How to play Hi-Lo online at Fun88 – Get cash up to ₹1,000

Want to play Hi-Lo game at Fun88 India? Learn how to play Fun88 Hi-Lo in 3 simple steps within 5 minutes. Grab 300% welcome bonus up to ₹1,000 on first deposit.

Fun88 Hi-Lo Card Game   Fun88 Free ₹1000

Introduction to Hi-lo online game at Fun88

Hi-Lo is a tremendously famous card game with the simplest rules possible, where you bet blind and predict the winning card undoubtedly. Playtech provides the Hi-Lo online card game at Fun88 with Live Dealer to play with. No casino card game can get even simpler than that of Hi-Lo.


Isn’t it exciting to be able to play and earn through a simple card game online? But before we jump into the how-to-play section, let’s get some basic understanding of Hi-Lo at Fun88.

5 Basic rules of Hi-Lo online game at Fun88

The objective of the Hi-Lo online card game at Fun88 is to predict whether the next card to be drawn will be higher or lower than the base card, or similar to the previous one.

  1. 6 Card decks: To reduce the possibility of cheating & increase the level of difficulty, dealers use 6 decks of cards to play Hi-Lo at Fun88 by Playtech provider.
  2. Card Value: Ace card is considered high and Card with face value 2 is considered lowest.
  3. Base card: Dealer burns the three cards consecutively and sets them aside, then the fourth card drawn is the base card.
  4. Waging Bets: Player has to bet on either ‘lower’ claiming that the next card will be lower than the base card or ‘higher’ predicting that the next card will be higher than the base card.
  5. Unlimited Players: Unlike other card games, as many players who want to join in and play Hi-Lo can play the game online, there’s no limit to the number of players.

We understand you want to jump into mainstream directly but before running away, learn how to play Hi-Lo at Fun88 Live Casino because basic rules are not enough to know the game.

3-Step guide to play Hi-Lo at Fun88

Now that you’re done with basic rules and instructions, let’s learn how to play Hi-Lo at Fun88 and earn some real money through real-time fun.

Step 1 – Access Fun88 & register your account

Access the official website of Fun88 & click on ‘JOIN NOW’ in the top right corner of the home page to register your account at Fun88. Enter all the details asked by the website in the registration form accurately.


Any query regarding sign-up? Read & follow the Fun88 register briefly to avoid any further mistakes.

Step 2 – Click on ‘Playtech’ under ‘Live Casino’ Section

After registering your account at Fun88, Click on ‘LIVE CASINO’ to visit the Live Casino Section. Click on ‘Playtech’ the provider of Hi-Lo at Fun88 & click on ‘BET NOW’.

Since Hi-Lo online card game is provided by Playtech game provider only, Fun88indi recommends you choose Playtech to play the simplest and easiest card game of all, Hi-Lo.


Are you an online gambling virgin? No need to be nervous & scared, just look into Fun88 reviews & become the master of online gambling.

Step 3 – Click on ‘Hi-lo’ & start playing the game

Playtech Live Casino section will appear on your screen, click on ‘HI-LO’ and then on the tab given below to play the game.


Live Dealer will appear in front of you in that Lobby.


The minimum betting choice for Hi-Lo at Fun88 is ₹20 to start your game, only then the dealer shows the base card also known as a snap card on the screen.

  • Player has to bet either on higher or lower in Hi-Lo online card game at Fun88
    • If you predict the next card to be lower than the snap card then bet on ‘lower’.
    • If you predict the next card to be higher than the snap card then bet on ‘higher’.
  • The dealer burns the first three cards and shows the fourth card on the table. That fourth card determines the winner.
  • If you win the round, you take waged and odd payout money home & if lose, you lose the waged amount too.

Continue playing as many rounds as you want and keep winning yourself a fortune.

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Sign up for your account at Fun88 by filling the registration form. Make your first deposit of at least ₹333 in Playtech Live Casino wallet to claim a 300% first-deposit bonus of up to ₹1000.


There’s a higher probability of winning a Hi-Lo card game than any other card game in the world, then why don’t you grab this game and create yourself a master of it? Sign up at Fun88 now and start earning through gambling, not only that, claim exciting deals before they expire and bring luxury items in your life.