How to play online Fun88 poker on India’s best betting site

Fun88 Poker is a betting card game that involves some luck and some skill as well. In poker, players put bets against each other depending on the value of their poker hand. Bets usually are built with synthetic or ceramic discs named chips.

Fun88 Poker Online  Fun88 Poker  Fun88 Online Poker

What is Fun88 Poker Online

Online Fun88 poker is just the conventional card game of poker played over the web worldwide. There is a mixture of several online poker websites that all offer several poker variations with a broad range of games and possible stakes. It has been slightly responsible for an immense rise in the number of poker players globally.

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3 Steps to discover playing online Fun88 poker

Here is a brief guide for you on how to play Fun88 poker online, the most common type of poker, Texas Hold’em poker, which above 90% of players prefer.

Step 1: Go to the Fun88 site & Download the Poker application to your computer


To play online Fun88 poker, you need to download the Fun88 poker application for your computer. There are two separate applications for Windows and Mac users.

  • Login to your account if you are an existing user of Fun88; else, you need to do Fun88 register as a new member.
  • After you register your account, do Deposit and Select Fun88 Poker
  • Next, you need to click on the Fun88 Poker icon. Then proceed to pick Download for Windows or Download for MAC.

Step 2: Install the online Fun88 Poker application into your computer


  • Choose Run to set up an online Fun88 poker application.
  • Select the English language to play online Fun88 poker
  • Select “install.”


After you are done with the installation process, you need to login to play Fun88 Poker.


Once you logged in to your Fun88 poker account, you need to set your nickname; without that, a game won’t start. Then by agreeing to the security & Ecology Agreement, check the box and click on Apply.


Note: The account logged into the Fun88 poker game app is the same Fun88 account you registered with.

Step 3: Pick a poker room and put a bet to play online Fun88 poker


Once you logged into your account

  • Pick the Hold’em game tab.
  • Select an online Poker room with a big blind; Small Blind is the smallest.

Note: Newbies should prefer a Fun88 poker room with a large blind, the smallest blind, to avoid the chance of a significant loss.

Place your bet by following the below 3 steps


  1. Players have 15 seconds to weigh on their preference
  2. Use the card in hand to estimate the card’s strength
  3. The player has to make his choice by doing Fold or Raise

Note: In case you require any help concerning sports betting and other feature of the website, you can always reach out to Fun88 customer care via 24×7 Live Chat. The customer service assistant is active in answering your inquiries.

The Rules of Fun88 Poker (Texas Hold’em Poker)

Before the beginning of playing Hold em, players need to learn the rules. In Hold’em, each player gets dealt two private cards (recognized as ‘hole cards’) that belong to them alone. Five community cards get dealt face-up to form the ‘board.’ A player can use any mixture of the seven cards possible to make the best desirable five-card hand, using zero, one, or two of their private slot cards in Hold’em poker.

4 significant variations of Hold’em betting limits

  1. Limit: There is a pre-determined betting limit on each round of betting.
  2. No-Limit: A player can bet any amount, up to all of their chips.
  3. Pot Limit: Up to the pot’s size, a player can bet any amount.
  4. Mixed: The game switches between rounds of Limit Texas Hold’em and No-Limit Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em poker rules gameplay

  • Two Hole Cards: Per player at the table is traded two cards face down. That’s it.
  • Five Community Cards: Every player next uses those two cards to play in order with five shared community cards to form their best five-card poker hand.
  • Make The Best Hand: The player with the best hand wins the pot.
  • Bet As Much As You Want: There are four rounds of betting, and any player can place all their chips in the center at any moment. That is the appeal of No-Limit poker. You are always just one hand away from doubling (or tripling!) your stack, but at the same time, you are only one hand away from smashing entirely.
  • D – Button: It is a dealer that will deal a card face down, start with the first player on his left, and go in a clockwise direction.
  • Small Blind: The player places the small blind to the left of the dealer button.
  • Big Blind: The player located at the left of the small blind will place a top bet for the particular round. This player is called the big blind.


Fun88 poker online showdown:

  • Once the final bet or raise gets called during the final round of betting, a showdown happens; the rest of the existing players need to Show or declare their hands, and the players with the best ranking hands win the pot.
  • Players frequently show their hands in order, instead of all at once. Various players can share a particular pot, divided into many forms depending on the game rules, and every player’s hand ranks upon their competitors.

Usually, each poker hand’s winner is the player with the highest-ranked hand when all cards are shown at the end of the hand known as the ‘Showdown’ or the player that gets the last uncalled bet so winning without demanding to reach a showdown.

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Discover the Fun88 poker (Texas Hold’em) betting rounds

Different poker types have different betting rounds. Texas Hold’em is the most familiar poker game globally and has four betting rounds recognized as pre-flop, the flop, the turn, and the river.

  1. The pre-flop betting round starts as soon as all players have got their hole cards before any community cards getting dealt.
  2. Betting on the flop happens after the first three community cards get dealt.
  3. The turn round is after the fourth community card got dealt and the river after the fifth and last community card getting dealt.
  4. Once betting action is made for the turn round, the river or Fifth Street will get dealt on the board. It is the fifth and last community card in a Hold’em game.

Here’s an example of a Texas Hold’em game playing the round Turn.


  1. Your opponent’s hole cards
  2. Community cards
  3. Your hole cards

Hold’em poker betting options:

After any first cards get dealt, players are usually asked to play in turn, going clockwise around the table.
Every player can decide one of the following moves when it is their turn to play:

  1. Check: To check is to reject the chance to begin the betting. Players can only check if there is no bet during the current round, and the act of checking moves the clockwise way to the next person on the hand. If all active members check, those players remain on the hand, and the round considers as ended.
  2. Bet: Players may bet if no other players ought to bet during the current round. Once a bet is made, other players need to ‘Call’ by resembling the bet amount to survive on the hand.
  3. Fold: Players that fold sacrifices their cards and cannot win or play again throughout the current hand.
  4. Call: Players call if other players bet during the current round; this needs the calling player to match the highest bet made.
  5. Raise: Players may raise if other players bet during the current round; this demands the raising player to meet the highest bet made and, next, earned a higher one. All following players are expected to declare the raise or raise again (‘Re-raise’) to stay on the hand.
  6. All-in: A player not having sufficient chips to call a bet will be declared as All-In. He is qualified for the part of the pot up to the point of his final bet. If more than one player reaches All-In during a hand, there could be more than one side pot.

Texas Hold’em Poker – Hand Ranking

Regardless of whether you are new to the game or need help, you have to learn how to play. So, before you hit the online poker tables, you have to get to know about the primary hand rankings and rules that direct Texas Hold’em. Here are the ten hands every player should know before playing the game.

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Hand Ranking Type



Royal FlushConsists of the ace, king, queen, jack, and ten of an individual set.royal-flush
Straight FlushFive cards in the same set order. For a tie, the highest rank at the top of the order wins.straight-flush
Four of a KindFour cards of the same rank, and one side card, or a Kicker. For a tie, the player with the highest side card wins the round.four-of-a-kind
Full HouseThree cards an identical rank, and two cards another matching series. For a tie, the highest three matching cards win the game.full-house
FlushThree cards an identical rank, and two cards another matching series. For a tie, the highest three matching cards win the game.flush
StraightFive non-fitted cards in order. For a tie, the highest-ranking card at the top of the order wins.straight
Three of a KindThree cards the identical rank, and two not relevant side cards. For a tie, a player with the highest, or sometimes, second-highest side card (kicker), wins.three-of-a-kind
Two PairTwo cards resembling rank, two cards of another matching rank, and one kicker. If both players have an equal Two Pair, the highest kicker wins.two-pair

Before you hit the online Fun88 poker tables, you have to know about the primary hand rankings and rules that direct Texas Hold’em. Here are the ten hands every player should know before playing the game.

5 Obvious Mistakes to Avoid While Playing Fun88 Poker Online

  1. Reluctance to Fold: If the edges are not in the favor, folding is the best decision. It does not imply to play relentlessly or be eager. Take the time and analyze the prospects.
  2. Lack of Observation: If players ace the observation skill, they will predict how much they are fascinated by playing the hand and the next move.
  3. Lack of Practice: It is essential to acquire skill and expertise in the game to save the highest scores.
  4. Undervalue Self Position: If a player plays out of position, assured that make a move before most opponents can predict the hand’s strength and develop a game strategy accordingly.
  5. Bluffing: If a player bluffs in each game, it makes the player likely and clear to read. A bluff is based on the player’s position at the table, bet quantity, and the opponent’s skill.


Online Fun88 poker is famous for many reasons that people love to live for poker. It’s a fun, easy-to-play, intellectual game that can be thrilling. The game rewards real skill, unlike the lottery. It’s also something you can do to pass the time, whenever you want, as long as you like, any stakes you’d like from the ease of your own house.