Fun88 Casino Bonus Code: Sign Up & Claim 100% up to ₹10,000!

Apply Fun88 Casino Bonus Code while making 1st deposit of a Minimum ₹1,000 & Win a 100% Welcome Bonus of up to ₹10,000 on the Evolution & Pragmatic Play wallet.

Fun88 Signup Bonus  Fun88 Casino Bonus Code  Fun88 Bonus ₹10,000

Joining online betting sites like W88 can open doors to many opportunities for you, especially if you are just a beginner. However, if you want to get an experience of an authentic online casino then it is important that you join an online betting site like Fun88! Fun88 not only gives you games provided by top game providers but also gives you some of the best bonus deals in the betting world online for 2 top online casino clubs which you can claim in 3 simple steps and by adhering to their easy rollover conditions.

Enjoy 2 Live Casino Bonus Offers up to ₹10,000 at Fun88

As mentioned, Fun88 does not have fun in its name for anything, because here you can get some of the best experiences on online casino games and more! But as a beginner, the best thing you can use on the website is the Fun88 casino bonus code deals you can claim as a beginner.

1. Get 100% up to ₹10,000 on Club Evolution Gaming 

Starting off, we have the bonus offered by one of the top online casino clubs in the world that os evolution gaming. With this, you can access some classy games at the Evolution domain online with which you can earn even more wholesome cashback deals. Applying for this promotion would give you a 100% cashback offer of up to ₹10,000 on all Evolution Gaming Products.


  • To claim the Live Casino bonus of 100% up to ₹10,000 on club evolutions products, you must first log into to fun88 and then make the first deposit of a minimum ₹1,000 in the bonus wallet.
  • When this is done, you must go ahead and click on the Evolution Live casino bonus which you can find under the promotions section.
  • Here, you must apply for the Fun88 casino bonus codeby using the Apply Now button to activate the bonus and successfully lock the amount in your bonus wallet at Fun88.
Wallet Bonus AmountMinimum Deposit

Roll Over Requirement

Bonus Wallet



Now there are some requirements you must carry out before you can go ahead and fully enjoy the bonus and these requirements are fun because they work as a challenge for you.

  • To transfer the bonus from your bonus wallet to real cash, you have to complete the rollover requirements of 20 times. This means that you have to place bets and play at least 20 rounds on any Evolution Gaming products.
  • This rollover requirement must be completed within the next 14 day of receiving the cash in your account. If not completed, your application will be nullified.

Once you have completed the rollover requirements successfully, you must comeback to the promotions section at Fun88 to collect your Fun88 bonus amount which will then be transferred to your main wallet at Fun88 as cash!

2. Pragmatic Play offers 100% up to ₹10,000 Casino Bonus

Things in life would not be fun if you did not have options and so Fun88 offers you with another one of the coolest casino promotion which is offered by Pragmatic Play, one of the prominent game room providers in the betting world online. With this deal, you can get a 100% bonus up to  ₹10,000 on all Pragmatic Play live online casino real money games at Fun88.


  • To claim the Fun88 casino bonus code on Pragmatic Play products, you have to first log into your Fun88 account and make a minimum deposit of ₹1,000 in your bonus wallet which is mandatory for claiming the bonus offer.
  • Then, you must visit the Promotion page at Fun88 where you will find Fun88 Free Bonus and more! Here, you have to filter your search to get the live casino bonuses on one page.
  • After this, click on the welcome bonus offered by Pragmatic Play and scroll down to find an Apply Now button which will give you the bonus amount in your bonus wallet.


Bonus AmountMinimum Deposit

Roll Over Requirement

Bonus Wallet



Once you have applied for the Fun88 casino bonus code, you will have to complete the rollover requirements necessary to transfer the bonus cash to real cash in your account. This step is necessary and must be carried out within the allotted time.

  • Applying for the bonus amount locks the money in your online bonus wallet, but if you want to turn the bonus cash into real ones then you must rollover the former at least 20 times by playing the games offered by Pragmatic Play.
  • Once you receive the bonus amount, you should immediately start with the rollover requirements as you have only 14 days to finish the task. If not completed within 14 days, then your application will be disregarded.

Thus, it is essential that you adhere to the bonus offer’s terms and conditions because if it is completed well, you can visit the promotions section again to collect the bonus amount which will have then be successfully transferred to your main wallet as real cash.

Claim the Fun88 Casino Bonus in ONLY 3 Simple Steps

Claiming the Fun88 casino bonus code is something very simple and thus, you are only 3 steps away from getting ₹10,000 in your online wallet! So, since we introduced you to one of the best online casino bonuses let us also introduce you to how you can make the bonus all yours!

Step 1: Join Fun88 and Click on Promotions

  • The first step that you must take when claiming the Fun88 bonus is to join the fun itself by making a Fun88 signup registration and you can do this by clicking on ‘Join Now‘.


  • This will take you to an online registration form which you must fill out precisely and top off by adding a unique username and strong password. Once these are done, you must click on ‘Login‘ to complete the entire sign-up process online.
  • Next, you will find a three-dash menu in the top left corner of the Fun88 homepage and so you must go ahead and click on it and further click on ‘Promotions‘ where you will be taken to another Fun88 page.

Step 2: Select Live Casino and Pick Any Offer

  • In the next step, you have to pick any one of the two aforementioned online bonuses for the casino. But looking at the Fun88 page, you probably are by now surprised by how many bonuses they offer!
  • Not only this but among all these jewels of an offer, finding the casino Fun88 bonus can be difficult so what you must do is go ahead and filter out your search options by clicking on ‘Live Casino‘.


  • Doing so would show you the two welcome bonuses you are looking for in an instant. Which is something important for carrying out the next step with precision.
  • From here, you have to pick any one of the welcome bonus offers to apply for and although they both offer the same amount it is important that you visit both the evolution and pragmatic play products to see which one suits you the best!

Step 3: Click on Apply to claim Fun88 bonus instantly

  • In the last step of claiming one of the coolest online promotions in the betting world, you have to click on the promotion you selected.


  • Next, you will be introduced to detailed information on the promotion which you are about to apply for that you must read thoroughly, so read the terms and conditions and understand everything about the bonus again.
  • After and only after you have read all the requirements, terms and conditions for the bonus, you must scroll down and click on ‘Apply Now‘ which will instantly lock the Fun88 casino bonus code in your account.

NOTE: It is vital that you make a minimum Fun88 deposit of ₹1,000 before applying for the promotions to avoid any errors. This must be done right after you create a Fun88 account and complete the account verification process.

3 Important things to keep in mind to claim the Fun88 bonus

Before we let you go, here are some of the most important and helpful tips to keep in mind before applying for the Fun88 casino bonus code online. These tips will come in handy even after you apply for the promotion so read it carefully.

  1. Payment Method: It is noted above that it is necessary to make the minimum amount deposit before applying for the promotion and thus, you have to also select your preferred mode of payment around this time. But what is important here to claim the bonus is to pick a method which also allows you to make withdrawals smoothly. This is because many people often complain that they cannot receive the payment because of different payment method options for their deposit and withdrawal processes. So keeping the same one for both makes things much easier.
  2. Wagering Requirement: One thing people mostly forget to check is the wagering requirement. This means that to complete the rollover requirement, you have to make bets with a minimum limit set by the promotion’s conditions. This is something you should adhere to because if not you will end up making wasted bets without completing the rollover requirements.
  3. Rollover Expiration Date: Next, the rollover requirement is something many people forget to complete and soon find that the promotion bonus is gone from their accounts. This is because they failed to complete the rollover requirements which would definitely claim the bet as theirs. Completing the rollover requirement before the allotted time is important, because even if you complete 14 out of 15 rollovers and the time’s up, then all will go to waste as your application for the bonus will be nullified.

In Conclusion

This was all about the Fun88 casino bonus code promotion which you can claim with only a few clicks. Follow our easy 3-step tutorial to apply for any of the two bonus offers and get a chance to spend more time playing at any of the top two game rooms provided by prominent online game room providers Club Evolution and Pragmatic Play. Use Fun88 to add extra fun to playing online casino games with its easy-to-use interface, flashy products, and welcoming services.