How to play Fun88 Slot online to win 130% attractive bonuses

The gaming fun is the main aim of Fun88 to implement. While playing, the primary purpose of the Fun88 slot online is to build winning combinations and pay edges.

Fun88 Online Slot   Fun88 Slot Online

It also offers a 130% welcome bonus of up to ₹30,000 on the first-time deposit for its new user. The player puts their bet and spins the reels. If the winning combination arises, they win. Player’s winnings depend on the winning combination that they’ve achieved to form.

What is a Slot game?

Slot a casino game of fortune, with a set of spindles populated with varieties of tokens. In one game round, the reels will rotate and then stop. The wins are estimated using the new positions of the symbols on the spindles once it stops.

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As one of the most cherished and modern casino games, Slot machines hold various names globally. Most commonly like Fruits, Fruit Machines, armed Bandits, Video slots, online slots, pokies, etc.

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What is the Fun88 Slot online game?

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Online slots games are computer-aided versions of the traditional slot machines that are present at all genuine casinos. With online versions of those favored games, it has innovations like wild symbols and scatters symbols, interactive bonus rounds, and more.

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How to play Fun88 slot online: “8 Treasures 1 Queen” in 3 steps

Online slot machines are comprehensive for online betting. They are fast and straightforward to handle and a pleasure to play with. The Fun88 slot online recommends you to play “8 Treasures 1 Queen” as it has an RTP of 97.29% including many rewards and fun parts. People get high bonuses in the form of money after winning the chosen games. To play at the Fun88 slot online newbies require to follow stepwise instructions to be playing like an expert in no time.

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Step 1: Go to the Fun88 website and click on Slots

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  • Login to your profile if you are an existing user of Fun88; else, you need to do Fun88 register as a new member.
  • After registering into your account, you need to make a Fun88 deposit. Go to the My promotion page inside the profile center by clicking the username, pick Slots promotion, and click on “Apply Now” to get a 130% welcome bonus.
  • Next, you need to click on the slots option and then choose your favorite Fun88 slot provider (we recommend you play on Playtech) to begin your fun gaming adventure with Fun88 slots.

Step 2: Select a Fun88 slot online that provides the most competitive betting option

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  • Click on a preferred Fun88 online slot machine i.e. Playtech Slots and start to play the game on the device.
  • Go to the search bar and type “8 Treasures 1 Queen” to search the game.
  • Once the game comes as a search result, click on it and start playing the Fun88 slots online. Know when is the best time to play online slots to earn more real money.

Step 3: Begin your play at Fun88 slot online via Playtech

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  • Take a glimpse at the game’s paytable. A player will get to know how much an individual symbol is worth. A player needs to decide what they want to bet and how many pay lines they’d love to play. Choose a bet amount.
  • Click on the “Spin” or “Arrow” button to whirl the reels. If a player has won, the game will show their winnings and allow them a chance to bet. A player can resume whirling the reels as long as they want, but remember to keep an eye on the bankroll.

Once you finished playing slots, to get the winning bonus you need to make a Fun88 withdrawal if you win.

3 Basic rules of Fun88 slot online

  1. A player should follow one golden rule while picking a slot machine not to play a game if they are unfamiliar with the rules. Thus, no matter how simple playing the slots looks, reading the rules first is necessary.
  2. Each player should thoroughly analyze the choices given and select an approach before playing on a specific slot machine. Though, to develop a strategy, they need first to be familiar with the game’s rules.
  3. The great idea is to determine the amount to play, which depends on the machine’s type (a classic single-line one or a multi-line one).

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3 Other games offering by Fun88 slot online

With a variety of 3 rows, 4 rows, and 5 rows; Fun88 offering players 3 exciting slots games

1. Lucky Twins: RTP 96.47%

Fun88 slot online 04

The lucky Twins game has a Chinese New Year theme with red blends providing a sense of flame with well-known symbols like lucky cats, firecrackers, golden gourds, Etc. It has the most significant payout rate of 1.90%.

2. White Rabbit: RTP 97.72%

Fun88 slot online 05

White Rabbit is a 5-row slot game that is pretty complex to look at. It would certainly be appealing by beginning bets starting at fewer amounts.

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3. Wild Catch: RTP 96.92%

Fun88 slot online 06

Wild Catch offers bonuses of up to 9,000 x stake amount. The jackpot is getting divided into 3 levels. Each game has a unique and distinct twist on graphics. It includes the jackpot reward that players will win with an equal payout rate of 1.90 %.

In case you require any help concerning sports betting and other feature of the website, you can always reach out to Fun88 customer care via 24×7 Live Chat. The customer service assistant is active in answering your inquiries.


Fun88 slot online gaming library in the online casino is for use and intuitive exploration and powered by the best international software providers like Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, and more that ensure security. It specializes in online casino games worldwide that offer multiple casino gaming choices from online slots, popular slots, jackpots, video slots, tables, Etc.