowest ranks comes various combinations of 3-card hand in 3 Patti, for instance, A♥ A♥ A♥ > A♦ A♦ A♦ > K♦ K♦ K♦ and so on…

#1 Trio or Trail hand is rare and the highest in Teen Patti

The very first and highest hand combo in 3 patti is the Trio or Trail hand where all 3 cards in your hand have the same rank. In trios, the Suit of the card does not matter or is looked at secondarily. Trio also is known as three a kind in poker but since forming the best hand rank using 3 cards is the goal of 3 patti, the Trio ranks the highest among others. Since Aces is the highest Rank in the Suits for 3 Patti, the 3-card hands consisting of As is considered to be the highest rank in the Trio. To learn about the cards in 3 patti in-depth, visit this How to Play 3 Patti article.

highest card rank in 3 patti online trio

Highest2nd Highest3rd HighestLowest
A A AK K KQ Q Q2 2 2
  • Highest: The highest card hand in Trio is the A-A-A sequence and this is the highest ranking hand in all of 3 Patti.
  • 2nd Highest: The second highest hand combo you can get is the K-K-K since King cards are considered to be the second highest.
  • 3rd Highest: Q-Q-Q is the 3rd highest card hand rank followed by J-J-J, 10-10-10, and so on.
  • Lowest: Since 2 has the lowest Rank in the Suits, the hand combo 2-2-2 is the lowest card hand in Trio but not in all of 3 Patti.

#2 Pure Sequence or Straight Flush is the second rarest hand

The second highest cards in 3 Patti lays in the Straight Flush sequence. On this hand, it is important to look at both the Rank of the cards and also the Suit. The cards with consecutive ranks from the same suit make up the Straight Flush hand in Teen Patti. Straight Flush is also known as Pure Sequence or a ‘Pakki’ hand. Winning the game rounds with a Straight Flush is nearly a perfect gameplay and to play 3 Patti online join Fun88 where you can get exciting Fun88 Bonus offers.

highest card rank in 3 patti online straight flush

Highest2nd Highest3rd HighestLowest
A♠ K♠ Q♠A 2 3K Q J4♣ 3♣ 2♣
  • Highest: Since this hand looks at Suits as well, the A♠-K♠-Q♠ or the A-K-Q ranks from any suit is the highest 3-card hand combo in this sequence.
  • 2nd Highest: The second highest card in this Teen Patti sequence is the A-2-3 because Ace is the highest and the second combo with an Ace in it becomes the second highest as long as they belong to the same suit.
  • 3rd Highest: Once all combos with the Ace are over, the K-Q-J card hand becomes the 3rd highest hand if they belong to the same suit.
  • Lowest: The lowest hand combo that can be formed is the 4-3-2 hand but if we are looking at the suits too then 4♣-3♣-2♣ becomes the lowest.

#3 Sequence hand is also known as Straight hand 

Straight takes into account only the Rank of the cards in the hand, so the hand with the highest ranking card in it would win the round. Moreover, this hand has to be straight or a sequence consisting of ranks consecutive to each other like A-K-Q, K-Q-J, 8-7-9, etc. making it the 3rd best hand containing some of the 3 Patti Best Cards.

highest card rank in 3 patti online straight

Highest2nd Highest3rd HighestLowest
A  K QA 2 3K Q J4 3 2
  • Highest: The first straight highest cards in 3 patti lie in the A-K-Q sequence irrespective of their suits.
  • 2nd Highest: Since the A-2-3 hand consists of the Ace card, this becomes the second-ranking card hand in Straight combos.
  • 3rd Highest: This again makes the card hand K-Q-J the 3rd highest raking hand but irrespective of the suit.
  • Lowest: Lastly, 4-3-2 from any suit becomes the lowest rank in the Straight hand combo in the Indian Poker game.

#4 Flush is also known as the Color hand in 3 Patti

The hand sequence that ranks fourth in 3 patti is the Flush hand which is also known as the color hand. Here, there is no rank to look at because as long as all your cards have the same color, they make the Flush hand. Since there is no rank, the highest card is the A-K-J because if it was A-K-Q then that would be a straight sequence. So, 10-5-A belonging to the same Suit color would make a Flush hand.

highest card rank in 3 patti online flush

Highest2nd Highest3rd HighestLowest
A♠ K♠ J♠AK10AK95♣ 3♣ 2♣
  • Highest: The highest Flush hand is the combo A-K-J from the same suit.
  • 2nd Highest: The Second highest becomes A-K-10 as long as it belongs to the same suit color.
  • 3rd Highest: A-K-9 becomes the 3rd highest card combo followed by A-K-8, A-K-7, etc.
  • Lowest: The lowest possible hand sequence in Indian Poker when it comes to flush hand is the 5-3-2 combo from the same suit.

Note: When 2 players get a Flush hand, the highest ranking card determined the winner. For instance, if Player 1 gets K107and Player B gets 5♣ 3♣ 2♣ then Player 1 will win because it has the K card in the sequence which ranks higher than the others.

#5 Double or Pair takes the 5th rank in Indian Poker

Taking the fifth rank among the 6 is the Pair hand in Indian Poker 3 patti online games. This is also known as two of a kind wherein 2 of your 3 cards have the same rank. The Pair card is somewhat rare but not as rare as the above-mentioned hank ranks. Here, two Ace cards out of 3, irrespective of Suit, make the highest card combo giving you an instant win.

highest card rank in 3 patti online pair

Highest2nd Highest3rd HighestLowest
A A –K K –Q Q –2 2 –
  • Highest: 2 Ace cards from any suit in a hand is the highest Pair hand combo in Teen Patti.
  • 2nd Highest: Next, 2 King cards out of 3 from any suit takes the 2nd highest pair hand.
  • 3rd Highest: 2 Queen cards from any suit make the 3rd highest card in Pair hands followed by 2 Js, 2 10s, etc.
  • Lowest: Although the lowest, if you get 2 2s in your hand out of 3 then you get an instant win if there are no better hand combos.

#6 High Card looks at the highest card value

The last hand rank is also the most common one which is used to determine the most rounds in any 3 Patti game rooms online. This is the High Card hand where the hand with the highest card in it wins. Here, you only look at the highest card in a hand when comparing the cards and the one with the higher rank wins. This is done when there are no above-mentioned combos in any hand on the table and here you can use most of the 3 Patti Tips and Tricks to win!

highest card rank in 3 patti online high cards

Highest2nd Highest3rd HighestLowest
  • Highest: As emphasized above, Ace cards have the highest rank. So, if you get a hand with the Ace card especially if there are no other combos available, the hand wins.
  • 2nd Highest: K or King cards have the second highest rank. So, if there are no other hand combos and if a hand has the King card, the hand wins.
  • 3rd Highest: Q or Queen cards from any hand take the 3rd rank and it is followed by a J, 10, 9, etc. in Indian Poker
  • Lowest: The lowest ranking card is the 2 cards from any suits but if looked at overall, then the 2♣ card has the lowest rank in 3 Patti.


These were the 24 Highest Cards in 3 Patti to lowest ranked according to the best hands in the game room. Using this article as your guide and online betting site like Fun88, you can get access to the best 3 Patti gaming experiences in online casinos. For more such explanations, visit Fun88indi, India’s best betting guide to explore casino game tutorials and their tips, tricks, and strategies to win every time!