How to play Golden tour slot – 97.70% RTP – Win ₹30,000 cash

Slots lover, play Golden Tour slot at Fun88 India with minimum betting amount of ₹0.05, having RTP of 97.70%. Signup now & win 130% up to ₹30,000 welcome bonus!

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Introducing Golden tour slot at Fun88

Golden tour slot is a video slot game developed by Playtech slots vendor with 97.7% RTP at Fun88 India slot. It takes place in the golf tournament, there is a number of great possibilities of winning regardless of your familiarity with golf. It has an atmospheric backdrop and soundtrack of birds and insects chirping.


There are 5 reels and 3 rows in the Golden tour slot with 5 pay-lines, if any 2 or more identical symbols appear in any pay-line then the players win the return as per the pay-table of the Golden tour slot. Bet with a minimum of ₹0.05 in all 5 pay-lines and grab a chance to earn 97.7% back at most.

7 Basic rules to know before playing Golden tour slot

Golden tour slot is a fascinating video slot game by Playtech slots provider, you must understand the game before playing the Golden tour slot. Look into 7 basic rules you must know before playing the Golden tour slot mentioned below:


  1. Golden Tour theme: The theme of the Golden tour slot revolves around the golf tournaments, with different equipment used in golf and some peculiar living things that might occur in the golf ground from time to time, which is not a good sign for golf players.
  2. Minimum betting limit: Player need only ₹0.05 to bet on a single line at Golden tour slot and ₹0.05 to bet on all 5 pay-lines. The maximum amount of bet is ₹5 at the Golden tour slot.
  3. RTP percentage:7% is the return to the player percentage at the Golden tour slot, that is, the person will get at most 97.7% of their money back while spinning at the Golden tour slot.
  4. Reels, rows, and pay-lines: Golden tour slot has 5 reels and 3 rows embedded with 11 different symbols. There are 5 possible pay-lines in the Golden tour slot to win through.
  5. Symbols & their value: Golf shoes, red flag, gold cart, beer, golf stick bag, orange ball, white ball, rat, duck, insect, and 2 golden balls. 2 golden balls are worth 2,000 most valued.
  6. Backdrop & Soundtrack: Golf ground behind with a golf ball hole and distant trees giving the feel of golf ground as backdrop and sounds of wind, birds chirping, and insects’ voices.
  7. Golden Tour Gameplay: Players choose the number of pay-lines they want to consider and then enter the betting stake as per Golden tour slot terms and then spin the reels. When the reels stop, symbols are revealed and if any of the 5 pay-lines have more than 1 same symbol; the player gets the profit as per the pay-table of the Golden tour slot terms.

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How to play Golden tour slot at Fun88 – 3 steps guide

We understand that it’s hard to weigh after knowing the rules and interesting aspects of the game. Follow the 3-steps guide mentioned below to play the Golden tour slot smoothly and enjoy earning real money.

Step 1: Access Fun88, Join & Select Slots

Follow the pointers given below to play the Golden tour slot by Playtech slots provider in 3 minutes precisely.

  • Access the official site of Fun88 India via the link given in the article above to avoid duplicated websites.
  • Click on ‘JOIN NOW’ to do Fun88 register by filling in the accurate details in the registration form.


  • Click on the three horizontal lines to open a vertical pop-up, containing all the Fun88 products in a vertical list.
  • Select ‘SLOTS’ to play the Golden tour slot and visit where all the vendors are listed in the horizontal list.

Step 2: Choose Golden Tour under Playtech Slots provider

  • Select ‘Playtech Slots’ provider under the horizontal list of all the vendors available at the Fun88 India slot.
  • Since the Golden tour slot is a video slot, click on ‘Video Slots’ to filter all other slots games which are not relevant for your search.


  • Choose ‘Golden Tour’ by Playtech slots vendor to play, spin and win real money with Fun88 slot.

Step 3: Enter the betting stake and spin the reels

  • After clicking on the Golden tour slot, you’ll be redirected to the page where all the action takes place.
  • Enter the betting stake you want to wager in, increase the amount by clicking on the plus sign and decrease by clicking on minus sign.


  • Click on ‘SPIN’ to move the reels until it stops and reveals the symbols and pay-line if created any.
  • Continue to play as you never lose 100% in the Golden tour slot with 97.7% RTP as long as your bankroll allows you.

3 Points to remember while playing Golden tour slot

Don’t forget your purpose of being at Fun88 India and playing Golden tour slot, blow off the heat and keep your bankroll in mind. Look into 3 pointers to remember while playing Golden tour slot and enjoy earning the loads amount of real money with slots strategy to win.

  1. Look into pay-table always: Before playing the Golden tour slot, it’s important to know the value of symbols, pay-lines, and pay-tables to understand the slot better and play with full knowledge of your gains and losses.
  2. Have well-deserved fun: Sometimes, you will earn money through the Golden tour slot, and sometimes you might end up losing money. But, don’t forget the sole purpose of gambling, that is, having fun and blowing the heat off the day.
  3. Money management: Golden tour slot is an addictive slot, and we don’t want you to lose your money and therefore, recommend you use 50:30:20 rules on your bankroll. You can spend only 30% of your bankroll on your desires including gambling too.

Top 2 promotions for new members at Fun88 India

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Are you ready to earn profit with the Golden Tour slot? Then what are you waiting for? Register at Fun88 India to play in the Golden Tour slot with 97.70% RTP and a minimum betting limit of ₹ in 5 pay-lines. Grab the chance to earn a 130% welcome bonus of up to ₹30,000 on your first deposit. Explore more at Fun88 sportsbook, live casino, and slots to earn loads of profit of real money.