How to play Fan Tan online card game for real money at Fun88

3 Steps guide on how to play Fan Tan online card game at Fun88 India for real money up to ₹7,000 daily. Join Fun88 & win a 100% welcome bonus of up to ₹10,000.

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Introducing Fun88 Fan Tan Online

Fan Tan is a game of chance based on sheer chance and luck and has been played in China for centuries. It is played with a number of pearls placed randomly on the table which, when divided by 4, predicts the number of pearls remaining. The dealer continues removing the pearls in four pieces until only one, two, three, or four pearls are left.


Fun88 is a trusted online gambling site with thousands of active users who visit and play every day. Play Fun88 Fan Tan online with live dealers and win 2.85x your initial bet after winning the game.

5 Basic information about the game Fan Tan

Fan Tan online is the easiest game we have come across and the most addictive of all, our professional experts are also a little interested in it. Before we get into the mainstream, let’s take a look at the basics of the Fan Tan game. 5 basic pieces of information are listed below.


1. Objective: The goal of the player playing the Fan Tan game is to predict the number of beads remaining in the last row after all the beads have been removed and sorted into four rows of beads each.
2. Pick Pearls: The live dealer uses a cup to pick a random number of pearls from the pile and scatters them to the sides of the pile.
3. Betting Options: Players must bet on four betting options: 1, 2, 3, or 4 before the dealer selects the pearl.
4. Pearl Sorting: After the betting time is up, the dealer directly sorts the pearls into rows of four pearls using a special wand that collects four pearls at a time.
5. Determine the Winner: The last row of remaining beads determines whether the player wins or not.
If you predict a number equal to the number of pearls left on the last line, you will receive 2.85 times your initial bet at Fun88 Fan Tan online.

How to play Fan Tan online at Fun88 in 3 minutes

We understand your excitement and we know you don’t want to wait any longer, so without further ado, we provide you with a 3-step guide to play Fan Tan online in 3 minutes at Fun88.

Step 1: Access Fun88, register and select Evolution

Enter Fun88 official website and click “JOIN NOW” to register your Fun88 account. Enter valid credentials to avoid further issues in the verification process.


Follow the steps below one by one to enter the mainstream of Fan Tan games:
1. Select “Live Casino” in the other Fun88 products section.
2. Select “Evolution” from the horizontal list of casino game providers at Fun88.
3. Click “PLAY NOW” to be taken to the page where all the action takes place.

Step 2: Select Fan Tan and click to play

After clicking ‘Bet Now‘ you will be directed to a new page with all the online casino games provided by Evolution Game Provider and then click ‘FAN TAN‘. There is only one Fan Tan game available online, click on it and wait for it to redirect you to a new page.


Step 3: The live deal appears on the screen, place a bet

You will be taken to a page where the live dealer is in front of you. You have 14 seconds to place your bet.

• You have four betting options to choose from 1, 2, 3,  or 4 pearls
• Choose the chip according to the amount you want to bet and choose the number you want to bet on.
• Wait for the dealer to distribute and sort the beads. The beads remaining in the last row after the removed beads are sorted into four rows of beads.
• The remaining pearls determine whether you win the round or not.
Keep playing Fan Tan games for as long as time and balance allow.

3 points to remember when playing Fan Tan online

Fan Tan is like a magnet and you are iron, it’s hard to stay away from this simple yet elegant game. Therefore, players often go crazy and end up committing some common mistakes. But we got your back. Below are 3 pointers to keep in mind while playing Fan Tan online at Fun88

1. When in doubt, hit 2 pearls: Our experts have played this game many times and tracked down the winning numbers so far, number 2 always wins. So if your brain is too panicked to predict the winning number, just skip the beat and bet on the number 2.
2. Track your time: Fan Tan online is really addicting and players often lose track of time and even keep track of their bank balance while playing. But we recommend that you set aside time for games and take a break from your other hobbies.
3. Save Your Bank Balance: When we say Fan Tan Online is an addicting game, we mean it. Save your money and allocate a certain amount only for the Fan Tan game and then play the game. Spend the extra money on gambling instead of the money you have to spend on groceries.

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Fan Tan game is an interesting game and we hope this 3 step guide helps you to understand the game in a clear way. Fun88 is not just for games of chance, but games of skill and strategy like poker. Register at Fun88 and claim a 400% first deposit bonus up to ₹2000 in the Evolution Live Casino wallet.