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Poker is a fun, thrilling, easy-to-play, and intellectual game. It’s not a game based on luck, it rewards your skills of concentration and observation. You can play online at any time of the day, no matter where you are. The advancement in technology enhanced the site’s security. Now, players can hold cash safely and transact transparently.


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3 Broad Variants of Poker:

There are hundreds of poker game types. Hence, it gets necessary that popular poker games are divided into three broad variants:

  1. Community Card Poker: games in which players’ incomplete hidden hand cards are arranged with shared face-up cards to form the highest hand rank possible. Texas hold ’em and Omaha are the most common and popular types of community poker games.
  2. Draw Poker: games in which players get hidden cards and have to make the highest rank possible by replacing cards. A five-card draw is a typical example of a draw poker game.
  3. Stud Poker: players receive face-up and face-down cards throughout the game and have to make the highest rank possible. Five-card stud and seven-card stud are popular types of stud poker games.

5 ultimate types of Poker games

It can be overwhelming to learn rules for so many different types of poker. Thus, we shortlisted the top 5 Fun88 poker games for you to play.

#1. Texas Hold’em Poker

Whenever one says poker, Texas hold ’em is the only type of poker they mean. It’s not only the most common but most popular type of poker game available. Millions are attracted to poker every day, Texas hold’em is the featured game on every online gambling website.


Each player is dealt with 2 hole cards and 5 community cards are drawn face-up on the table. Community cards belong to all the players. They have to make the highest possible hand rank from their two hole cards and any three community cards. The one with the highest hand rank wins the game. The player can also choose one of his hole cards and four community cards if that makes him own the highest hand rank possible. Don’t be an amateur, become an expert of poker, learn how to play Fun88 poker online.

#2. 5 Card Draw

All the players are dealt with 5 hidden cards individually which makes the game more thrilling. The betting continues and three cards are exchanged by every player to make the highest hand rank possible. Suspense makes the game more dynamic and exciting for the players.


5 card draw is a simple and straightforward game but players often lose the bet is bluffing too much with their opponents. With this type of poker, you mostly have to deal with the cards drawn to you but it still leaves some room for strategy. The number of cards your opponent replaces can be an indication of their confidence.

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#3. Omaha

It is the second most popular type of poker game after texas hold ’em. It is mostly similar to texas hold’em, just a bigger version of it. Omaha is one of the featured games in online gambling websites and no website can underestimate its power in terms of traffic. Players love to play a bigger version with more cards and chances of winning.


Each player is dealt with 4 hole cards and 5 community cards. They have to make their best hand rank possible with 5 cards from 2 hole cards and 3 community cards. The betting continues till showdown or individual showdowns are asked by any player.

#4. 7 Card Stud

7 card stud is used to be the most popular poker game before texas hold’em came into existence. It used to be the most favorite poker variant among professional players. It is still played today throughout the world but lost its popularity with the emergence of different variants.


Players are dealt with 3 cards individually hidden from other players and 4 cards face-up for every player as community cards to choose from. They have to make the best possible 5 card hand rank possible to win the round and claim all the bets.

#5. High/Low Chicago

It is a twisted version of 7 card stud. Hole cards and community cards are dealt the same as the 7 card stud and players have to make the best hand rank possible with 3 cards among 4 hole cards and 4 community cards.


In high Chicago, the player with the highest spade face-down cards wins half the pot, and the player with the highest hand rank wins the other half of the pot. In Low Chicago, the player with the lowest spade face-down cards wins half the pot and a player with the highest hand rank possible wins the other half of the pot in the game.

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7 Basic Terminologies for every kind of Poker

Are you new to the world of poker players? Every player should know some terminologies before entering into gambling so that you don’t embarrass yourself in front of every other player. Let’s get some basic knowledge and terminologies for playing poker online.


  1. The game will always move in a clockwise direction.
  2. Button: the button is the round disc that moves one seat to its left after each hand round is over.
  3. Dealer: the one who possesses the button will be the dealer for that particular hand round.
    • The dealer draws the cards for every player.
    • The first one to take action after the end of every street betting (a round of betting) will always be the one, who is sitting immediately to the left of the dealer.
  4. Hole Cards: each player is dealt two cards, face down by the dealer. Those two cards are called hole cards.
  5. Community Cards: five cards are dealt face down on the table at different periods over the course of the game, which are known as community cards.
  6. Showdown: at the end, every player reveals their card and determines the winner.
  7. Options available for players in any and every type of poker:
    • Fold: to quit that round of the game if you’re not sure about getting the high hand rank.
    • Call: to wager the same amount as the player before you waged, with no increase.
    • Raise: to bet the amount with a raise.
    • Check: it simply means to pass on the chance to the next player without betting any amount. The check can only be used if no betting has been done by the previous player beforehand.

5 Mistakes to avoid in Poker

Every player, whether amateur or professional, often misinterpret and judge wrong. Mentioned below are some common mistakes that a player is bound to make if not conscious enough of his decisions. Don’t rush and take your time with gaining experience.

  1. Master the art of bluffing but don’t bluff too much. Too much bluffing gives an idea to your opponent about your strategy. Be flexible with your strategy.
  2. Winning is tempting, but don’t spend your whole bankroll. Be smart when it comes to saving and spending. You can be the master of poker, but sometimes, it’s about the day and luck.
  3. Don’t be abrupt with your moves, think before you make a move. Giving yourself a few seconds to think will not be harmful but will be better than regretting it later.
  4. Don’t lose your cool if you start to lose. Be patient and calm. Don’t play too many cards before the flop. You might face a lot of losses that could be avoided by folding. Hence, don’t be scared to fold when necessary.
  5. New and seasoned players are often too excited. They jump into a mainstream game without giving any thought to practice. Don’t rush it and give yourself some time to be handy with the game.

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