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As a newbie gambler, if you are wondering which casino game is the best to play and win at then Dragon Tiger is the answer. This is because Dragon Tiger is a beginner-friendly game with most of the betting options similar to most online casino games making it ideal for beginners to learn their initial gambling strategies. However, to master the game you will require some Dragon Tiger game tricks that you must follow. To help you with this, Fun88indi has put together this Dragon Tiger online casino tips and tricks article to help you win at any top online casino like Fun88.

dragon tiger casino tips and tricks to win

1. Learn how to observe the dragon tiger game

First on the list, we have one of the best and most helpful Dragon Tiger game tricks that you can use on any online casino game and that is to use the skills of observations to make accurate predictions. This comes as the first strategy you must learn to play Dragon Tiger online as most of the dragon tiger online casino tips and tricks below require you to observe the game.

  • Observation skills are an important casino gaming asset that helps pros make the correct move in games with betting options like Dragon Tiger.
  • This is because it can easily help you figure out which betting option wins more rounds and which ones does not. This way you can keep wagering on the most winning betting options as the goal is to win most and not all rounds.
  • That being said, you can also make use of the previous winning betting option chart available in the game rooms on sites like Fun88, so be sure to make a Fun88 Signup and play the game to learn how to use your observation skills well.

2. Acknowledge the side betting options

Another reason that makes dragon tiger a fun game that beginners can kickstart their gambling journey with is its side betting options. Dragon Tiger’s side bets are the main side bets that are seen in most online casino games. And so, it is important that you also acknowledge and wager on these side bets in the dragon tiger game room.

  • To be honest, the side bets in any casino game do not pay out as much as the main bet option does. However, it is easier to win side bets than the main bets in game rooms online.
  • The side bet options in dragon tiger are simple as you must only predict whether the cards pulled out for each side, Dragon and Tiger, would be odd or even, and so, there are 4 side betting options in total – Dragon odd, Dragon even, Tiger odd, and Tiger even.
  • That being said, Tie is another betting option that can either be considered as a main or side bet where you bet to predict that both cards dealt on each side would have the same value. This is a risky betting option and so Fun88indi experts recommend that you avoid using the Tie bet.

dragon tiger casino tips to win

3. Wager on the most winning betting side

The next dragon tiger game trick requires you to wager on the mostly winning betting side throughout your gameplay in the online casinos as you learn How to Play Dragon Tiger Online. This way you could win more rounds by the end of your gaming time and go home with even more money than you entered the online casino table with.

  • Again, it is important to remember that casino games are created to test one’s luck so being realistic you must acknowledge the fact that you can win most of the rounds in the game room using these dragon tiger online casino tips and tricks and not all of them.
  • Here, betting on the most winning betting option after thorough observations is the best choice beginners should use in the initial stages to get a grasp of the game and also wager accurately to win.
  • That being said, it is important to remember that the most winning betting side could switch over time and so, keeping track of the intervals after which a betting side wins is equally important to apply the strategies.

4. Make use of a bankroll to place bets

One of the most helpful online casino tips that beginners must use before playing any online casino game like dragon tiger is to maintain a proper bankroll to play the game online. This is because since the betting options in Dragon Tiger are few and easy to predict using such game tricks, many people end up playing the game mindlessly and overspending.

  • This is why keeping a bankroll aside specifically for playing dragon tiger games online is important as it will help you use the money mindfully when placing bets.
  • Not only this but using daily betting limits is important as well because this bankroll should be maintained for at least a week or more before you add more or win more money in the bankroll.
  • For instance, the average betting room for dragon tiger games at online casinos is ₹100, so every gambler should at least have ₹1000 – ₹2000 kept aside specifically for gambling entertainment purposes.

fun88indi dragon tiger tips and tricks to win

5. Use betting systems to boost your bankroll

Keeping a bankroll is one thing but maintaining it well is a whole other thing that you should also learn early in your gambling journey as it will help you in many ways. The best way to do this is by applying betting systems to your gameplay which not only enhances your gaming experience but also maximizes profit.

  • Betting systems are a great way to maintain your bankroll as this is used by pro gamblers where they set an initial stake and increase or decrease, or sometimes keep the same stake to make a profit while maintaining their bankroll. There are two main types of betting systems, Progressive and Non-Progressive.
  • Progressive betting systems are those that require you to increase or decrease your initial wagering stake whenever you lose or win to receive the lost money back as a payout.
  • Non-Progressive betting systems are those that require you to maintain the same betting stake throughout your gameplay so that you bet in small amounts by winning as much as you can using the initial betting stake alone.

6. Keep the minimum stake as the initial wager

In continuation with the above point, the Progressive betting system is clearly better to increase your bankroll by the end of the gameplay and so, it is important that you choose the minimum initial betting stake carefully. This initial betting stake must not be a huge amount in progressive betting systems as you have to increase the amount as you lose or win the betting round.

  • This is why we recommend using the minimum required betting stake in the dragon tiger game rooms as the minimum initial betting stake so that you can play more rounds as well as increase and decrease the betting stake without using a lot of money from your bankroll.
  • The minimum betting stake in the game room can also be the same for the next betting round if you lost the previous one until you eventually win and lose again.
  • At the Fun88 Casino Online, you get game rooms for Dragon Tiger with minimum betting stakes starting from ₹100 only which is a beginner-friendly price for many newbies.

dragon tiger casino tricks to win

7. Apply the D’Alembert betting system 

Another thing that is important to acknowledge when using the Progressive betting system is that this system was made for high rollers as it helps them earn even more. So, using progressive betting systems can be risky for beginners, and thus, we recommend that you use the method that has the lowest risk, the D’Alembert betting system.

  • In the D’Alembert betting system, you have to start betting with an initial betting stake and increase the stake by one unit when your experience a loss so that you win back the money you receive as a payout.
  • But when you win you must decrease the betting stake by one unit to keep playing with the same bankroll while also increasing your winning money.
  • So, with this basic progressive betting system, as a beginner, you can learn to manage your bankroll well at online casinos for playing Dragon Tiger online.

8. Learn the card counting method for predictions

The next dragon tiger game trick is one of the best ones you can use, however, it requires you to observe a lot of game rounds, and this is the card counting method. The card counting method is something that Blackjack players use, but since it has more than 1 deck of cards, this almost does not work for Blackjack but it definitely works for How to Win Dragon Tiger Game.

  • In the card counting method, you must assign values to the cards where small numbered 2-5 cards are given the value of +1, big numbered 6-10 cards are given the value of 0, and the ace and face cards are given the value of -1.
  • This way you must keep adding and subtracting the numbers based on the given cards to keep track of the cards in the deck.
  • As you keep doing this, you will understand how many small number cards are left and how many big number cards are left and eventually be able to predict which card will be pulled out next.

dragon tiger tips and tricks to win

9. Make use of any online casino bonuses

Most of the dragon tiger game tricks emphasized saving as much as you can from your bankroll but a way to enjoy playing dragon tiger online, without spending a lot of money is by making full use of the free online casino bonuses that you can claim from your online betting sites.

  • For this, it is important to choose an online betting site that gives you such online casino bonuses that you can claim, the most common one being the welcome bonuses you can get upon making an account.
  • These bonuses often come with fewer requirements where you can deposit the minimum amount in one go rather than depositing money, again and again, to play dragon tiger games online.
  • For instance, the Fun88 Bonus offers lets you claim up to ₹10,000 on new member accounts for a minimum deposit of ₹1000 which is a pretty good price for beginners that could last for months in your online casino wallets.

10. Do not bet on all the betting rounds

With this, we come to the final dragon tiger winning tip and that is to not bet on all the betting rounds, instead, you must have to skip some rounds to keep up with the most winning bet. Thus, this betting tip can be considered as starting from the dragon tiger tip number 1 all over again.

  • Skipping some rounds must be done when you notice a shift in the most winning bet as you must skip some rounds to make more observations.
  • Moreover, to keep up with the thrills of gambling on dragon tiger, you can even place mental bets to test out your observations so that you can see if the bets placed in your head win or not.
  • Not betting on all the betting rounds thus is another good way of saving your bankroll by betting for rounds that have a low possibility of winning.

fun88indi dragon tiger game tricks and tips


These were the 10 Dragon Tiger Game Tricks that you must follow to boost your winning rate by 98% and earn a wholesome payout amount every time you play. Remember to choose a good online gaming site that benefits you with cashback bonus offers. Lastly, if you want more tutorials, tips, tricks, strategies, and more, you can visit Fun88indi, India’s no.1 online betting guide.