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Fun88 Handicap Football  Handicap Football Betting

Currently, there are many sorts of football betting, “Handicap Football” is one of those forms of Fun88’s Sports betting that many people are excited about today.


Find more about handicap football odds at Fun88 bookmaker

So what is handicap football, and how to play to hold the most incredible win rate? Though everyone is not familiar with and can easily play this form, especially if you are new to the handicap football betting at Fun88, you may not know how to bet. Let’s read the events that summarize below.

What is Asian handicap football betting at Fun88?

There are many kinds of bets for players to prefer in a football match, of which handicap football bets still bring many players to engage. Handicap football is also known as Asian handicap football, based on the odds per game’s cost of Asian bookmakers to serve bettors. Enhance your chances of winning at football betting with Asian handicap tips and earn real money.


  • Asian handicap at Fun88 is the primary type of deal for Asian bookies to evaluate the difference in the power of two teams.
  • In a match, there will be a more effective team and a weaker team. To build integrity, the more proficient team will handicap the underlings according to the Asian Handicap odds given by the bookmakers.
  • Asian businesses are famous in the Asian market and have grown the immediate need to expand into other markets.
  • With handicap, Fun88 betting experts will analyze the forthcoming events and calculate based on various aspects to predict the match’s result and then make a bet for every opportunity to Players prefer.
  • Of course, the calculation from Fun88 must also meet high accuracy requirements to attract more players to join, through the door where players can earn a lot of interest.
  • Handicap betting businesses are focused mainly on expanding in the Asian market to impose the backbone of the two teams, creating a profit in the game from the player’s aspect.

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3 Steps to learn playing Asian Handicap Football Betting at Fun88

New at Fun88? To begin with, you need to Register an account at Fun88 and follow the step-wise guide below.


Step 1: Access the official Fun88 site and Login into your account

  • The first and primary step will be to go to through your browser.
  • Login is necessary to play and place bets on Asian handicap football Sportsbook.

Step 2: Locate Sports and go to Football to play handicap football betting


  • Search and select the Sports option from the menu bar on the Fun88 homepage.
  • Locate the Football category from the left-hand side of the screen once you are already on the Fun88 Sportsbook rticle.

Step 3: Get started to play Asian handicap football on Fun88

  • Once you click on the Football category, you’re about to bet already.
  • Place your bets and follow the next section to have detailed knowledge about placing bets on the Asian Handicap at Fun88.

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Handicap Football odds – HDP betting at Fun88

To play handicap betting at Fun88, the player needs to understand the handicap ratio. For experienced players, it will hold Asian beams that are not too complex. However, for first-time players, it won’t be comfortable to recognize and bet. Here are few proportions compiled by Fun88 that you can relate to.


  • Field (Odds 0): Two teams have identical accomplishments. Neither team takes any association.
  • Half-ball field (Odds 0-1 / 4): The team will allow the team with less than 1/4 ball. If the score is dropped at the end of the event, the player will lose the bet when betting on the head. While betting on the ground team wins all bets.
  • Handicap halves (odds of 0.5): The club will give the handicap football betting on less than 0.5 odds on the team. If the match ends in a draw, the player who places a bet on the top bet fails, the bet on the bottom wins.
  • Handicap 1: Over the team will acquire the lower team. If the match ends on the winning team by a dispute of 2 goals, then bet on the team to win on the original bet, and vice versa.

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The Asian betting business executes it effortless for members of Fun88 to classify which team is powerful, which is vulnerable. With their expertise and practice, players will quickly make a definitive judgment. So, you can learn what is handicap football and approach it when playing Asian handicap football on Fun88, right? You bet your time in addition to the sports, as mentioned earlier. Fun88indi wishes you all success with your selections.