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Introduction to Baccarat game online real money

Baccarat is one of the simplest and popular card games in the live casino, it is greatly based on chance but a simple trick can do wonders for the player. The aim of baccarat is to bet on either side to get a value close to the largest single-digit number.

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Fun88 India, being the largest and greatest online gambling brand in India offers every variety of baccarat to play and earn real money through it. The most popular variant of baccarat is betting between player and banker and that’s exactly what Fun88 provides.

5 Basic rules to play baccarat game online real money

Before playing any baccarat game online with real money, you must get acquainted with the rules. Online baccarat is the simplest game of all the card games available in casinos yet elegant, learn 5 basic rules to play baccarat game online for real money at Fun88.

  1. Objective: To predict the winner between player and banker, who gets the highest single-digit value than other and closer to 9.
  2. Betting options: Player has 3 options to bet on, banker, player, or a tie between banker and player.
  3. Cards drawing: The dealer shuffles and draws two cards for each, banker and player from more than one deck of cards in a live casino.
  4. Card Value: Ace card is worth 1 and other face cards and 10 is worth 0. The remaining card is worth their face number value.
  5. Winner: Whoever player bets on the side that get sum total value closer to 9 or 9 wins the bet and gets the pot.

Note: In baccarat, if any side’s card total value is 9 then that side wins. 9 is a natural win and no other number can defeat it.

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How to play baccarat game online real money at Fun88 – 3 steps guideline

Without further ado, let’s get into the main section, we present you a three-step guide to play baccarat game online real money at Fun88 easily.

Step 1: Access Fun88, signup, and select Evolution

Follow the mentioned below points stepwise to reach the page, where all the action takes place, and play baccarat game online for real money.

Fun88indi recommends Evolution Gaming provider as it’s one of the leading in the online gambling market with affordable betting limit, all a player need is ₹100 to start playing baccarat game online real money at Fun88.

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  1. Access the official website of Fun88 and avoid duplicated ones.
  2. Click on ‘JOIN NOW’ in the top right corner to register at Fun88.
  3. Choose ‘Live Casino’ given in the horizontal panel with all Fun88 products.
  4. Select ‘Evolution’ gaming provider to play baccarat game online real money at Fun88
  5. Click on ‘BET NOW’ to be directed to a page where all the action takes place.

Step 2: Select baccarat and choose the game with lowest betting limit of ₹100

You’ll be redirected to the Evolution Gaming page, select the ‘Baccarat’ option from the given horizontal panel with other live casino games and choose ‘Golden Wealth Baccarat‘ to play baccarat game online real money.

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Step 3: Enter the lobby and place a bet

After clicking on the game, you’ll be directed to a new page where live dealer will appear on the screen.

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  • The live dealer draws two cards face down for player and banker.
  • The Player will get 20 seconds to select the chip and bet on either of the three-betting options: Banker, Player, or tie.
  • Dealer to face up the card, revealing the winner of the match, who gets back the return to the player amount.

Quick tip: Whenever in doubt while playing baccarat game online real money at Fun88, go with Banker.

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5 Mistakes to avoid while playing baccarat game online real money

Don’t jump into the mainstream of baccarat game online real money without knowing everything about it. Look out for the 5 most common mistakes by newbies to avoid mentioned below while playing baccarat game online real money.

  1. Not tracking the previous bets: Practice constant vigilance, track the previous winning side to know the probability of winning. Track the bets and choose wisely on which side to bet with calculated tactics.
  2. Playing without strategy: Following your instincts is a good option but not when they tend to change in every single round. Instead, follow baccarat winning tips and stick to one side no matter what.
  3. Not checking rules before gameplay: Every casino tends to bend the rules to their advantage, it’s not rigging it’s just how business works. Therefore, never forget to check the rules before playing baccarat game online real money.
  4. Forgetting to take advantage of promotions: Before signing up for any online casino, always check promotion, least deposit amount, and bonus code. Never forget to take advantage of such wonderful promotion brought to you.
  5. Not keeping your bankroll in mind: It’s easy to spend all your money in one go but only you know how hard to work to earn that money. Spend it wisely and don’t burn it all.

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