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Sic Bo is one of the most loved and coveted casino games on online platforms. It holds with its simplistic rules, dice rolls, exciting theme, and varied betting choices.


Moreover, sic bo is a pure luck game, making it even more engaging to players. However, specific strategies could probably develop your odds in the sic bo strategy to win. Can’t wait to read more on Sic Bo strategy?

Assuming that you know How to play Sic Bo, keep reading this guide to discover how to win sic bo strategy for you.

Top 3 Sic Bo strategy to win in 2023

Fun88indi will explain the differences, disclose the complexities wrapped in the game’s simplicity, and support you to become a self-confident Sic Bo player throughout this article. So let’s drive by getting familiarized with the odds, chances, and statistics, which will provide you a good profit while playing online.

Sic Bo strategy #1: Learn the Odds and Possibilities


  • You may recognize that the above table reveals that the 1:1 payout probability is high with the Small & Big bets.
  • The identical bets have a low house edge. So, to anyone practicing Sic Bo, as a beginner, this would be a secure bet with a minor risk factor.
  • Remarkably, beginners and high rollers alike play only the Small & Big bets due to winning the higher analytical benefit.
  • Winning probability in the chart denotes betting on the result between 9 and 12 next, where the payout odds are high. So the house edge with the equivalent is more secondary than the remaining feasible upshots.
  • Fun88indi recommends you bet on a combination of consequences and the 1-6:1 triple bet, as those statistically can set you on a winning streak.

Sic Bo strategy #2: Playing with the mind of the house edge

Remember to observe the house edge of winning. Your wish is not to be blindsided by the big odds.


  • That varies from as small as 2.78% for the Small and Big bets to 30.56%. And here, the 1-6:1 triple bet can act as a double-edged sword.
  • Hiding in the extreme opposite of the winning odds the triple bet has a payout boundary of 180:1, which implies that you make 181 times your stake.
  • Still, the obstacle with this fantastic result is that the probability of this occurring is as low as 0.46%. In other words, you only win 1 out of each 220 bets you put, but you get back only 181 pieces of your bet, which puts you in a more critical odd position.

Are you wondering about the rest of the table?

  • Let us simplify that the rest of the betting odds hold at roughly 50% winning possibility compared with the odds expressed about till now.
  • So, merged with the excellence of Sic Bo that enables you to bet on higher than one payout simultaneously.
  • And the statistics explained above, and you must be winning more games than you lose.
  • There are helpful Sic Bo strategy strategies to seek and enclose your mind around for the enjoyment of Sic Bo.

Sic Bo strategy #3: Revealing the single, double, triple, & double combination bets

Based on the gained input earlier, let us talk about the single, double, triple, and other key bets and order the winning odds for you.


  • A single dice bet: When you predict a particular outcome of the dies and bet on it (between 1 and 6), these bets have payout odds of 1 to 1. The payout odds improve when more than one dice proves your predictions, and in this instance, -2:1 for 2 dice and -3:1 for 3 dice.
  • A double dice bet: When you predict the result of 2 dice to be identical, the odds of this paying out are 10:1, but you can expect this only 7.4% of the time. So bet on this only when you have a powerful gut sense that two out the three dice will set up as an equal number.
  • A triple dice bet: That needs your fate even strongly as the payout if all 3 dice are the equivalent is 30:1. Even though the odds of 3 dice displaying the same side are narrow, the payout is huge at 180:1, which may deliver all your day’s loss in a single shot.
  • Combination bets: That make the game fun as the 15 Domino-like ricked dice on the board present a combination of 1-2, 2-3, 3-5, Etc. Indeed likewise described the “Domino Bet,” this bet pays at 5:1. The odds of this occurring are decently high-priced, so go ahead and try your luck with this sic bo strategy more than the specified triple or double dice bets above.

Taking advantage of this well-known knowledge, let us describe how you can address the game from some best viewpoints.


4 Key points to memorize before you start betting

  1. Always hold a budget and never go beyond it.
  2. Do not take too long or too many bets to decide.
  3. As fascinating as it seems to be on a winning streak, if you have developed a sic bo strategy only on small, single, or other safer bets, adhere to it.
  4. Begin playing with a winner’s mindset but be adapted to fall because Sic Bo is a game of chances and fate.

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Sic Bo strategy has approaches to accommodate all forms of bettors. Even cash bets for frequent gamblers may be learning the game for the first time, average incomes for more bold punters, and extensive combination bets for high-rollers!