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10 Proven ways how to win online Slots for real money up to ₹9,000 always by Fun88indi experts. Apply these 10 tricks to win big on online slot machine games!

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Playing games where you do not have to think a lot is a fun way of cooling down for the day and when you think about such games slot machine games is something that definitely comes to mind. However, if you use online betting sites like Fun88 then slots gaming can be more than just a way to spend time as it can also help you earn money by winning always. So, thanks to our Fun88indi experts, we have put together this article on the 10 proven ways how to win online slots for real money.

how to win slot online for real money

1. Find slots with high RTP

Whenever you decide to play a game, it is important that you select a good playground for yourself to play the game well and this playground should always be beneficial to you. Similarly, when finding slot games to play, if you want to win more it is important that you select a slot game with a high RTP.

  • RTP or Return to Player is the amount of money a player gets if they win and so, using a slot game with high RTP rates is essential when it comes to earning more money.
  • It is also important to note that slots with RTP rates from 96% upwards are considered to be the best in the online casino world as they are proven to be more beneficial to the players.
  • Moreover, using online betting sites that offer such good online slot gaming machines is important. Making a Fun88 Signup today would give you access to many slot game rooms with high RTP rates from top game room providers.

2. Use low stakes to place bets

  • When it comes to slot gaming, you do not have to worry about owning a huge bankroll because the minimum betting rates are usually low. However, you’d be surprised to know that your bankroll ended before it should have when playing slot games online thanks to its fast-paced nature.
  • This is why, it is important to use low stakes when placing bets on slot machines online. Using the lowest available minimum betting rate is ideal for slot gaming.
  • Using low betting stakes would mean that the payout you will receive would be slightly lesser however, this would also mean that you can play for a longer time in the online slot game room.
  • Although this is a tip that would not help you win slot games but it would definitely help you save up as much as you can when playing. At Fun88 Slot, you can get games where you can set your betting limit to not get carried away.

how to win slot online for money

3. Apply betting systems when wagering

It is emphasized that slot games are fast-paced in nature and so it is important to be mindful when playing the game. Luckily, this mindfulness does not have to be too rigid as you can just make use of betting systems when wagering on slot games online. Betting systems are something used by many gamblers when playing casino games to help them maintain their bankroll.

  • Betting systems are a great way to help you stay mindful when playing games like Slots machines as they help you maintain a bankroll and bet with limits. In the betting world, there are two kinds of betting systems, progressive and non-progressive.
  • Progressive betting systems are something that requires you to increase or decrease your betting stakes according to the losses or wins so that you win back the lost money as the payout.
  • Non-Progressive betting systems are those which require you to maintain the same betting stake throughout the gameplay regardless of your wins and losses.

4. Skip some spins if you need to

With the above mentioned Slot Winning Tip, you can now go ahead and play the slots yourself to notice a change in how you win the games quickly but if you do not notice a difference or tend to be losing more than you should, you must skip some betting rounds and wait for a spin whenever you are ready.

  • Skipping some betting rounds would give you the chance to use some observation skills in the game room to notice if there are any patterns that win more than the others.
  • What else skipping some spins can tell you is the intervals after which a certain pattern wins and hits the jackpot, which is very essential when it comes to online gambling.
  • Besides this, if you genuinely feel like you are not winning, you can sit back and just watch the game by skipping some rounds rather than playing with money and losing.

how to win slot games online

5. Take advantage of bonus spins

The next how to win Slot games online is simple and often comes with many surprises, and that is bonus spins. At some slot games, you get a chance to play free bonus spins if you hit good prizes often, this is something you should take advantage of to win additional cash bonuses that can boost your online betting account and gameplay.

  • Bonus spins are something that you randomly get on the slots every now and then and this is what makes gaming online better than real-life slot machines.
  • These bonuses often come with prizes that could either boost your online casino wallet like free cash, etc. or with prizes that can boost your gameplay, like a wild card, etc.
  • Regardless, when you get a chance to play the bonus spins in online slot machines you should not skip them as the rewards could be a bigger jackpot for you.

6. Opt-in for your online casino slot promotions

Speaking of bonuses, another cool thing you can get from joining fun casino sites like Fun88 is many online casino slot games bonus offers. Using these bonuses, you can play slot games online without having to spend a lot of money from your own pockets, which makes budgeting extremely simple.

  • Slot games online are something fun to play however, because of how quickly the game goes online casinos acknowledge the fact that you may end up spending more than you intend to and so, putting their customers first, they offer them extravagant online slot game bonuses.
  • These bonuses can be claimed immediately upon registering an account on the site and making the first deposit. Sometimes, you may even find casino bonuses with free spins for new members.
  • At Fun88, you can get a Fun88 Bonus on slot games up to ₹10,000 which you can claim to play some of the best slot games in the betting world online.

how to win slot games online for real money

7. Try free online slot gaming

Another way to win slot games online is by playing for free. Free slot games are fun to play because you do not have to worry about money but with this, you can also gain experience to enhance your gameplay in the real money slots online. Sites like Fun88 have free slot games which you can try.

  • Playing online slot games for free is also something that can help you decide which slot game you are more comfortable with. Here is a list of Free Online Slot Games you an try.
  • Slot games may seem similar but each and every one of them come with its own unique themes. So, free trials can help you pick out the ones that suit your vibe.
  • Moreover, if you do not want to deposit any money in your online casino wallet yet, you can still play slot games for fun with many people across the globe in the free trial games.

8. Play mostly in the evenings

How you play casino games to win matters if you want to win big but when it comes to slot gaming, when you play matters more than how you play. Although there are people who prefer playing games at their own pace, the best time to play slot games online is during the evenings according to expert Slot Tips.

  • Many people join and play games like slots online to wind down for the day and as a way to relax and so, evenings are when many players are actively playing.
  • Thanks to this, the RTP rates go even higher when playing these games and so this is the time when you can win more than you could earlier in the day.
  • For those who want a specific time, then 8 PM to 2 AM is the most active time for playing slot games online.

how to win slot games online for money

9. Keep a betting limit for yourself

Throughout the article, we have emphasized that online slot gaming is something people can go overboard with, and thus, it is important to be mindful of when you are gaming online. Thus, using betting limits for yourself is a great way to prevent overspending your own money.

  • Slots games cost less than most online betting games and hitting the jackpot is rare, so sometimes people tend to play more rounds in hopes of winning the jackpot in the next round.
  • This behavior can cause harm to a gambler’s well-being and they may develop an unhealthy relationship with gaming online.
  • To prevent this, you must set some betting limits for yourself but if you use sites like Fun88, you can input the amount you wish to spend for the day so that the game automatically stops you from further unwanted gaming.

10. Find your best slot game and stick to it

Lastly, it is important that you find a slot game that suits you the best and stick to playing with it t earn more instantly. There are many slot games out there that you can enjoy, but if you want to win consistently, you should try playing slots online using only one game at a time for consistent wins.

  • Finding the slot games that appeal to you and your budget the most is important and as mentioned above, you must first try them out for free to figure out which slot game is for you.
  • Moreover, you can stick to one slot gaming style than switching which means that if there are slots that have similar themes, you can play them.
  • Just like sticking to one slot game is important to win more money online, sticking to one online betting site is equally important. This is why we highly recommend Fun88 as it is one of the best places online to play slot games for free and real money.

fun88indi how to win slot games online for real money


This was all about How to Win Online Slots games for real money at fun online casino sites like Fun88. Using Fun88, you can get cool slot gaming bonuses that are pocket-friendly and also amazing slot and other games game rooms that you can play to win. For more tips on slots, tricks, or strategies, visit Fun88indi, India’s no.1 online betting guide.