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Introduction to Asian Handicap

The world of football is expanding with great speed and has a vast number of technical terms. House makes loads of rafters in a football match but Asian handicap football betting is particularly famous and used in the betting community of Asia.


Asian Handicap is based on the odds made by different sportsbooks of Asia. Betting experts predict the results of matches and prepare odds for the players in online betting sites, these odds are expected to be of great accuracy to attract the players to bet on 0.5 Asian handicaps.

Working of 0.5 Asian Handicap

When a player bets on 0.5 Asian Handicap, it means that your bet has the advantage of 0.5 on the team to win, that is, the player or team you choose to win starts with 0.5 goals or point in their basket already.

For example, if you bet on team A with 0.5 Asian handicaps against team B and the final result goes to draw, then Team A wins the match as it already started with 0.5 to 0 points with Team B even before the kick-off.

Why use 0.5 Asian handicap betting

With 0.5 Asian handicap betting, it’s possible to support underdogs and claim good value with sportsbooks. Hence, it is always a point in your court while doing 0.5 Asian Handicap betting and will never be a loss to be 1 point ahead.

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How to bet on 0.5 Asian Handicap in football

Isn’t it exciting to be able to increase your favorite team’s score even before the match starts? Learn to do such an exciting thing in just 3 steps and claim what you deserve, do 0.5 Asian handicap betting, and earn real money.

Step 1 – Access Fun88 & register your account

Access the official website of Fun88 and click on ‘JOIN NOW’ in the top right corner of the homepage to register your account at Fun88. Enter your valid credentials and avoid any mistakes to ensure no problems in further verification.


Check out the 3-step guide to register at Fun88 to avoid mistakes and further problems.

Step 2 – Select English Premier League under SABA Sports

Select ‘SPORTS’ in the top left corner of the Fun88 homepage & choose ‘SABA SPORTS’ to bet on. Click on ‘BET NOW’ to jump into the betting mainstream page, where all action takes place.


Select ‘Soccer’ in the left panel of the SABA Sports page, choose the league and market odds you prefer to know about. Soccer is just an English name for American Football, keep a note, and don’t get confused.


HappyIndia88 recommends ‘English Premiere League’ as it is the most popular soccer league in the world and we chose China market odds as an example. We chose the first match between Manchester United and Brighton & Hove Albion to present you with an example of 0.5 Asian handicap betting.

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Step 3 – Observe the odds of 0.5 Asian Handicap & place a bet

Check the odds of 0.5 Asian Handicap & place a bet by clicking on a particularly odd. Enter the amount you want to wage and click on ‘Process Bet’ to place your bet.


Let’s look into a simple example to understand the 0.5 Asian Handicap betting.

Case 1: Bet on Manchester United to win with odds 1.14


  • Manchester United wins: You’ll get a return of Odds value multiplied by waged stake and add waged stake to it again, that is, 1.14 X 100 + 100 = ₹214.
  • Manchester United loses: You’ll get no return, that is, you’ll lose your wager amount (₹100) too.

Case 2: Bet on Brighton & Hove Albion to win with odds 0.72


  • Brighton & Hove Albion win: You’ll get a return of Odds value multiplied by waged stake and add waged stake to it again, that is, 0.72 X 100 + 100 = ₹172.
  • Brighton & Hove Albion lose: You’ll get no return, that is, you’ll lose your wager amount (₹100) too.

Remember the minimum waging amount is ₹10 in SABA Sports. Fun88 keeps your bankroll in mind and gives you an affordable way to earn real money. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on the train before it leaves the station and starts betting now.

3 Pointers to remember while placing 0.5 Asian Handicap bet

Here’s a little more help from our side to yours to help you earn a bit more to fulfill your wants which you tend to neglect over needs. Keep these 3 points in mind while placing a 0.5 Asian Handicap bet on football at Fun88. For more tips, explore the top 10 Asian handicap betting tips to improve your chances of winning.

  1. Prioritize the small handicap bets: In matches, the home team is chosen by the majority which gives more advantage to the home team. If there are matches between two strong teams, then you should choose 0.5 Asian handicap betting when you see the strengths of the two teams are not equal.
  2. Bet on the important matches: We chose Premier League for the example mentioned above. Players should choose important, attractive, hotspot matches to bet on, as it will drive more players to 0.5 Asian handicap betting.
  3. Bet on the half of the match:5 Asian handicap betting on half match is a well-thought and smart choice of professional players that player often applies. Bets have more validation when made by players accurately estimated.

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