10 Best Fun88 betting tips in India 2023 – Win ₹2,500 daily

Are you a beginner in the sports betting world? Level up your betting skills like pro with top 10 Fun88 betting tips to make successful bets & earn ₹2,500 daily!

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Fun88 India provides their customers with 3 different online sportsbooks to bet on and earn through from traditional to modern layout. Not only that, but it also provides top 10 Fun88 betting tips for beginners to excel in sports betting and earn decent pocket money through it. Do Fun88 register to use the Fun88 betting tips in your sports betting and see the impacts on your winnings.

#1. Shoot for the best odds

The importance of odds is not negligible and you know it if you’re not an absolute beginner in the sports betting world. Odds are a must and could be difference-makers especially when it comes down to predicting the winning and losing team.


  • The greater the odds are for the team; the more are the chances for that particular team winning the sports event.
  • Odds are professionally calculated by experts of sports, rules, history, and past performances of the teams. Shopping the best odds seems like a load of work but it pays off in return in longer terms.
  • In order to add potential winnings to your betting account, observing odds and taking them seriously is the best decision you can make.

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#2. Understand the key positions

Extensive and exclusive research is important when it comes to waging your real money on someone else’s winning chances. Excogitate the sports, rules, team players, and key positions of particular sports in order to make wise bets on the Fun88 sportsbook.

  • In some sports, certain positions are more important than others, and examining the players standing in those positions can help bettors predict the winner easily.
  • Once you learned the most important positions in the sports, you can spend some time evaluating the players at those positions to improve your chances of winning the bets.
  • You’ll need to look into every position thoroughly if you are going for handicap sports betting events but start with the key position always.

#3. Line shopping is profitable

When you got only one betting option to choose from in a sporting event then you’re likely to choose one team between two which is most likely to win. But when you are provided with multiple betting options then you can compare lines offered by Fun88.


  • Nowadays, sports bettors have multiple options to bet. You can bet with local bookmakers or with thousands of online sportsbooks available for betting on every sports event globally.
  • Evaluate the game and once you figured that which team is most likely to win, you can look into several online sportsbooks to get the money.
  • To save you from the trouble, we recommend you the best spread bets and Moneyline wagers with greater odds and return to players at Fun88 sportsbook.

#4. Favorites vs underdogs

When professional experts release the betting line on sports events, the first thing they do is to decide which team should be favored and which one will be the underdog.

  • The favorite team is the team that is more likely to win in the sports and is represented by a minus sign next to its odds.
  • Whereas the underdog teams are least expected to win and hence, represented by the plus sign in front of its odds to show so.
  • You should mostly pick underdogs to have a decent chance of winning as when you seek to win more, you also tend to risk more.

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#5. Small bets in small areas

There’s no pressure on you to go big at the start of your journey, big winnings take time and require patience. It takes a long time to understand the process and beat the sportsbook algorithm. The learning curve for everyone is different and hence, your strategies should be different too.


  • Exploring is a good option to choose but as a beginner, it’s wise to choose small areas to bet on and increase your expertise in those areas instead of hovering around and losing in most.
  • Start your online gambling journey with the least amount, place small bets cause that way you’ll be risking less of your money.
  • Winnings and understanding sportsbooks take time and give yourself the liberty to take as much as time you want in researching before starting to gamble your hard-earned money.

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#6. Make Moneyline wagers

Every sports event has two different lines to bet on, one is against the spread bet which has a point spread where one team gets points and the other gives. The other line is Moneyline, where bettors are supposed to pick the team that wins the game.

  • The amount you have to wager in to win in Moneyline is way different from the wager amount in spreads. In spreads, you have to wager little extra money called vig in order for the bookmaker to make a profit.
  • Moneyline bettors also have a vig but it’s difficult to notice as the lines are presented in different ways.
  • It’s easier to pick the team which is most likely to win as it costs more to pick the favorite team than to pick the winning team.

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#7. Don’t bet on parlays

Parlay bets are loads of fun and offer big payouts, but they are not a smart choice for the savvy online sports bettor. The concept behind parlay bet is to multiply the wager stake by odds from various outcomes you have chosen.


  • For example, You place a ₹100 wager on the Mumbai Indians at 2.45, the Chennai Super Kings at 1.60, and the Punjab Kings at 1.75.
  • This would result in a total pay-out of ₹686 if each of these teams wins, indicating the bigger advantage to the bookmaker and lesser to the sports bettor.
  • The problem with parlay bets is that, while multiplying odds together for each outcome you are also multiplying the sportsbook commission by 10% in order for the bookmaker to make money.

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#8. Money management

The most important aspect to look into when it comes to online betting, it’s always wise to separate the amount from your bankroll you are willing to lose. That’s not the saying that you’ll lose the money but there’s always a possibility.

  • A simple rule to follow this strategy is to divide your bankroll into 3 sections with a 50:30:20 ratio, in which 50% of your hard-earned money goes into your needs like grocery, rent, bills, etc.
  • 30% of your bankroll goes into all the stuff you want which includes sportsbook betting too and 20% of your bankroll should always go into investment.
  • Once you have decided on how much percentage of your bankroll you want to give to online sports betting, that is less than 10%. Then bifurcate it further to assign money to different sports and live casino games.

#9. Long term sensibility on the go

If you are here for a long-term perspective then you have to take betting seriously. You can’t expect to win loads of money overnight, you have to risk a lot in order to expect to win a lot even then the chances are 50:50.


  • Built your bankroll steadily, increase the amount of wager stake on each consecutive game and observe the odds. Soon you’ll be making decent pocket money.
  • The most important aspect to sustain is long-term betting business is to expect and accept losing. Taking it positively is one way to defend yourself from short-term disappointment.
  • Betting, like any other serious investment, is a marathon, not a sprint. Accordingly, it will take time for your bankroll to grow therefore it’s important to sustain sensibility for the longer term.

#10. Set achievable objectives

It’s not difficult to win some bets and few wagers in the betting arena, anyone with considerate knowledge of sports and teams can bet to win the amount but it’s something else about winning most of the time, more enough to make a profit and living out of it.

  • Only a small percentage of sportsbook bettors is profitable in long term, the reality is pretty ugly as most of the players lose money in online sportsbooks rather than winning a profit.
  • People start betting on sports events with a belief that they will be able to rely on their sports knowledge to beat sportsbooks but that’s not the case, it’s possible to make decent money but it takes more than that to beat bookmakers.
  • It takes a lot more to become a successful sports bettor so don’t think to become one from the moment you start as having unrealistic expectations can lead to frustration.

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There’s only one way and no way around to find success in betting without hard work. There are a lot more losings than winnings and you have to embrace them both equally. We hope you took note of the top 10 Fun88 betting tips mentioned above to make more successful bets as beginners and win ₹2,500 daily.