Handicap 2 meaning in betting – How to bet on HDP 2 at Fun88

Know what does Handicap 2 mean in betting & get 3 steps guide to place a bet on HDP 2 at Fun88. Find answers about the virtual +2 & -2 HDP option with Fun88indi.

Football Betting Online Handicap 2 Explained Fun88 Bonus ₹15,000

Although there are many football betting options available on online betting sites like Fun88, the Handicap betting option is something many people avoid and this is mostly because it is slightly difficult to understand. But here at Fun88indi we are ready to help you understand the handicap betting options starting with what does Handicap 2 mean in betting because surprisingly, this is one of the easiest betting options to win if you know how to place bets in the right way.

How does the handicap goal help in sports betting?

Before we explain what is the meaning of handicap 2, let us first help you understand what handicap means in betting. In sports like football, sometimes, there are matches where one team is stronger than the other team based on experience and so, the former team becomes the favourite team as many gamblers would place bets on this team while the latter is the underdog team of this match.


  • However, such matches are considered to be boring because it takes away the most important aspect of gamble and that is the thrilling experience of the unknown. In short, if you already know which team would win then it will be considered a boring match to gamble on.
  • So, to even things about between the teams, sportsbook provide the Handicap Football Betting option where additional virtual goals to the underdog teams and a handicap disadvantage to the stronger teams, which alter the outcome of the real match in the sportsbook for gamblers.
  • The advantage goals are denoted by the + sign which the disadvantage handicap is denoted by the – sign in the sportsbooks. Thus, the Underdog team gets an additional goal head-start while the Favourite team must complete the Handicap conditions for bets on them to be valid.

What does Handicap 2 mean in betting?

To understand the Handicap betting option in a better way, let us take an example of what does Handicap 2 mean in betting. Here, we have used an example of the Girona vs UD Almeria match under the Spain Primera La Liga tournament. As you can see, the Home team Girona is given the handicap of 2.0 goals and thus is highlighted in red whereas UD Almeria is given the advantage of 2.00 goals.


  • Home Team Girona > Handicap -2 Goals = Here, Girona is given the Handicap of -2 goals. Which means that if the team scores 3 goals then 2 goals will be removed in the sportsbook making it 3-2 = 1 goal. So, the bets placed on Girona can only win if the underdog team loses by Girona scoring 3 or more than 3 goals.
  • Away Team UD Almeria > Advantage +2 Goals = Here, UD Almeria is the underdog team with the advantage of +2 goals, so even if they lose the real match, the bets on them will win because 0+2 = 2 goals in the sportsbook. However, if the other team manages to score 3 or more goals, then the bets placed on this team would lose.

In cases of where both the team scores end up in a Draw, the betting stake placed on the underdog team is refunded while the bets placed for the stronger team would either lose or be refunded depending on the handicap conditions and the draw score.

See how Handicap 2 bets and Odds affect the overall Payout with examples

Above we have given you a simplified explanation of what does handicap 2 mean in betting with examples however besides the handicap advantage and disadvantage for the teams you will also notice another decimal number and those are the betting odds. Betting odds matter the most when it comes to placing bets on football as they are responsible for calculating the payouts you will receive depending on your betting stake using the formula Betting Odds x Betting Stake = Total Payout.

Handicap -2 Goals for GironaAdvantage of +2 Goals for UD Almeria
Condition: Team to score 3 or more real goals for bets placed on this team to win.Condition: Opponents need to score less than 3 goals or draw for bets to win.
Betting Odds: 1.95Betting Odds: 1.85
Betting Stake: ₹10Betting Stake: ₹10
Payout: ₹19.50Payout: ₹18.50
  • As you can see, higher betting odds would give you more payouts even if you have a handicap. But since the handicap condition requires the team with the higher odds to score more than 3 goals to win, betting on this option can be risky.
  • Here, the Home team Girona has higher odds but a -2 handicap while the UD Almeria has lower odds but a +2 goals advantage. Since there is a small difference in the payout in such matches, betting on the team with lower odds would be a better option.
  • But again, you must watch the match live in the sportsbook to see the results and eventually place bets on the best team out of the two based on your observations. To know how to place handicap bets accurately in such conditions, visit our Handicap Football Betting Tips article, where we have accumulated 10 pro strategies to win handicap matches.

Thus, when it comes to playing handicap 2 betting online, you should consider placing bets taking the Handicap conditions as well as the betting odds in mind. Below we have introduced you to an easy 3 step tutorial on how to place handicap bets by taking the odds and handicap condition into consideration.

Learn to place Handicap 2 bets in 3 steps at Fun88 India

Now that you are equipped with all the knowledge you need to know what does Handicap 2 mean in betting, you can go ahead and place bets in the sportsbook of your choice, however, it i important that you pick a good sportsbook from a reputed online betting site to play the Handicap 2 bet. Here, we will be using Fun88 as an example to show you how you can play the HDP 2 bets as creating an account at Fun88 would give you access to the Fun88 Bonus offers on sportsbooks.

Step 1: Login at Fun88 and select a sportsbook

  • To play handicap betting on football at Fun88, you must go ahead and ‘Login‘ to your Fun88 account by entering your log in credentials accurately.
  • If you do not have a Fun88 account on the site then click on ‘Join‘. This will take you to the Fun88 registration form that you must fill out precisely to create an account.


  • Once you have created an account and have completed the Fun88 Sign Up process, you will find yourself on the homepage of the website. Here, you must click on the hamburger menu icon besides the Fun88 logo to access all the products offered on the betting site.
  • Then, you must click on ‘Sports‘ and select your preferred Sportsbook from under the menu. Here, we have selected SABA Sports because it is a very beginner friendly sportsbook and is also widely popular among many reputed sites.

Step 2: Find a match with the Handicap 2 betting option

  • In Step 2, you should find yourself in the sportsbook on a new Fun88 tab where you can see all the matches going on from different sports domains. What you will even find on the left side of your screen is many filtering options where you can choose from Early, Today, or Live sports matches in the sportsbook.


  • Since you want to place bets on Handicap 2 for football matches, you must click on ‘Soccer‘ and this will immediately give us the all the ongoing soccer matches with their betting odds in the Fun88 Sports book.
  • So, you must scroll down to find a soccer match with the HDP 2 betting option, here we found a match played between Lions FC and Eastern Suburbs under the Australia Football Queensland Pro Series.

Step 3: Place bets on any one of the two handicap betting option

  • For the last step, you must place and lock your bets for the match, so here you must click on your preferred sub-betting option under the HDP 2 betting option.
  • So, here we have clicked on the Eastern Suburbs team’s odds of 2.12 since this team has a handicap advantage of 2 goals, so the chances of winning the bet here is even higher. You can even apply some Handicap Betting Strategy to select an option to place bets on.


  • When you click on the odds, a bet slip will open up to the left side of your screen where you can see all the basic information about the bet you are about to place. Here, you must enter ₹10 in the betting stake slot as it is the minimum betting rate in the sportsbook.
  • As soon as you enter the betting stake, the Payout you will receive if your bets win will be provided below. Here, for the minimum betting stake of ₹10 and odds of 2.12, you will receive a payout of ₹21.20. To lock this bet, you must then click on ‘Process Bet‘, once done you can sit back and or at the edge of your seat and enjoy the live match in the sportsbook to see if your bet prediction was accurate.
  • Here, there are 3 possible case scenarios for the Handicap 2 bet on the underdog team that we have placed in the image:
    • Bet wins if: Eastern Suburbs manage to score more than 0, 1, 2, 3, or more goals and if the opponent team scores less than 3 goals or less goals in accordance with their handicap -2 condition. The payout received would be according to the betting stake, in this case ₹21.20.
    • Bet losses if: The opponent team scores more than 3 goals, and if Eastern Suburbs do not win the real match. In this case, your betting stake will be lost and no payouts will be received.
    • If there is a Draw: Then you will get your betting stake placed on Eastern Suburbs returned to you.


We hope that our simplified explanation and examples of What Does Handicap 2 Mean in Betting has helped you understand this betting option in an easy way. However, it takes time to become an expert better in such handicap options and so using an online betting guide like Fun88indi is what you will need. Beside this, using an online betting site like Fun88 is equally important as it will give you the opportunity to claim new member bonuses of up to ₹15,000!