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Online betting sites like Fun88 give you the best sports betting experience you can find on the internet. But to truly enjoy this experience in the best way possible, it is important for you to place your bets on some of the best betting options. One such option is the Asian Handicap betting option that you can easily find under football matches. So, to help you understand what this option is all about, let us look at t he Asian Handicap 3.5 meaning using examples from the Fun88 sportsbooks.

What do Asian Handicap – 3.5 & +3.5 mean?

Asian Handicap in sports betting is one of the common main betting options found in matches played between strong and underdog teams, and it comes with different goal differences. These goal differences are based on the strength differences between the stronger and underdog teams. Thus, the stronger teams are given a handicap of certain goals and the underdog teams are given a headstart of certain goals before the match begins.

Asian handicap 3.5 meaning explained in sportsbook

The outcome of the match calculated with the handicap conditions determines the winner of the bets under the Asian Handicap betting option. In Asian Handicap in Football 3.5 meaning, 3.5 is the goal difference and so the stronger team is deprived of 3.5 goals while the weaker team is granted an extra 3.5 goals which is then calculated with the results of the end match to determine the winner of the bets. To know more about Asian Handicap betting meaning options, visit Fun88indi where we offer simple explanations of all goal differences under this option.

Asian Handicap – 3.5 & + 3.5 meaning with examples

To further understand the Asian Handicap 3.5 meaning, let us take a look at the Handicap + 3.5 and Handicap – 3.5 meaning in sportsbooks. For this, we will look at the sub-betting options one by one to understand the conditions given to the stronger teams that is teams with the handicap goals, and underdog teams that is teams with the headstart goals.

Asian Handicap + 3.5 meaning in sportsbook

Asian handicap 3.5 meaning explained headstart explained

Here the team must win the real match, draw the real match, or lose with 3 goals or less which is 3, 2, or 1 goal. If they lose the match with 4 or more than 4 goals then the bets on them will lose. So, if the team losses the match with 0 goals, then 0 + 3.5 = 3.5 goals in the sportsbook.

Asian Handicap – 3.5 meaning in sportsbook

Asian handicap 3.5 meaning explained handicap explained

Here the team must win the real match by scoring more than 3.5 goals which means 4 goals or above 4 goals. If they score less than 3.5 goals, which is 3, 2, or 1 goals, draw, or lose the match the bets on them lose. So, if the team wins the real match by scoring 4 goals, then 4 – 3.5 = 0.5 goals in the sportsbook.

Use Fun88 & these 3 steps to play Handicap – or + 3.5 bets

Now that you know Asian Handicap 3.5 meaning, it is time to move on to the next section where we introduce you to one of the easy betting guides on how to play Handicap +3.5 and -3.5 bets using Fun88 sportsbooks. Fun88 is a great site that beginners can use to learn the basics of betting by claiming a Fun88 Bonus of up to ₹12,500 but it is also a betting site that caters to pros online.

Step 1: Create a Fun88 account & select sports product

  • To place any sports bets at Fun88, you must first register an account on the official betting site by clicking on ‘Register‘. This will take you to the registration form where you must fill out the details precisely.
  • If you already have an account at Fun88, then you must click on ‘Login‘ and enter your login credentials in the given box.

Asian handicap 3.5 meaning explained with fun88indi

  • Once done with making a Fun88 Signup successfully, you must click on the ‘Sports‘ product from the menubar on the left side of the homepage.
  • It is important to note that you have to be logged in successfully on the site as well as have a minimum deposit to play sports betting at Fun88.

Step 2: Pick a sportsbook and select a Handicap 3.5 matches

  • Next, you should find yourself on a page, which is divided into 3 sections. In the first section, you must select your preferred sportsbook.
  • In the second section, you must filter the selected sportsbook by clicking on ‘Soccer‘. You can also further filter the sportsbook by using the Early, Today or Live match lists.

Asian handicap 3.5 meaning explained with fun88

  • Once done, you must scroll down in the third section and locate a match with Handicap 3.5 betting option in the Fun88 Sportsbook.
  • Here, we selected the Saba Sports sportsbook whose betting rate starts from ₹10, and found a match played between RC Lens and Reims under the France Ligue. RC Lens has the handicap of -3.5 goals while Reims has a headstart of +3.5 goals in the sportsbook.

Step 3: Lock your betting stake in the bet slip for the match

  • The last step is extremely simple as all you must do is enter the betting stake and lock in your bets for the match. However, this is also the most crucial step as you must select a sub-betting option from the handicap betting option.
  • When you click on your preferred sub-option, a bet slip will pop up under it. Here, you must enter the betting stake in the given slot to see the payout based on the odds.

Asian handicap 3.5 meaning explained

  • If you are satisfied with the payout, lock your bets in for the match by clicking on ‘Bet‘. Now you can sit back and relax while anticipating the results as you watch the match in the Fun88 sportsbook.
  • In the image above, we selected the +3.5 sub-betting option given to Reims with betting odds of 1.97. As you can see, a betting stake of ₹10 would give up a payout of ₹19.70 if the bet wins.

How to bet on Handicap + 3.5 & – 3.5 with betting odds?

In the final section of this article, we will explain why the betting odds are still important even with the given handicap conditions. It is widely known that betting odds help bettors place accurate bets in the sportsbook as well as gain more payouts. So, along with looking at the conditions given to the teams in the sportsbook, you must also consider the betting odds given to the sub-options and also apply Fun88indi’s top Asian Handicap Betting Tips when placing bets for accuracy.

Wagered on -3.5 @ 1.78Wagered on +3.5 @ 1.97
Asian handicap 3.5 meaning explained handicap betting oddsAsian handicap 3.5 meaning explained headstart betting odds
Condition: Team must win the real match by 4 or more goals for bets to winCondition: Team must win, draw, or lose the match by 3, 2, or 1 goal for bets to win
Betting odds: 1.78Betting odds: 1.97
Betting stake: ₹10Betting stake: ₹10
If the bet wins: Payout of ₹17.80 is receivedIf the bet wins: Payout of ₹19.70 is received
If the bet losses: Betting stake is lostIf the bet losses: Betting stake is lost

As you can see, higher odds offer higher payouts but it is important to remember that higher odds are given to the teams with lower chances of winning. This is because the risk taken to bet on such teams is higher and thus, the reward if the prediction is correct is high as well. However, betting on lower odds for small wins is a good move as well. So, based on such analysis, you must select a betting option under handicap bets with realistic conditions and good odds to place accurate bets in any sportsbook online.


This was the Asian Handicap 3.5 Meaning with betting examples from the sportsbooks of Fun88 India. Using this betting explanation and betting guide, you can go ahead and place your bets at Fun88 where you can get one of the best bonus offers on sportsbook products. For more betting tutorials and guides, keep up with Fun88indi as only here you can find pro insights of the betting world online in India.