Asian handicap 0.5 meaning with how-to-bet guide for Fun88

What is the Asian handicap 0.5 meaning in sports betting? Know HDP +0.5 and -0.5 goal difference with examples & learn how to bet online for real money at Fun88

Football Betting Online Handicap 0.5 Meaning Fun88 Bonus ₹15,000

Sports betting is becoming increasingly popular day by day and so, if you want to start your betting career then the first thing you must do is learn all the betting options offered by online betting sites like Fun88 India. To help you with this, Fun88indi brings you easy explanations of these betting options in sports betting starting from the Asian Handicap 0.5 meaning. Asian Handicap bets in sports may seem complicated but with our examples, you will find it easier to place these bets in sportsbooks online!

What is Asian Handicap in sports betting?

To understand the Asian Handicap 0.5 meaning let us look at the purpose behind the Asian Handicap or HDP bet option in sports. In sports, there are sometimes matches played between a strong team or an underdog team. So, betting on such matching may not always be interesting for the people who love the thrill of uncertainty gambling brings. This is why sportsbooks came up with the Handicap betting option where the stronger team is given goal disadvantages and the underdog team is given goal advantages.

fun88 what does handicap 0.5 mean in betting

This goal disadvantage and advantage in Asian Handicap in Football can alter the results of the real match in the sportsbooks, thanks to the condition that both teams must fulfill for the bets placed on them to be successful.

So, for instance, if the stronger team has a goal disadvantage of -1 goals in the sportsbook and the weaker team has an advantage of +1 goals in the sportsbook then the scoreboard will have the score 0-1 before the match even starts where the stronger team gets a handicap and has to start from 0 goals and the weaker team gets a head-start of 1 goal.

This goal advantage and disadvantage is denoted with a + or – symbol in the sportsbook but sometimes the handicapped team from the two is highlighted in red, as shown in the image above. The difference in goals given to the teams depends on the strength difference of both teams.

Example of Asian HDP 0.5 option from Football betting

Let us now expand on the given explanation about by looking at the Asian Handicap 0.5 meaning with examples in football betting. Here, we have picked out a match played between Doncaster Rovers and Harrogate Town where Doncaster Rovers have received a handicap of -0.5 goals and Harrogate Town has a head-start of +0.5 goals. Using this example and some Handicap Betting Tips, you can start placing this bet on football matches in no time!

Note: The 0.5 handicap betting option stands for half a goal and can also be written as a 0/1 handicap goal. This is because the number 0.5 is derived from the average of the 0 and 1 handicap betting options where (0 + 1) / 2 = 0.5.

Case 1: Doncaster Rovers has a handicap disadvantage of -0.5 goals

fun88 what does handicap 0.5 mean in betting example2

Since this team has a disadvantage of -0.5 goals, they must win the real match by 1 or more goals for the bets on them to win. If they lose the match or draw the match, then the bets on them will lose. So, if Doncaster Rovers win the match by 2 goals then with the handicap conditions the goals in the sportsbook would be 2 – 0.5 = 1.5 goals.

Case 2: Harrogate Town has a head-start advantage of +0.5 goals

fun88 what does handicap 0.5 mean in betting example1

Since this team has a head-start advantage of +0.5 goals, they either need to win the match by 1 goal or tie the match for bets on them to win. If they lose the match with more than 1 goal then the bets on them will lose. So, if Harrogate Town ties the match with a 0-0 goal, then because of the conditions given the goals in the sportsbook would be 0 + 0.5 = 0.5 goals.

Try the Asian Handicap 0.5 bet at Fun88 India in 3 easy steps

Now that you know all about the Asian Handicap 0.5 meaning, let us give you a quick and easy tutorial on how you can play the HDP 0.5 bet at Fun88, one of India’s top-notch online betting sites. Although there are many reasons why you should choose Fun88 as your online betting site, one of the most important reasons is the Fun88 Bonus of up to ₹15,000 new members can claim to play sports betting online. If you are a beginner, this amount is enough to boost your account in the initial stage.

Step 1: Log in at Fun88 and select a Sportsbook of your choice

  • So, the first thing you must do is visit the official Fun88 website and click on ‘Join Now‘ to create an account in the Fun88 register. This will take you to the registration form that you must fill out with precision for security purposes.
  • Once done, you must click on ‘Login‘ to make sure you have successfully logged into your account with the newly created Fun88 credentials.

fun88 join handicap 0 5 betting in sports

  • When you have completed the Fun88 Sign Up process, you will be taken to the homepage of the website where you must click on the Hamburger menu bar which is right beside the Fun88 logo.
  • This will give you access to all the amazing products the site offers but since the Handicap 0.5 betting option comes under sports you must click on ‘Sports‘ and from here pick a sportsbook of your choice. Here we have selected SABA Sports as it is a good and organized sportsbook that makes betting easy.

Step 2: Scroll down and click on an HDP 0.5 match once located

  • When you enter the sportsbook, you will find matches from different sports with their betting option and betting odds on the right side of your screen. So, using the filter options from the left, we must click on ‘Soccer‘ to give us all the football matches in the sportsbook.
  • Here, you will also find that you can further filter out all the soccer matches in the sportsbook to give you data on the Early, Upcoming, or Ongoing matches.

fun88 join handicap 0 5 betting in sportsbook

  • Once you have filtered out the Fun88 Sports book according to your desires, you must then scroll down to locate an Asian Handicap 0.5 match.
  • Here, we have found a match played between Chelsea and Borussia Dortmund in the UEFA Champions League event where the former team has a handicap of -0.5 goals. When you locate such a match, then click on the match to proceed with the next step.

Step 3: Fill up the bet slip to lock your bets for the HDP 0.5 match

  • For the last section of this 3-step tutorial, you must now fill up the betting slip and lock your bets in for the match so that you can sit back and enjoy watching the match live.
  • So, when you click on the match, you will find yourself on a page with all the betting options available for the match. Here, you must find the FT HDP or Full Time Handicap betting option and click on your preferred sub-betting option from HDP +0.5 or -0.5.

fun88 join handicap 0 5 betting in football

  • Doing so would open a bet slip to the left side of your screen, where you can see the betting odds and payout you will receive for your betting stake. To understand which bets to place from the sub-betting option, you can use some Handicap Betting Strategy to help you get higher payouts.
  • Enter the betting stake in the given slot and click on ‘Process Bet‘ to place your bets on the option you selected for the match. Now sit back and wait for the results in anticipation while you enjoy the live match in the sportsbook itself.
  • Here, we have decided to bet ₹10 on the +0.5 head-start advantage goal for Borussia Dortmund with the betting odds of 2.01 to receive a payout of ₹20.10, if the team com[pletes their conditions successfully.

Bet with odds: How does the HDP condition affect odds?

The HDP condition spices up any match between a strong and an underdog team but in normal circumstances, it is the betting odds that help in predicting which team has a higher chance of winning. So, now the question pops up of how the handicap condition affects the betting odds in any Asian Handicap match in the sportsbook. Thus, to understand this in a better way, let us look at the table below and use the same match we selected above as examples.

Bet on Chelsea -0.5 @ 1.91Bet on Borussia Dortmund +0.5 @ 2.01
fun88 what does handicap 0.5 mean disadvantage 1fun88 what does handicap 0.5 mean advantage
Condition: Chelsea has to win the match by 1 or more goals for bets to winCondition: Borussia Dortmund has to win the match by 1 goal or draw the match for bets to win
Betting odds: 1.91Betting odds: 2.01
Betting stake: ₹10Betting stake: ₹10
Payout if the bet won: ₹19.10Payout if the bet won: ₹20.10

As you can see in the image above, the betting odds are multiplied by the betting stake to give you payouts if your team wins. So, the higher the betting odds the more payout you are likely to receive. However, in Asian Handicap conditions, it is important to remember to place your bets only after analyzing the match.

Since this is the Asian Handicap for 0.5, then it is important to note that there is not a huge difference in strength between the teams and so, in such matches using the betting odds as a guide is alright. But in other cases, it is important to look at both, the odds and conditions when deciding which team to place a bet on. For instance, here, the head-start advantage is given to the team with higher odds, making it the best option to go with the two.


This was the Asian Handicap 0.5 Meaning with examples given from the Fun88 India sportsbook. With this, you are equipped with most of the information you need to play the handicap betting option in sportsbooks online. Now all that is left to do is join Fun88 and claim the Fun88 bonus of up to RM600 that you can use to play sports betting online. Additionally, use Fun88indi as your friendly online betting guide for more easy explanations of sports betting and more!