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In which live casino game you can earn more real money – Baccarat vs Blackjack? Know 7 factual comparisons and 5 reasons for which one is better. Pick the best!

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Wondering which live casino game will help you earn more winnings with the greater house, low house edge, and simple gameplay. We are here to provide you with a comparison between Fun88 baccarat and blackjack since they are nearly similar to each other. Let’s know which one is better to earn more cash in this article and save you from hours of unnecessary research.

#1. Baccarat vs Blackjack odds

Odds determine the potential pay-out if the punter wins the bet. They are decided beforehand on the probability of winning. The side with more chance of winning will have greater odds.


Baccarat odds

Baccarat online offers great odds for all the betting options. The Player has slightly greater odds than the banker. The odds for are tie is 9:1.

  • The odds of baccarat are great, which offer even greater wins. Its simple house edge makes the game more interesting. Offering 100-800% winning profit on betting stake if you win the bet.

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Blackjack odds

Blackjack offers great odds but less great when compared with baccarat. Great winning value decreases the value of blackjack odds.

  • Claim better winning with blackjack and best winnings with baccarat. Blackjack odds are simple to comprehend. Place your bets wisely, keep odds in mind, and win the profit.

#2. Baccarat vs Blackjack house edge

House edge is the small percentage of your winning that goes to the live casino as a commission on your winnings. Every casino game has a different house edge as per the casino’s terms.


Baccarat house edge

House edge of baccarat ranges near to 1.64%. This implies that the punter must provide 1.64% of his winning value to the house as the commission and free services it provides.

  • Baccarat has the smallest house edge among all the casino games available in the market. It is a mathematical advantage. This percentage won’t impact your winnings largely.

Blackjack house edge

House edge of blackjack casino game ranges around 2% depending on the different live casino game providers. 2% of your winning will go to the house if you win the bet.

  • For instance, if you place a bet of ₹10 on the player with 2:1 odds and win. Then your winning amount is ₹20 and since the 2% goes to the house. You’ll get ₹19.60 as your winnings.

#3. Baccarat vs Blackjack card decks

The live casino card game is completely incomplete without card decks. The live casino often tends to use more than one card deck so that punters can’t apply any card counting strategy.


Baccarat card decks

The number of card decks the casino wants to use can’t be manipulated by the player. Baccarat can have more than one card decks to play and still be more interesting.

  • Online casino doesn’t cheat their customers and doesn’t want to get rigged either. Therefore, it restricts the card counting strategy by adding more than one card deck in the game.

Blackjack card decks

Fun88 Blackjack uses more card decks than baccarat. Since the winning value is greater, then why not the card decks too. This ensures more thrill, suspense, and enjoyment.

  • Blackjack uses a greater number of card decks than baccarat. More cards restrict the card counting nicely and help the live casino not get rigged by its punters.

#4. Baccarat vs Blackjack gameplay

The gameplay of both the live casino games, baccarat, and blackjack is nearly similar. Only the winning value differs. Rules and the basic structure of baccarat and blackjack come under gameplay.


Baccarat gameplay

Baccarat is played between two poles, banker, and player. Dealer deals 3 cards are both the pole and whichever gets the card value near nine wins the game.

  • Punters bet on either betting option or if that one gets the highest single-digit value. Then, he wins the bet. Hence, the total card value of 9 is the natural win in baccarat.

Blackjack gameplay

The Blackjack card game happens between the dealer and the player, he deals with 3 cards each from the card decks. The one with the highest total card value up to 21 wins. It is also called twenty-one.

  • You must bet for your cards. If your total card value comes to 21 or higher than the dealer’s card value. You win the match. 21 is a natural win.

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#5. Baccarat vs Blackjack betting option

Betting options are most intriguing to bet on. Both the live casino games, baccarat, and blackjack offer a large variety of betting options and side bets to place your bets and win money.


Baccarat betting option

There are three prominent betting options in baccarat. There are many other betting options and side bets like dragon 7 and panda 8 to bet on and win real money.

  • The three main betting options of baccarat are player, tie, or banker. Bet on either and win real money. The winning odds-on tie bet is 9:1.

Blackjack betting option

Since blackjack is played between the punter and the dealer. You can bet on only your cards in an online blackjack casino card game. Bet on your cards is the betting option at blackjack.

  • You place the best even before the cards are drawn to win the round. Blackjack uses the simple betting options, that is, to bet on your cards to win against the dealer.

#6. Baccarat vs Blackjack winning value

The total card value one needs to win the game is called the winning value. In both the games, the one with the highest card value wins the match but there’s a limit to it.


Baccarat winning value

The highest winning value in baccarat is 9, it is also the natural win. If either player or banker gets the total card value near 9, that is, the single highest digit wins the match.

  • The highest winning value of baccarat is smaller than blackjack. Any betting option with the highest card value wins the match.

Blackjack winning value

The highest winning value is 21 in blackjack. That’s why it is also known as twenty-one. Whoever with the highest value up to 21 wins the bet and gains the profit.

  • High winning value makes blackjack a more interesting game but difficult to predict. There are some strategies to help the punter win more money, but they require focus and concentration.

#7. Baccarat vs Blackjack strategies

How to earn more money in baccarat and blackjack? One answer would be strategies. Punters often lookout for algorithms to grab more winnings and somehow, hack the system to win.


Baccarat strategies

What makes baccarat winning strategy simple than blackjack? It is the loyalty and simple algorithm one must follow without putting any brain into it.

  • 1324 baccarat strategy is about following the betting amount pattern 1, 3, 2, and 4 until you win and going back to the initial once you win. The key is to bet on a single betting option every time.

Blackjack strategies

Blackjack strategy becomes difficult when the live casino uses more than one deck. As the card counting is impossible when more than one card deck has been used.

  • Therefore, it requires more focus and concentration. Since you will bet on your own cards. You can also follow the strategy of loyalty and consecutive bet increase until win.

5 Reasons why baccarat is better than blackjack

After looking into 7 comparison points, we have concluded that baccarat is better than blackjack. We back up our support to blackjack through the 5 reasons mentioned below to help you pick the best.


  1. Easy gameplay: Even though the gameplay of baccarat and blackjack is nearly the same, the winning value makes a huge difference. 9 is easier to comprehend when it comes to 21. Hence, baccarat gameplay is easier than the gameplay of blackjack.
  2. Simple strategy: Winning value impacts the strategy; it is easier to keep track of cards when a casino uses a single card deck. Baccarat has a simple strategy where the player must follow a simple format of the bet while blackjack asks for card counting which requires more focus.
  3. Lesser house edge: House edge of baccarat is near 1.06 and the house edge of blackjack is mostly around 2 in a live casino. Live casino takes less commission over baccarat as compared to blackjack. You get more return in baccarat than blackjack.
  4. 9:1 pay-out on tie: Odds in baccarat are greater than blackjack. There is a winning ratio of 9:1 on a tie bet. This implies that if you bet ₹100 on a tie betting option and win, then you’ll be winning ₹900 as a return. 900% winning amount, that’s great.
  5. Better side bets: Baccarat has better side bets than blackjack like dragon 7 and panda 8. Punter loves to earn some more and putting a cap limit on it isn’t right. Therefore, side bets are the best way to earn some more in baccarat.

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Have you chosen your preferable game between Baccarat vs Blackjack? Well, we hope you enjoy the comparison and agree with our choice. Let us know which one you think is better down below. Help other players to choose the best for themselves by sharing your experience. Join Fun88 India to play different variety of online casino games from baccarat to blackjack.