How to become a professional poker player online in 10 steps

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We know your heart’s desire and therefore, have brought you 10 steps to follow on the path of how to become a professional poker player online. Start your journey of becoming a professional poker player online with Fun88 India, practice as much as you can, and keep rising high on the path.

#1. Pick your variant of Poker

There are many variants of poker online, choose your preference. Pick your variant of poker online. Understand the house edge, RTP, customer reviews, etc before picking a variant on the website.


  • Texas Hold’em, Omaha, 3 card stud, 5 card stud, and so many more variants of poker are available to play and earn. Though, the most prominent of them is Texas Hold’em Poker.
  • Explore each type of poker and choose the one you like the most to play. Stick to that variant to the very end of the journey and aspire to become a professional poker player.

#2. Understand the game & rules

Let’s make one thing clear, you cannot become a professional poker player online without knowing the rules of the game and understanding the terms and conditions of the online gambling website.

  • Know the hand ranks, blinds, important positions on the table, bluff techniques, etc to play poker effectively and appear to be the master. Half of your work is done when you appear.
  • Appearance is important, you have to drip the confidence and intelligence along with the knowledge to become a pro. That’s enough to scare any other player at the poker online table.

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#3. Practice as much as possible

Practice playing poker online at Fun88 India as much as you can. There’s no doubt that practice will make you better at poker online. It will continue to help you in tournaments and win.


  • Practice playing poker online whenever you can, don’t waste much of your money playing poker. Make small bets and keep your bankroll full for professional tournaments.
  • Start with small tournaments and pave your way up slowly to become a professional poker player online. Hence, practice is the prominent key to beginning your journey to becoming a pro.

#4. Always play winning hands

Understand and know the hands like a tattoo. It should be imprinted on your brain. If your hands are at the lowest of the table, then we recommend you fold at the very start or bet the least amount.

  • Always play with the top 5 hands of the poker hand rank list and be sure to bluff enough. Place an optimum number of bets and enjoy winning more with winning hands of poker.
  • Royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, and straight are 6 poker winning combinations that will help you win. No one can stop you from winning if you get a Royal flush.

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#5. Learn when & how to bluff

Bluffing! You probably know already how important is it. If you don’t, then we have no idea what you are doing here. You must master the art of bluffing to become a pro.


  • Your expression and confidence in the live casino will tell a lot about how your cards are. We recommend you to be neutral from the start and till the end with a slight smile to pass to confuse your opponent.
  • Don’t surpass the bluff, make it enough and on the point. Never be afraid to fold when you have seemly less fortunate cards. Don’t go bluffing too much, accept your fate and fold.

#6. Be vigilant & consistent

Being aware and constant is the key to becoming a professional poker player online. You can play one-on-one, or poker matches on the table, depending on your preferences. Stay focused and vigilant.

  • Be aware of your cards, expressions of your opponent, previous performances of your opponents, their tactics, and your mistakes, and keep analyzing the situation to come up soon.
  • Stay aware of your surroundings while playing poker, you can always take help from another friend or teacher of yours. That’s the perk of playing poker online, behind the curtain.

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#7. Create a big bankroll & life-roll

Your bankroll should be sufficient to help you go through life even if the poker falls apart. It’s wise to create a separate account and save a large sum of money in there to get you through my life.


  • Never use your poker bankroll to pay bills, that is a great no. Both accounts should be separated from one another, completely. A big bankroll will create a bigger life roll.
  • Every professional player keeps an emergency fund on the side, apart from the savings account. It’s wise and intelligent to do so and we recommend the same if you’re willing.

#8. Don’t be ashamed to fold

Knowing one thing about being a professional is that you have to work according to your mind, not your heart. Emotions like being ashamed will not help you become a professional.

  • One of the important traits of a professional poker player online is that he is not afraid or ashamed to fold when the cards are not in his luck. You are playing for yourself, not society.
  • Know when your cards are not good enough to fold and do it proudly. There’s no shame in being wise and saving yourself from a great deal of loss, especially when you know.

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#9. Play in intense pressure table

Playing with your friends and winning is not a big deal if you want to become a professional poker player online. You have to put yourself under immense pressure to become a professional.


  • Play on the tables with high professionals to become of their level. You have to play with like-minded people to become a pro. Playing at an intense pressure table will help you.
  • It will help you to work efficiently under pressure too. Which is exactly what you want. Get acquainted with the pressure before playing in tournaments and become professional.

#10. Evaluate & learn from other players

The best way to learn lessons is to learn them through one’s mistakes. Hence, always evaluate the game after the match is over between you and other players in poker online. Evaluate what could be done differently.

  • Make it a habit of evaluating your bets, hands, and moves at the end of every game. Analyze the game and think of different circumstances. What could have been done differently?
  • Understand your mistakes and learn from them. Analyze the moves and cards of your opponents too. Understand their tactics and try to think of a counteraction to their actions.


Success requires intense hard work and a pinch of luck. We wish you luck on your path to becoming a professional poker player online. Follow the 10 steps on how to become a professional poker player online and rise high in the sky. Choose your platform and poker variant wisely. Register for your new account at Fun88 India, practice, and win real money. Become a pro of online poker!