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What if we can guarantee your winning with the top 10 Asian handicap tips by Fun88 India betting experts. Use the top 10 Asian handicap tips to your advantage and grab an opportunity to earn more real money with the best online sportsbook, Fun88 India for Indian punters.

#1. Find more value on Asian handicap betting

The general idea of the Asian handicap betting strategy is to predict if the football team will enjoy greater superiority over the other and reap the maximum winnings through it. Suppose Southampton hosting a match with Liverpool and as we know the Reds are the better team, sportsbook knows it too.


  • That’s why backing Liverpool will be priced at greater odds and as the odds increase, the pay-out will increase too. Hence, the Asian handicap betting strategy is based on understanding.
  • Understand the teams to win with Asian handicap betting strategy effectively, know the previous performances, key positions, head-to-heads, players, weather, etc.
  • There are other factors in play too, don’t rely completely on the past and investigate the present. Weather, the current form of team members, injuries to the players can affect your bets.

#2. Placing Asian handicap bets on live betting

Simple yet best Asian handicap betting strategy to ensure more winnings is to bet on ongoing football matches so you can watch how the teams are performing and other relevant factors to look into like weather, ground condition, etc. keep those in mind before betting live.

  • For instance, let’s say Madrid is facing Valencia in the field and you know Madrid is in good shape by seeing the pre-game odds. Surprisingly, Valencia scores after 15 minutes the game start and suddenly the course of the match has been changed, isn’t it?
  • The chances of Madrid winning jumped from higher to average, in this case, you can bet with more awareness in live betting and use Asian handicap betting strategy to your best advantage.
  • Asian handicap betting strategy is to handle the matches whether the team is better or not.

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#3. Use Asian handicap betting on over/under

The best Asian handicap betting strategy for over/under betting is to wait for the live betting odds to be displayed on the screen, alongside the team names to make an aware choice as the opportunities of winning are better in live betting than in pre-game markets.


  • Football is a game of uncertainty, and you never know which team will surprise you in which match, yet the true result will come in the second half only.
  • Asian handicap betting strategy is all about taking advantage of live betting and grabbing the opportunities that provide you the accurate predictions.
  • The best move to make in the second half of the football match is to wait for a few minutes before placing the bets. You can place your bets around the 50th minute of the match

#4. Asian handicap betting Acca Strategy

One of the best and most profitable yet a bit risky Asian handicap tips to build Accas by backing the favorite teams. You ought to conduct serious deep research to benefit from these Asian handicap tips particularly and predict the team to win with relative ease.

  • The difference in odds can prove significant as the team to win the match might be in favorites with greater odds and higher possible potential winnings.
  • You can also back underdog in Asian handicap tips to enhance your chances of winning in live betting with a low-scoring opponent and high competition.
  • Asian handicap tips are used to place system bets, especially if you are planning to include more than one event in your bet slip to bet on with Asian handicap betting.

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#5. Asian handicap market in-play & trading

There’s a fascinating thing in Asian handicap betting, football match prices on the Asian handicap betting change according to the match circumstances. In this way, you can use one of the best Asian handicap tips to trade the Asian handicap betting slips to ensure greater returns.


  • Players can either bet on Asian handicap football betting even before the match begins to get cash-out opportunities at any time when the game is going on.
  • Players can also place Asian handicap football bets in a live match while watching the match and performance of the team members to ensure accurate prediction.
  • Either way, you can lock in the profit in Asian handicap football betting and win loads of profits of real money with the ease of live betting.

#6. Understand key positions of football

Before understanding the football players, teams, and previous performances; try to understand the football game as it is the most essential part to enhance your winnings. To understand football better, you must understand the key positions of the football game.

  • Key positions of football are goal post, goalkeeper, attackers, defenders, and so much more, learn everything. Look into the predicted lineups of the football teams to understand the key.
  • Discover the players, their performances and who’ll be playing at which key positions and analyze the football player’s gaming skills in correspondent to the key positions he withholds.
  • The player and his position will tell you everything about the upcoming football match that is about to start and use the information to your advantage and win the bet to claim the prize money.

#7. Place small bets in focused areas

There’s no pressure on any punter to place a huge number of bets at the start of your online betting journey, in fact, the minimum betting amount at Fun88 sportsbook is ₹5. Always remember that a huge amount of winnings takes more time than you think it does and requires loads of patience.


  • Exploring is a great option to choose but as a beginner, you must choose areas where you excel to bet on sports, which are familiar to you and have considerate knowledge.
  • Begin your incredible online betting journey with the least betting amount at Fun88 India, place small bets in the start to risk less of your hard-earned money in the online betting journey.
  • Winning huge profits, understanding online sportsbooks, and breaking the algorithm takes time. Therefore, give yourself the liberty to take as much time you need in researching.

#8. Long term sensibility runs a marathon

If you are willing to make a living out of online betting and you are here with a long-term perspective, then you must take online betting seriously. You will not win huge profits of real money overnight; you have to take risks to even expect to win a lot or a decent amount of real money.

  • Built your bankroll slowly and consistently and then increase the amount of water in each consecutive game while observing the odds. Keep going steadily and soon you’ll be making a decent amount of real money.
  • The most important way to sustain in online betting business for the long term is to learn to expect and accept losing. Looking into overall profits and overseeing the small losses is the key.
  • Online betting, like any other serious investment, is a marathon, not a sprint. It will take more time for your bankroll to grow therefore, long-term sensibility goes a long way.

#9. Set achievable goals to achieve

It’s not at all difficult to win some smaller bets and few wagers in the betting arena, anyone with considerate knowledge on cricket and teams can bet the stake to win the amount but it takes a lot more to win most of the time, more enough to make huge profits and living life out of it.


  • Less than 1% of online sportsbook punters are profitable in long term. Yes, the reality is ugly. Most of the players end up losing a lot of money than they earn in an online sportsbook.
  • It takes much more than you think to become a successful online punter so don’t keep your hopes high to become the best instantly, from the moment you start.
  • Having great expectations to earn instantly can lead to frustration. Therefore, set achievable goals instead of setting up for the sky with small winnings.

#10. Look into Football Predictions

The best way to ensure winning is to leave the prediction in experts’ hands, therefore, investigate football matches prediction before placing your bets. Don’t just look into one football prediction but look into as many as you can to make the best possible prediction on sports forecast.

  • If you’re new to Asian handicap betting then this is one of the best Asian handicap tips to your help, investigate predictions to understand the game better before betting on the matches.
  • Predictions not only provide an idea about who will win the match but also tells the predicted scores, handicap betting, over/under, 1×2, and give a clear-cut idea of previous performances.
  • before jumping into the mainstream, go for football predictions and you’ll never regret it in your life. Have a clear-cut idea and thorough research about football and teams playing.

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