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Introduction to Fun88 Exchange Betting

Fun88 Exchange Betting adds another level of excitement to the top layer of the online gambling world. It is the only and the best platform available for exchange betting for Indian players, where bettors can purchase bets from other bettors essentially.


Fun88 Exchange provides an inclusive variety of sports and events to bet on, but the limited offers provide excessive winnings. Cricket, football, and tennis are popular sports for betting exchange at Fun88.

Working of Fun88 Exchange Betting

In online exchange betting, bettors either lay a bet or back a bet. If a player supports the outcome then he backs the bet and if he thinks that the outcome won’t occur then he lays the bet.


  1. BACK Bet: Bettors buy the result of the match and support the outcome, displayed in Blue.
  2. LAY Bet: Bettors sell the result of the match and don’t support the outcome, displayed in Pink.

Odds change in exchange betting within seconds, which indicates whether other bettors are backing or laying the bet. This allows you to find and exploit greater odds and opportunities in the online betting market.


Unlike traditional betting where you bet against the house, in Fun88 exchange betting, you bet against other players’ bets which makes it easier to find greater odds.

Enjoy Fun88 exchange betting on your mobile with Fun88 mobile betting conveniently and have a comfortable betting experience.

3 Reasons why you should use Fun88 exchange

If you’re looking for something to spice up your online betting experience, then you are at the right place, my friend. Know 3 reasons to join Fun88 exchange betting immediately and fill in the void in your life.

  1. Betting exchange offers better odds: Fun88 exchange provides better odds than any other sports betting as winnings depend on other bettor’s predictions, choose a mastermind, and exchange bets.
  2. Bettors get higher profits: Bettors who opt for Fun88 exchange betting tend to claim higher profits if win the bet as the exchanged bet is always higher than any other sports betting.
  3. Players have more fun: Another level of excitement, suspicion, and thrill increases with Fun88 exchange betting, adding up the fun in exchange betting and winnings.

We understand your concern and would like to look through the Fun88 review to clear your doubts and begin online gambling tension-free.

How to place a bet on Fun88 Exchange in 3 simple steps

We know that you can’t wait any longer to start exchange betting and we won’t take any of your time anymore, learn to place a bet on Fun88 exchange in 3 simple steps and start your journey right away.

Step 1 – Access Fun88 & register your account

Access the official website of Fun88 as it’s really important to visit real one and avoid fake duplicated ones. Register your account by clicking at ‘JOIN NOW’ in the top right corner of the homepage and filling in the valid credentials to sign up at Fun88.


Learn to register at Fun88 and commit no mistake while filling the registration form as further verification is a significant step.

Step 2 – Make your first deposit & Select ‘Exchange’

In order to place a bet on the Fun88 exchange, you must have a balance in your sports wallet by clicking on ‘DEPOSIT’ in the top right corner of the homepage.


Learn to make a Fun88 deposit and get yourself some credit to bet on Fun88 Exchange. Click on ‘EXCHANGE’ to visit the Fun88 exchange betting page to start your journey by exchanging bets and winning large profits.

Step 3 – Choose the sport and place your bet

After clicking on ‘EXCHANGE’ sports betting options will appear on the screen, choose the sports you want to exchange bet on, and select the ongoing match to place a bet on.


We recommend choosing exchange betting on sports with higher odds and hence, we chose Sydney Sixers vs Adelaide Strikers as they have higher odds and are an ongoing match.


Place your bet either on ‘BACK’ to support the outcome or ‘LAY’ to not support the outcome. Enter the stakes you are willing to risk, keeping your bankroll in mind, and click on ‘Place Bet’.

Let’s look into the example to get a deeper understanding of Fun88 Exchange but before that look into Fun88 betting tips to enhance your bet placing techniques.

Case 1: Bet on Sydney Sixers ‘BACK’ 67 odds with ₹100 stakes


  • BACK wins: If you win the bet, then you get a profit of 67, which makes the payout ₹167
  • BACK loses: If you lose the bet, then you also lose the stake you wager on the exchange, that is, no return.

Case 2: Bet on Sydney Sixers ‘LAY’ 72 odds with ₹100 stakes


  • LAY wins: If you win the bet, then you get a profit of 72, which makes the payout ₹172
  • LAY loses: If you lose the bet, you get the amount equal to wager amount minus odds value, that is, 100 – 72 = ₹28

Before going any further, let’s take a glance at the Fun88 sports review to understand it better in order to promote it.

Fun88 charges a 4% commission from the net winnings in the exchange betting from the bettor. Mentioned below is an example of calculation of winning amounts, you lose money if you lose a bet, remember that.

  • Fun88-Exchange-11Odds: 59
  • Waged Stakes: ₹100
  • Payout to the winner of bet: 100 + 59 = ₹159
  • Commission to the Fun88 house: 4% of 159 = ₹6.39
  • Final return to the player: 159 – 6.36 = ₹152.64

The bookmaker – Fun88 has a commission of 4% on the winning, so the final earning of a player will be ₹152.64.

Top 2 Fun88 promotions for new members on Sportsbook

Fun88 promotions are exciting and reach an ultimate level, it greets the newcomers with amazing offers and never disappoints the existing players ever.


  1. Get a free bonus of ₹100 without a deposit.

Sign up at the official Fun88 site and verify your email account to claim a ₹100 free bonus with depositing no amount at all in the wallet.

  1. Claim 300% first deposit bonus up to ₹3000.

Register your account at Fun88 & make your first deposit of at least ₹500 in your sports wallet to claim a welcome bonus of up to ₹3000.

There is more to Fun88 than any article ever can explain, look for yourself. Explore Fun88 online sportsbook and discover an exclusive variety of sports to bet on.


We hope that this 3-step guide helped you to place a bet on Fun88 Exchange and you’re seeing your future with Fun88. Don’t wait up for the opportunity to pass away, sign up at Fun88 now and claim exciting first deposit bonuses made just for you.