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Sports betting is getting increasingly famous day by day and if you are someone that wants to jump in on the trend then we recommend that you learn more about the different aspects of sports betting and one of the most important aspect is the betting options. In this article, we will be looking into what the handicap betting option is, but to be more precise we will use the Handicap 1.5 meaning with examples from Fun88 to help you understand one of the best and fruitful betting options in sports online.


Before we get into what is the Handicap 1.5 meaning, let us first give you an overview of the Asian Handicap Football Betting option and the purpose it serves in sportsbooks. The handicap betting option was created to even out the matches played between a strong team and an underdog team as the outcome of such matches are pretty predictable which takes away the thrill of betting on sports.

The handicap betting option basically gives the stronger teams a handicap of minus (-) goals and the weaker team a head-start of plus (+) goals. As you can see in the image above, there are different handicap sub-betting options and this difference depends on the strength difference between the two teams.

Handicap 1.5 meaning in sports betting and its conditions

To elaborate on the aforementioned point of the Asian Handicap betting option, let us look at the Handicap 1.5 meaning in sports betting. The handicap 1.5 is a sub-betting option under the Handicap betting option where the teams are given a one and a half goal difference in the sportsbook.


Here the teams with the -1.5 goals handicap disadvantage have to win the match by scoring 2 or more goals in the real-match for bets placed on them to win in the sportsbook. Whereas the team with the +1.5 goals head-start advantage must win the match, lose the match by 1 goal, or draw the match. Thus, these conditions of the handicap betting option are given to alter the real-match results to make the bets placed in the sportsbook a more thrilling experience.

Example of Handicap 1.5 Soccer betting in Fun88 sports

To explain what is said above, let us take an example of a match played between Juventus and Torino, where Juventus is given a handicap disadvantage of -1.5 goals and Torino is give a head-start advantage of +1.5 goals. These goal disadvantage and advantage will alter the results of the real match, which means that the bets on this match depends not on the end result of the real match but instead depends on the following handicap 1.5 conditions. Thus, to place bets accurately on matches like these you should use a Handicap Betting Strategy given by Fun88indi experts.


Case 1: In case one, the team Juventus is the handicapped team with a negative -1.5 goal disadvantage. This means that Juventus has to win the real match by 2 or more goals for the bets placed on the team to win in the sportsbook. If the team wins the match by 1 goal or loses the match, or draws the match, then the bets placed on the team will lose. So, if Juventus scores 3 goals in the real match, then in the sportsbook 3 – 1.5 = 1.5 goals in the sportsbook.

Case 2: In case 2, the team Torino is given a head-start with a positive +1.5 goal advantage. This means that Torino has to win the real match, lose by 1 goal, or draw the match with Juventus, for bets placed on the team to win in the sportsbook. If the team loses the match by 2 or more goals, then the bets placed on the team will lose. So, if Torino scores 0 goals in the real match, then in the sportsbook 0 + 1.5 = 1.5 goals in the sportsbook.

Play Handicap 1.5 betting at Fun88 India using these 3 easy steps

Now that you have learnt most of the things you need to know as a beginner about the handicap 1.5 meaning with examples. Let us now give you a simple 3 step tutorial on how you can place bets on handicap 1.5 matches in the Fun88 sportsbooks. The reason we selected Fun88 as the betting site here is because it is not only the best, but also gives you Fun88 Bonus on sportsbooks up to ₹15,000! Claiming this bonus is easy and would be helpful to play sports betting online as beginners.

Step 1: Login at Fun88 to access sportsbooks

  • So, the first thing that you must do is visit the official Fun88 website and click on ‘Login‘, this will give you a pop-up box where you must enter your login credentials.
  • If you do not have a Fun88 account, then you must click on ‘Join Now‘, this would take you to the Fun88 registration page which you must fill out with precision to create an account in the Fun88 register.


  • Once you have completed the Fun88 Sign Up process, you must click on the hamburger menu option available besides the Fun88 logo in the homepage.
  • This will give you access to all the Fun88 products available on the site, here you must click on ‘Sports‘ and then from the drop-down menu, you must select a sportsbook to place the handicap 1.5 bets. Here, we have selected Saba Sports as it is widely regarded as a beginner friendly and popular sportsbook.

Step 2: Locate a Handicap 1.5 soccer match in the Fun88 sportsbook

  • When you enter the sportsbook of your choice at Fun88, you will be introduced to different matches from different sports where you can filter out the early, upcoming, or live matches in the sportsbook.


  • What else you can do is click on ‘Soccer‘ option which is available on the left side of the Fun88 Sports book to filter out only the soccer matches.
  • Next, you can scroll down to locate a handicap 1.5 match in the sportsbook to place your bets on it. When you find such a match click on it and proceed to step no. 3. Here we have found a 1.5 handicap match between Cremonese and AS Roma to predict the number of corners.

Step 3: Place your bets by filling out the bet slip

  • In the last step, you should find yourself in a page where all the betting options for the match you selected are present Among all these, you must find the Full Time Handicap (FT HDP) betting option in the sportsbook.
  • Here, you must then look at the odds and select your preferred HDP sub-betting option. Here, we have clicked on the Handicap +1.5 betting option for the Cremonese team.


  • Doing so would open a bet slip to the left side of your screen where you will be able to see important information related to the betting option you selected. Here, you must enter your betting stake in the given slot and see the payout you will receive.
  • In the example above, for a ₹10 betting stake, the payout we would receive is ₹20.30 with the betting odds of 2.03 which is a good deal. So, to lock the bets, you should click on ‘Process Bet‘ and sit back and enjoy the match in anticipation for the results.

Place accurate bets using Handicap conditions and betting odds

With this, we are almost at the end of our handicap 1.5 meaning and betting guide tutorial but before we leave, let us address one of the important aspects of sports betting online and that is the betting odds that you must consider when placing bets online. The handicap betting option comes with some conditions, so a big question mark on how the betting odds help here remains and to answer this, let us look at the table below. To understand how to use Handicap conditions with the betting odds to place accurate bets, using our Handicap Betting Tips comes in handy!

Handicap +1.5 for CremoneseHandicap -1.5 for AS Roma
Condition: The team needs to win the match, lose by 1 goal, or draw the match for the bets placed on them to win.Condition: The team needs to score 2 or more goals and win the match for the bets placed on them to win.
Betting Odds: 2.03Betting Odds: 1.81
Betting Stake: ₹10Betting Stake: ₹10
Payout if win: ₹20.30Payout if won: ₹18.10

As you can see, the betting odds help in making a huge difference in the amount of money you will receive as the payout if your bets win. So, choosing the team with the higher betting odds is a good option to earn more money, however, in handicap betting option, it is safer to bet on the team with the head-start advantage, as the conditions of the handicap match is most of the times in their favor. A safest option perhaps is the observe the match and use your own handicap betting tips and tricks to place your bets on such matches in sportsbooks online.


We hope that our Handicap 1.5 Meaning explanation and betting guide was helpful enough for you to understand this easy betting option in football. Like this there are many handicap betting options as well as other sports betting options explained on our website that you can check out. Using Fun88indi as your online betting guide would only give simple explanations with some easy examples so that you can learn sports betting online easily and go ahead and kick start a career in sports betting online.