How to get good cards in 3 Patti game online: Get $300 daily

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3 Patti is a game of chance. But, you cannot excel at this card game without some knowledge of guidance and gimmicks. Though these baits ease to only a few when you play Fun88 3 Patti online, still there’s a bunch to learn.


Here’s a wide direction of the most famous game gags specialists at Fun88indi present on How to get good cards in 3 Patti below.

05 Best ways on how to get good cards in 3 Patti game online

Getting good cards while playing 3 Patti drives the gameplay more engaging. But to win, you need a mixture of both luck and mastery. With a few introductory techniques, you can enhance your skills and your possibilities to win. Here are the 5 best ways on how to get good cards in 3 Patti recommended by Fun88indi.

#1. Practice with free game rounds

  • Many sites let you play 3 Patti for free. Before you play 3 Patti with real money, you must play some rounds for free initially.
  • It will enable you to experience how the game performs and what to anticipate when playing with actual cash on hand.


#2. Select the suited live casino

  • Along with numerous 3 Patti techniques, picking a good online casino counts equally.
  • It allows you to discover the game from experts. Also, their directions for 3 Patti approaches support you in the long run.
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#3. Set a specified amount and initiate your play

  • You’re not supposed to play with all your funds. Set an absolute share first that you can afford to play the game and start playing.
  • It is because when you’re playing 3 Patti, you’re not supposed to fail your money and relish the game. But, it is for you to succeed and enjoy at the same time.
  • Never bet the funds you have for your required duties.


#4. Utilize bonus promotion

  • When you play at an online casino that features 3 Patti, you will discover there are many kinds of rewards and promotions. Those deals can raise the bankroll and give more opportunities to place stakes using money from the casino.
  • Keep eye on high-paying welcome bonuses that can be utilized in 3 Patti games if you are a newcomer to online betting.
  • You can likewise uncover exclusive offers for the live dealer game along with additional prizes that can provide free cash like reload rewards, cashback, and free bets for specific card games.

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#5. No cards are bad cards

  • Last but not least – there’s nothing like bad cards in 3 Patti. It’s a fascinating game where you have to guess the cards of your competitors.
  • Participants frequently behave carelessly, folding or raising bets at the drop of their hands.
  • Every so often, you’ll see players folding even though they may have a more good hand than you. Here’s your chance to win a hand even with low cards.


Thus, you must get to know that No cards are bad cards when you talk about How to get good cards in 3 Patti – it’s just a matter of bluffing and tricking. Remember that when you fold, you’ll forever drop out of the betting and waste money you have already placed into the pool during that round.

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