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Is online poker rigged? No, it’s not. In this article, Fun88indi will expose the 3 facts & the other risks punters must be aware of while playing poker online!

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The rightfulness of online poker stays a query for a few players. The “poker boom” era of the middle of the 2000s fetched online poker to the mainstream, and almost 20 years later many players select online poker. The main doubt is – is online poker rigged? So, here, Fun88indi will talk about everything you must learn about this matter.

Why do players think online Poker is rigged?

The foremost and the most noteworthy issue is the source of the belief that online poker is rigged.

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  • A person who has played online poker for a long period and even plays more than one time in a month would contain some fairly colorful mess from live games.
  • Bad moments occur real and online also. Sill people are so stubborn that only online poker is rigged. It depends on Poker betting size and Poker hands as explained below:

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1. Poker betting size

  • One point that the “online poker is rigged” company doesn’t understand is that you require a relatively extensive poker betting size to choose anything in poker, it may be someone’s 3-betting capacity or whether the game is indeed randomly fair.
  • If you play online poker 1 time weekly for a few hours, you’ll notice maybe 400-500 hands each month, which is basically irrelevant from the statistical significance.
  • The odds of actually being dealt aces are 1:220. So, in the online system, you won’t receive that many opportunities for them to be smashed in the 1st place.

2. Poker hands

  • If there is one thing familiar to all those who keep the approach that online poker is rigged, that is the truth they only abide a few special hands.
  • They’ll discover a few odd hands where somebody settled to quit their all-ins or massive preflop raises with rags and drove to crack their aces. Or, they’ll explore a big pool where a competitor handled to hit an unlikely channel on the river.
  • If online poker is rigged, these abnormalities would lead up in databases, but, there hasn’t been any player to tell with an example of hands of 500,000 or million hands to prove conspiracy views.

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Is online poker rigged? – 3 Real facts uncovering

The thought of is online poker rigged seems to always be present in several players’ minds even though the game is playing for more than 20 years. Read out the 3 pointers mentioned below:

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#1. The expanded bad moments online are an illusion

  • Players will frequently proclaim they encounter an unusually extensive number of terrible bad losses when playing online.
  • They found these decisions on their knowledge of live games, contending that such things could rarely happen in a live environment.
  • The fact is that this is an illusion made by the point you’ll play many better hands over the exact period when playing online.
  • You’ll notice twice as many hands at a single board online, and on top of that most players play at least 2 or 3 tables at the same time.

#2. Online poker operates on RNG which can’t be rigged

  • Each online poker site features a Random Number Generator (RNG) that is authorized with delivering unbiased and random outcomes for every hand.
  • The RNG functions as a shuffling device, assuring every card is completely random, and is autonomous of the player’s spot cards, or already traded community cards.
  • Independent organizations usually design the RNG algorithms, and poker tables don’t contain the sort of access needed to tamper with the code. Once it is executed, the algorithm accomplishes its specialty repeatedly, without any external forces.

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#3. No proof of online poker is rigged

  • While many complicity views are flowing, there isn’t a single concrete validation to say yes to the question – is online poker rigged?
  • The consequences of all players who own big hand samples appear to be within statistical anticipations.
  • If a player were failing funds overall with bag aces after playing a million hands, that going to be a fair cause to activate an analysis of a certain poker table or room but this has not occurred yet.

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How to be sure an online poker isn’t rigged?

Online poker websites by rigging the RNG uphold everything to lose and absolutely little to gain.

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  • If you’re playing on any sort of legal online poker site, you can be ensured that the RNG is dealing with an acceptable game.
  • However, adhering to permitted, and regulated online poker sites is a promising approach.
  • If you have a preference between a recognizable online poker space and a brand that not much aware of pick a reputable poker site.


So, if you’re wondering to know is online poker rigged or not, the answer is no. It’s simply quicker than the live performance of the game, and players are more inclined to perform wild things online since there is no one sitting across the table physically.