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Get 8 clues is Online Casino Legal in India before playing any live casino game online. Know Indian laws in 2023 & cues to figure out if it is safe by Fun88indi.


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Gamblers cherish playing casino games but ask doubt, is playing online casino legal in India? Well, why don’t you scroll down and read by yourself? Fun88 India will walk you through the legal live casino and an overview of the Indian Gambling Act 1867 in detail.

3 Pointers to Remember while playing online casino legally in India


  1. If you desire to play an online casino in India, you must know the sites and how you can lawfully play and set your bets.
  2. As more online casinos become available, more additional laws have been enforced country-wise and on a state basis.
  3. Here in this article, you will get to know everything you ever wished to learn about legal online casinos in India and, most notably of all, an answer – is online casino legal in India?

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The legal status of online casino betting in India

The laws for playing to know is online casino legal in India is quite complicated. A few states have begun to revise their regulations, but most still count on ancient laws.

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  • One of the things that drive these laws so unrelated is that most were penned long before the internet even existed, indicating there aren’t any straight online gambling laws.
  • As a centralized law, the Public Gambling Act of 1867, restricted and defined the fines for operating a public gambling clubhouse.
  • Under the law, there is nothing that evidently remarks that an online casino at a gaming company founded outside of India is illegal. So, is online casino legal in India? – Yes, indeed it is!

5 Reasons to play online casino – Extra income, safe & convenience, various payment modes

Online casinos grew in popularity with the peak of the pandemic. Because of the restrictions, people were forced to stay home, so entertainment spun around what they could access, including online casino real money gambling. There are variety 5 reasons you might desire to play online casinos and to know is online casino legal in India. Here we found some of them below:

#1. Extra income

  • Nowadays, many different ways are available to make money online. Online money-making works only for those who are free, jobless, or are suffering a financial crisis and need extra income.
  • By playing a legit online casinos in India, you easily make money ₹2,000 up to ₹5,000 per day.
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#2. The variety of games

  • If you are concerned about know is online casino legal in India, will be surprised to know that you can play all your favorite casino games on the internet.


  • The upgrade in technology also shows you a true land-based casino-like adventure using virtual reality.
  • You can also watch live, partake, and chat with other players via videos. Another reasonable specialty about online casinos is they offer to play free games without using real funds.
  • It lets you practice and introduces yourself to the game before playing with real money.

#3. Safe and secure

  • As long as you are operating an authorized and legitimate site, the money transactions are secure as they use progressive safety technology to maintain the information of their players tied.
  • As an Indian player, you can appreciate playing online casino games without encountering any kind of legal risks, as long as you are not in the states that prohibit them.


#4. Convenient

  • One of the causes online casinos lure many players is their convenience.
  • You don’t have to travel to land-based casino clubs to relish your favored casino games, as everything is now open online.
  • Online casinos like Fun88 are available 24×7. You can play anytime, on your PC, desktop, tablet, or mobile device, as long as you have an internet connection.
  • Likewise, ensure that you are not playing in the states that restrict it.

#5. Supporting multiple payment modes

  • Since you know the answer of is online casino legal in India is Yes, it is, the online casino sites support players from various countries, and they also accept multiple payment processes.
  • When you deposit your money into your account, the site will show you the available payment ways as it differs by country.

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The biggest query is – is online casino legal in India? To date, there are only a few states that permit all forms of casinos to work. It’s the hope that in the coming years, online casinos will be entirely legal in India. Ideally, not only for international companies but hopefully for betting firms established within the country. So, overall online casino is legal in India to play with real money as well as free.