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Know 10 ways how to make money from online Football betting & earn ₹10,000 daily like a pro. Learn how to profit from football betting with Fun88indi’s experts.

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Football betting has become a trend among many young adults as they use online betting sites like Fun88 in India to place bets on popular matches but is this really profitable? Well, yes and this is because earning money from football betting is not only legit but also easy if you have the correct approach. In this article, we have accumulated 10 ways how to make money from football betting online to help you earn like a pro gambler in no time. Using these 10 tips, you can eventually start earning by playing football betting on top leagues daily!

#1 Become a Football lover for accurate predictions

The first thing that you must do to make profit from football betting online is to love the sport in the first place. This is something obvious but many people play football betting only for the money and thus, it results in major losses or worse, gambling addictions. But if you genuinely love football then betting would not only be fun but also successful.

  • Being a football fan would mean that you are interested in the game and this in turn would mean that you know things about the game and how it is played. This is why you need to make a Fun88 Sign Up to enhance your football betting expericne.
  • If you have been watching many football matches throughout your life, then predicting who could win would be slightly easier since the betting odds of the sportsbooks keep changing. Besides this, if you love football and are up to date with its trends then you already have achieved 25% of these master tips in the article.
  • Basically, being a  football fan would give you an edge over football betting than any normal gambler in it for the money, because your interests could help you make some accurate predictions making you different from other gamblers who are in it only for the money.

#2 Learn about popular & strong teams

If you already are a football fan, then you probably know which teams and players are stronger than the others however, if you are new to gambling on football and are genuinely interested in making money, then you should learn all about the game and its trends starting from Popular and Strong teams in Football.

  • If you want learn how to make money from football betting online then research is your friend. Here, you have to research on which teams are more popular than the others and what makes them popular.
  • Other than this, it is also important to look for popular and strong football players who are considered to be legends with their skills, and keep up with information of their respective teams.
  • Lastly, you should also keep track of the Hot matches in football, like the matches between Real Madrid and Barcelona are always hot and trending. Because of the long rivalry between these two strong teams, the odds and payouts for such matches are usually higher than the others.


#3 Select the best site to play Football betting

If you want to earn money and make profit from football betting online then it is important that you pick a proper online sports betting site as well as a good sportsbook to help you earn and not be cheated on. In India, finding a proper legal online betting site that gives you the money you won can be difficult and so it is important to filter out a few good sites and pick one from there.

  • The sites you choose to play sports betting on should have a license provided by a foreign company as only such online betting sites are allowed in India since gambling is prohibited here and online betting is not given much favor.
  • Another thing that you should look for is the SSL certification given to the online betting site for its links as these would be proof that the connection is secure and thus, the transactions done here is safe.
  • Sites like Fun88 is the best site to go for and so we recommend it as it is not only legal and safe but also beginner friendly where you can place bets while watching the match live in its sportsbooks. The Fun88 Bonus on sports up to ₹15,000 is also something worth claiming as a beginner to earn some extra cash

#4 Do not be greedy when placing bets

When you find the proper online betting site to play football and also profit from it, it is now time for you to place bets, and this is where many gamblers get it wrong most of the times as they use the help of only betting odds to place their bets. Although betting odds help in getting higher payouts, this would often result in major losses for many if not used correctly and so it is something you should avoid doing.

  • Most online betting sites will tell you to bet on higher betting odds when playing football betting online which is a good advice but it does not necessarily help in earning money.
  • Placing bets on higher betting odds is a good thing which we recommend doing too but only after observing the match for a while. If you are already a football fan then this is something that would come naturally to you.
  • That being said, if a team has higher odds, it does not mean that you have to place your bets immediately because it is important to remember that odds change with the real-time matches and so, it is important to not be greedy for more money but place your bets strategically after observations.


#5 Be patient when placing bets online

In continuation with the above mentioned point of not being greedy when placing bets online, it is important that you learn one of pro gambler’s most used techniques and that is the art of Patience. When you are patient with most of the things in gambling and learn how to maintain your cool even if things go wrong, then you would not have to worry about placing the wrong bets or losing a lot of your money.

  • In fact, if you learn the art of observing the game patiently, then you do not have to worry about things not going your way most of the time.
  • To help you master the skills of being patient and observations, you can make full use of the half-time betting options when it comes to online betting on football matches.
  • What you must do is observe the first half of the game by keeping track of the odds as well, and then based on your conclusion, you must start betting from the second half of the game. Doing so would eventually help you place accurate total bets.

#6 Learn how to analyze game stats of teams

Above we have mentioned that the betting odds of the game is something that chances according to how the game is played in real-time and so you do not completely have to rely on it to win football betting games online. What you must do as well to get accurate predictions from your end is use the game stats because even bookies use the game stats to give you proper betting odds.

  • If you are an avid football fan, then you would already have data on most of the matches won by teams or most goals scored by top players however, if you have just stepped into the betting world online then you can make full use of the game statistics provided by the Fun88 Sports books.
  • For this, it is of course important to go ahead and select an online betting site which give you these statistics under the odds. Not only this, it is important that you analyze the previous data of the team with higher odds to begin with.
  • If they have a straight clean streak score then predicting on the team’s success is much more easier, thus verifying that the odds may change slightly making it a safe betting option.


#7 Compare the previous matches the teams played together

The next how to make money from online football Betting is effective and can be taken in consideration to the aforementioned point. Many sportsbook offer some betting options with betting odds for matches days before the real match takes place which is something could but should be avoided most of the times as the real-time matches matter more. But if you go ahead to analyze all the matches, it will be time consuming and so, it is important that you shorten the list to looking at the game stats of only the matches played between the main teams.

  • For instance, in 1X2 Soccer Betting option, if there is a Barcelona vs Real Madrid match, then looking at the game statistics of a match between Real-Madrid vs Liverpool would not give you proper predictions.
  • Instead, you must look at the previous matches played between the Barcelona and Real Madrid players and see who won more titles. In fact, keeping track of strong teams with a list of the teams they are strong or weak against could save a lot of time.
  • If you want to go ahead and compare the team using a third team, then pick another strong team like Manchester United and compare how many times Barcelona has won against them and how many times Real Madrid has won against them. If Barcelona’s score is more for both the comparisons, then Barcelona becomes the better betting option.

#8 Place bets mentally for unpopular or virtual matches

Above we have emphasized on how important it is to observe the football game for some time or at least the first half before you can understand which betting option is more likely to win. In fact, most of the tips here for how to make money from online football betting introduces you to ways in which you can save most of your money by placing bets accurately and winning wholesome payouts in one go.

  • However, not every time you will find hot matches where you can apply these tricks on as there are many virtual matches emerging in sportsbooks as well as unpopular matches played by local teams.
  • This is where you can observe the matches and place mental bets on the teams to see if your predictions were accurate or not. Mental bets are basically guess-work where you select a team that you think would win after observations without placing any real money bets.
  • However, such matches should not be underestimated as they can help you win money too as well as try out additional betting options. Here, the handicap betting options are most commonly seen which we recommend that you learn among other popular football betting options.


#9 Do not always bet on your favourite teams

As one of the most Best Tips for Betting on Football is important to remember that earning more money is your ultimate goal when playing football betting online and so you must follow these rule properly to place bets on the team that has a higher chance of winning to reach your ultimate goal. This also applies to when your favorite team is playing, thus, you cannot really be biased here but bet only with facts.

  • As a football lover, you probably would have favourites that are probably part of the strong teams in football. However, as  a football lover you also know how to acknowledge the fact that there are other strong teams too.
  • Just like the player’s acknowledge other player’s strength, you must acknowledge that the odds may not be on your favourite team’s favor every time.
  • So, if your favourite team has a lower chance of winning the match, then place your bets on the other team. This does not meant that you are betraying your team, but would mean that you are prioritizing your goals which is something that pro gamblers always do.

#10 Use betting systems to maintain what you win

What makes pro gamblers more rich than normal gamblers is not exactly the fact that they win more because in the end, betting whether it is on football matches or casino games, depends on luck, and even pro gamblers have bad days. Then what makes them rich is how they use their bankrolls and maintain their winning payouts to minimize loss and maximize profits. The best way to do this is use betting systems which are Progressive or Non-Progressive.

  • Progressive Betting Systems lets you increase your betting stake by doubling it or by one unit when you experience a loss, so that when you win, you eventually get the money back. Depending on which progressive betting system you use, you may have to go back to the initial betting amount when you win.
  • Non-Progressive Betting Systems lets you maintain the same betting stake regardless of whether you win or lose. This is a low risk method that can give you smaller wins and is ideal for those with a limited bank roll. However, this can be used for a limited number of matches.
  • The Progressive Betting system has more risks when it comes to increasing the betting stakes and is made for high rollers. But it is considered to be the best one among the two as it gives you a good amount of profit at the end of the day.



This was all about How to Make Money From Online Football Betting using a good online betting site. Follow these 10 methods and you can eventually learn to not only make the correct predictions but also earn up to ₹10,000 daily. Earning that much from football betting online may seem impossible but there are many pro gamblers who make a living just by making accurate predictions using pro tips like these. If you want to learn some more pro football or sports betting tips then stay in touch with the Fun88indi website as we provide expert betting guides that can boost your winnings and turn you from a rookie to pro in no time!