How to play Fun88 Roulette to grab 300% bonus of up to ₹1000

Want to understand how to play Fun88 roulette? Then you’re at the appropriate place. You can look ahead to learn the game’s basic rules, roulette types & more.

Online Fun88 Roulette  Fun88 Roulette Live

Roulette is a famous game in casinos globally as it is comparatively easy to understand and straightforward. Before getting started on the little wheel, let’s uncover this magnificent game’s basics by seeing the specific approach.

What is Online Fun88 Roulette?


Fun88 roulette offers members a broad category of betting choices to decide. Inside bets are getting placed by picking the precise number of holes you think the ball will dock in. Outside bets are based on higher groupings on the board, pocket color, and odd or even numbers.

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3 Steps to learn how to play Roulette on Fun88

Roulette might seem horrifying at a glance, but it’s a straightforward game to play. Discover the stepwise instructions here to play the roulette online.

Step 1: Access the Fun88 website and go to Live Casino


  • Users need to log in if they’re an existing one of Fun88; else, they demand to do Fun88 register if they do not have an account.
  • Once you completed register/login into your account, make a Deposit, and Choose Live Casino.
  • Click on Evolution gaming (Fun88 recommends this provider as the most attractive one. It has the lowest betting entry at Fun88 Live Casino).
  • Click on the “Bet Now” button as the final step.

Step 2: Pick a board that gives the lowest betting choice of ₹10-20


  • After clicking the Betting button of the most recommended Evolution Gaming provider by Fun88, a new window or a tab will open. You need to know the next step here to spot roulette online boards.
  • Click on a Roulette. There are 13 different tables; you can select any table as far as the table is available to play. Evolution Gaming has relatively the cheapest roulette table than other online casino providers at Fun88.
  • Select any table with the lowest bet entry-amount like Rs. 10-20, and start your play.

Step 3: Getting started with the online Fun88 Roulette game


  • The primary step that you must do in playing Fun88 roulette is set a bet. As described earlier, consider open to betting inside or outside. Once the dealer stated, “No More Bets” already, you are no longer permitted to gamble.
  • After the waiting time of 35 seconds for the betting position, the Fun88 roulette will spin. The lucky number where the small white ball would drop is the winner.

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Fun88 Roulette rules and gameplay

To the beginner player, roulette online might be a bit complicated, but it’s pretty easy. You can place bets by choosing any number, color, or sequence of numbers that you desire.


There are two main segments to the roulette table, which are necessary to learn if you want to know the gameplay. These will advise you to determine the sort of bet you want to place.

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1. Inside Bets

  • The inside sector of the roulette board enables members to put bets on numbers close to each other in terms of design or a combination of up to six digits. You can place a bet on one number, for occurrence 29, called ‘straight-up’ or two adjacent numbers, which is called a ‘split.’
  • With a ‘street’ bet, you will be placing a bet on 3 numbers, joins horizontally. With a ‘trio’ bet, you will set your chips on either 0/1/2 or 00/2/3, depends on the variation.
  • In addition to these, there’s also the ‘corner’ bet (also known as quad bet), where four connecting numbers are getting covered in one single bet, and the ‘basket’ bet, which is a five number bet consisting of 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3.
  • The last kind of bet for the inside segment is the ‘double street,’ like the name implies, which lets you place a bet on 6 figures, definitely placing two ‘street’ bets.

2. Outside Bets

  • The outside segment offers completely separate sets of bets, and those appeared in combinations, either red or black, odd or even, high or low, with every bet including 18 numbers.
  • Players will also get 6 different bets consisting of 12 numbers, identifies as ‘column’ and ‘dozen’ bets.
  • There is the table least for the wheel’s turn, which must reach both inside and outside bets. Remember, those are independent of each other.

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