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Dragon vs Tiger game is indeed a game based on luck but that doesn’t mean you lock your brain and rely completely on luck, there’s always room for strategy. You can apply a few Dragon Tiger strategies and Dragon Tiger game tricks to increase your chances of winning the game. So here you will find the best winning Dragon vs Tiger formula to learn how to win dragon tiger game online

#1. Count Card Strategy

The first tip on this dragon tiger game-winning tricks list is the Count Card strategy. Count Card Strategy, as the name suggests, is all about counting the cards in your head. It seems stupid and tidy, but it is one of the prominent and tested Dragon Tiger game strategies.


  • Count Card Strategy requires attentiveness and observational skills in order to keep track of cards. Dragon Tiger uses a few cards which makes it easier to keep track.
  • Keeping track of cards may seem difficult while playing the game, but practice makes a man perfect. Hence, you’ll grasp it quickly as you continue to play.
  • You can rely on this tactic to avoid an unfortunate draw, if cards are drawn previously indicate that the next cards are of lower value then don’t jump in the game.

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#2. Martingale Strategy

The second Dragon vs Tiger formula to win is to double up your stakes. Doubling up the waged amount in every coming round simultaneously is the core objective of this strategy, which increases your probability to win by 15% in the third round in a Dragon vs Tiger game.


  • In order to cope up with previous losses in the game to learn how to win dragon tiger game, players tend to double their bets in each consecutive round as one of the best Dragon Tiger game tricks.
  • It’s important that you don’t change the sides after every round, which is if you chose to bet on the dragon in the first round then continue to bet on the dragon in all upcoming rounds.
  • Remember, if you win the round then your wager will get back to the initial amount in the next round. The initial bet amount should be small, to begin with.

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#3. Suit-based Strategy

Observing and tracking the suits to determine upcoming suits and cards are pretty much about this prominent and tested Dragon Tiger game strategy and is one of the best dragon tiger game-winning tricks.


  • Suit-based strategy requires a sharp brain with good calculation abilities and a great memory to know how to win dragon tiger game.
  • All you have to do is keep a track of all the suits that have been played in the game previously and figure out the ones which remain in the deck.
  • Observing the suits that have been played most tells you about the ones that are played least and then you can bet on the ones that are left in the deck, instead of playing blind-sided.

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#4. Last cards Strategy

Last Cards tested Dragon Tiger game strategy is all about counting the cards and predicting the ones remaining to wage upon in the game.


  • Similar to Count-card Strategy, this is one of the Dragon Tiger game tricks that also requires you to read, observe and track the previously played cards to know the upcoming ones.
  • It comes down to an error in human shuffling and you’ll have more chances of getting higher cards if lower ones are already drawn previously.
  • Knowing what’s left in the cards deck provides you an idea of how much to wage in the next round, even though it’s random but good to strategize than rely on luck.

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#5. One side stick Strategy

The last Dragon vs Tiger formula to win is to stick to one side of the table. One side stick strategy is not only a tactic to win the Dragon vs Tiger game but to test your patience and loyalty even when you start losing.


  • There are only two sides to the game, Dragon, and Tiger. One side cannot keep winning throughout the game until some miracle happens.
  • Therefore, it’s clever to stick to one side throughout the game instead of shuffling around between dragon and tiger. This doesn’t require any complex skill, just simple loyalty to one side throughout the game, even if you start losing.
  • This increases your probability of winning the game by at most 50% and is one of the most effective strategies to follow throughout the game.

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3 Bonus Pointers to ace Dragon Tiger

Strategies and tricks may seem like similar pointers but they are absolutely different. We presented 5 strategies above, now it’s time to look at 3 bonus tips and tricks to avoid any mistakes in the game:

  1. Avoid following patterns: If the dragon wins three rounds consecutively, it doesn’t mean that it will win the next round too. Don’t get distracted with such a winning pattern and stick to one side, even if you are facing some losing in the starting or between. It’s about overall profit, not just winning one round.
  2. Steer clear of the tie or suited tie: The greater odds in tie bet lure people into the trap and end up losing a lot. The odds can be of 8 to 1 payout but ties and suited ties are rare to happen, even an expert can’t predict it. So, if you believe in your luck too much then go for it.
  3. Know the ins and outs of the game: Before indulging in Dragon and Tiger, make sure to get completely familiarised with the basics of the game. It is a really easy game and you’ll learn it in no time. Be aware of live casino payouts before you start playing.

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Dragon Tiger is a game based merely on chance but that doesn’t mean that tactics can’t be implied in the game. In fact, one should use as much brain as possible to figure out an algorithm to win the game. We hope that the Dragon Tiger game strategies mentioned above help you to master the game and earn a fortune through it. Have fun playing and happy earning.