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A 3 Patti is played with 3-6 people & 52-card deck without jokers. This guide will teach how to play 3 Patti online real money at Fun88 & win 300% up to ₹1,000!

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What is 3 Patti online?

3 Patti online offers all card game fans the chance to find a top-notch live casino where you can involve moments in immersive gaming. With Fun88 3 Patti online featured on the website, you can be convinced of stable and practical gaming sessions anyplace, anytime.


  • 3 Patti is also known as flush or flash, it is a competitive game where the player with the finest card combination succeeds in the stakes. Formed in India, the 3 Patti rules are extremely alike to the British card game “3 Card Brag”.
  • Players are dealt 3 cards facing down. When you engage in the 3 Patti game at Fun88, the funds in the pot increase as the game goes ahead, and the winner gains to hold the pot cash as per the 3 Patti rules.
  • The winner is the participant who stays in the game till the hand is finished and contains the most acceptable highest poker hands as per the online 3 Patti ranking.

How to play 3 Patti real money at Fun88 – 3 Steps instructions

In India, 3 Patti sometimes gets compared with Poker. It intends to give the 3 best cards before the showdown. Learn how to play 3 Patti online real money at Fun88, and analyze the best sequence of hand rankings now!

Step 1: Access Fun88 and locate Live Casino


  • Members should login if they’re existing users at Fun88; otherwise, they need to do Fun88 register if they do not have one.
  • Once you executed register/login to your account, you need to make a Fun88 deposit to get a 1st-time deposit bonus and select Live Casino.
  • Click on “Super Spade” provider (Fun88 suggests playing on this provider as it is the only one that offers 3 Patti online.)
  • Click on the “Bet Now” button as the last step.

Step 2: Play 3 Patti at SuperSpade


  • Once you click the Bet now button of the recommended super Spade games provider, a new window or a tab will open. You need to identify the next step here to find the online Fun88 3 Patti online table.
  • There are 15 different tables; you can select any table as far as the table is available to play by locating 3 Patti with the open live dealer. Super Spade only to have the 3 Patti online.
  • Select any available table that says “Teenpatti” and begin your gameplay. In the image, we have shown “Teenpatti 20-20” as it is the only game table that was available.

Note: Choose SuperSpade provider since it offers the least minimum betting stake of ₹250 to bet on 3 Patti online. The maximum betting limit is ₹10,000.

Step 3: Place your minimum bet worth ₹250

3 Patti online will be played with 3 to 6 players with a pack of 52 cards without jokers. Similar to poker, the dealer deals 3 cards facing down in an anti-clockwise way to all members assembling on the table.


  • Dealer is randomly getting picked at the beginning of the initial game.
  • Typically, the winner of a hand becomes the dealer of the following hand. Betting commences from the player sitting left side next to the dealer after card distribution, and players must play on their turn as per their card’s value.
  • There are no limitations in the game for betting rounds. The players that stay till the end (not more than two) should show their cards, and the player with the most significant high-ranking hand wins the pot. If everyone folds but one player, then the betting finishes, and the last player wins the pot.
  • Finally, if you won the game and to get a winning bonus, you must make a Fun88 withdrawal.

Basic 3 Patti online rules

You must know some points before you play 3 Patti online real money game by Super spade at Fun88 India. Below are some rules and informative facts to give you a precise concept of 3 Patti online.

4 General rules of 3 Patti online for newcomers

  1. 3 Patti online isn’t tough to understand, the rules are very straightforward. As said earlier, the only cards participating in every round are the player’s 3 cards and the dealer’s 3 cards. For the dealer to be eligible, must hold a Queen or higher as 1 of the 3 cards traded.
  2. To enter the game, you’ll require to put your initial bet called “Ante”. Once the betting span is stopped, you’ll receive 3 cards and the dealer’s cards remain closed as you can’t see them because they will be facing down.
  3. Based on your cards you can decide if you want to “Play”. Suppose, you believe you can defeat the dealer with the 3 cards that you got dealt, you can “play” which is 1x your “ante” bet.
  4. After your turn, the dealer’s cards will be revealed and whoever holds the better hand, succeeds.

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3 Patti online hand ranking

Sr. No.Hand RankingDescriptionExample
1Trail or Trio3 Cards of the same rank
Highest: 3 Aces
Lowest: 3 Twos
2Straight Flush or Pure Sequence3 Consecutive cards of the same suit
Highest: A-2-3, then A-K-Q, K-Q-J
Lowest: 4-3-2
3Normal Run3 consecutive cards of the
different suit
Highest: A-2-3 then A-K-Q, K-Q-J
Lowest: 4-3-2
4Color3 Cards of the same suit
Highest: A-K-J
Lowest: is 5-3-2
5Pair2 Cards of the same rank
Highest: A-A-K
Lowest: 2-2-3
6High Card3 Cards that do not belong to any hand ranking.
Highest A-K-J
Lowest 5-3-2

Side Bet Options

  • 4 of a Kind – Representing 4 of a Kind out of 6 cards – a total of players and dealers’.
  • Full House – A hand that holds 3 cards of one rank and two cards of different ranks.
  • Royal Flush – Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 of the identical suit.

3 Patti online Payouts at Fun88

Betting on player A or player B grants the least payout, worth only 0.95 to win. Yet, getting a tie provides a massive 800 times your stake payout. Payouts for Par + side bets start at 1:1 and will rise to 50:1 for threes plus an Ace. Below are all the catches granted by Pair +:

Hand RankingPayouts
Flush 3:1
Straight 6:1
Straight Flush30:1
Three of a kind, Ace50:1

The 6 Card Bonus side bets likewise offer a broad scope of payouts, from 7:1 and up to 1000:1 by obtaining good cards in 3 Patti online. Check out the below the list of payouts proposed by 6 Card Bonus:

Hand RankingPayouts
Three of a kind7:1
Straight 10:1
Four of a Kind100:1
Straight Flush200:1
Royal Flush1000:1

3 Patti real money game at Fun88

Now it’s time to play 3 Patti with real money at Fun88. Keep scrolling to know the process, minimum bets, types, and everything about the game while playing with real money.

Round 1:

  • Both players are dealt 3 cards by a live dealer and their purpose is to hold the best hand. You can play 3 Patti with a 52-card deck, where 2 cards are classified as the lowest and Aces are categorized as the highest.


  • You need to place a bet while the dealer is shuffling the cards within 15 seconds – a timer will be tickling at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • You will be shown chips values from ₹250 to ₹1,000, you must select the lowest one i.e. ₹250, and place it in the Players B spot as shown in the snapshot for better understanding.

Round 2:

  • Once the placing of a betting timer is over, the dealer will deal all the 3 cards for players A and B, one by one, and face up those cards one after another.


    • Players must get winning and better hands to win the round of 3 Patti.
    • As shown in the snapshot we have put a 250 worth chip on a Player A.


  • Here, Player A got Q 7 and 2 (High card) and Player B got J10and 4 (No hand) – as you can see the Green is for the winner and Red is for the loser; so, the highest rank is “High card” and Player A is the winner. We won ₹495. Yay!!


Recognized as flush or flash, Fun88 3 Patti is a 3-card game. A traditional poker game depends on a fortune! So, you don’t need to wait for the festivities to win a hand or play with a live dealer and actual players! With an RTP of 93.59%, 3 Patti has beaten the market lately at Fun88 and many online casinos in India. Even if you have not attempted this widespread game, Fun88indi recommends you learn how to play 3 Patti online real money games as soon as possible by reading the guide above.