Best Andar Bahar Strategy for beginners – Revealed 95% Odds!

India’s most beloved casino game, Andar Bahar Strategy, will be revealed here! Learn the Andar Bahar rules first, then start applying the Andar Bahar strategy!

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You have heard of the Andar Bahar card game and know Andar Bahar rules but desire to learn more about getting a better Andar Bahar strategy to raise your possibilities?


Fact is probably enough to make it obvious from the beginning that there is no fundamental Andar Bahar strategy to win in Andar Bahar.

Top 3 Andar Bahar strategy to win at Andar Bahar

One action that can enhance your game is to add an Andar Bahar strategy. As with any Live Casino game online, an Andar Bahar strategy is what makes a player an expert. Here, Fun88indi will take a glance at the most successful Andar Bahar strategies so you can discover them and start practicing them. Some methods are based on statistics, and others on superstition.

1. Learn and practice the game Andar Bahar

Similar to any game, knowing what to do and when is the most valuable Andar Bahar strategy anyone can provide. If you are uncertain, begin with the online article play Andar Bahar tutorial to clarify the fundamental query How to play Andar Bahar? You may even think about playing a few practice rounds with your mates without actually using real money to bet.


2. Choose your budget

Today, Andar Bahar is India’s fast-paced card game. It is easy to forget about time while playing it. The game is uncomplicated and entertaining to play, but it also indicates that it is straightforward to pay more than intended. Since betting on both Andar and Bahar sides is probable throughout the game, it may be a great belief not to use all money on one side to be safe and sound at least some of your cashback.

3. Experience and compute the odds

The basic winning odds in Andar Bahar are 50-50, which is more than sufficient for most Andar Bahar players experiencing the fun game and some desirable extra cash. However, if you wish to go further into the game, it is good to learn more about online odds. In an ordinary game, 13 cards are set on the board before the game ends on a matching card finishing up either on the Andar or Bahar side.

The longer the game proceeds, the more possible the matching card is to seem. The game is often begun on the Andar side, implying that the Andar side is more prone to win. However, in case the game is started on Bahar, the odds go oppositely.


Andar Bahar is on the more accessible side of the table games that Fun88 offers. The game is active and appealing, and it does not need anyone to learn different hands, Andar Bahar strategy, and tactics. The most reliable technique to grasp the Andar Bahar game is to try it!

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Andar Bahar Software providers in India

Let’s get started to find the Andar Bahar Software providers that operate the India game. The game is quite aggressive in the Indian community. Many international Andar Bahar software providers allow the game in their live casino software on the Fun88. 2 Andar Bahar software providers hold the top rank in the offering.

1. Ezuigi

One great stuff about the Ezuigi platform is the efficiency with which their live dealer casinos are packed onto the mobile device browsers without downloading any extra software. There is a simple alternative to chat with the dealers.


  • Usually, you can always notice various dealers dealing with multiple games in the background in their software.
  • The lowest amount you can play on their tables is ₹50, whereas the highest entry is ₹50,000.

2. Super Spade games

Super Spade games self-esteem itself as another operator of live casino Andar Bahar software to Fun88, one of the largest casino sites running in India.


  • An excellent piece about their tables is that they state much authentic knowledge about the games, including the percentage of how many times Andar has won Vs. Bahar has won. Also, the history of winning numbers, Etc, in a very straightforward interface.
  • The minimum amount to play the game starts at ₹250. However, check the payouts as they are distinct if the initial card matches.

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Ensure that you’re playing at a well-known casino, i.e., on the Fun88, so that any winnings you make will come to you by using the Andar Bahar Strategy. Putting small bets at the start until you gather an advantage is the fittest style ahead, but better yet, dig yourself to have fun and believe that luck is on your side!