Is online roulette rigged? Exposed 3 signs to know the fact

Find the truth about roulette, online casino game based on pure luck. Look for 3 signs to know fact whether online roulette rigged & save yourself from fraud!

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Introduction to online roulette

Online roulette comes with greater odds, hence greater possibilities to win the round in a live casino. Roulette provides greater numbers on betting options for the players, to choose from even number, odd number, red number, black number and so much more. The wheel rotates in one direction and the ball in the opposite direction until it stops on a number.

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Online roulette is one of the popular online casino games based on pure chance and luck yet professional experts follow the patterns to come up with simple strategies from time to time. Fun88 provides the best variants of online roulette and its trustworthiness lies in the license by The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. 

Indian laws for online roulette

According to the Public Gambling Act of 1867, online gambling laws in India are pretty vague, casino lovers can bet on any sportsbook and play in any online casino site as long as it is hosted by any country other than India. Hence, it becomes important to determine trustworthy online gambling sites to bet on and play casino games like Fun88.

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There’s no licensing regime at the federal level in India to conduct online casino games but states like Nagaland, Meghalaya, and Sikkim require licensing to perform online gambling duties and provide online roulette to play. Indian players can play online roulette on legit online gambling websites hosted by any other country other than India.

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Understanding house edge and RTP

There’s only one way in which any casino can rig a customer and that is through house edge and RTP. Every casino game lover should know these two concepts very well of the online gambling world.

  1. House edge: Whenever a player wins in any casino game, the house claims a commission which varies from game to game, known as house edge. It provides a mathematical advantage to the house; it can be as low as 0.5% in blackjack and as high as 5% in slot games.
  2. Return to player: Whenever a player places a bet, a returning amount appears on the screen, this amount is returned to the player in form of profit if he wins the bet. RTP can get as high as 99.5% in blackjack and 97% in slot games.

We hope you understood the difference between the house edge and RTP now. House edge tells you the casino’s profit amount, meanwhile, RTP tells the amount of money you will be getting from the casino after winning.

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Is online roulette rigged? Really!

If you going to read biased posts then you’ll definitely be convinced that every casino is a scam and every casino game is rigged. We are not gonna tell you otherwise either, but we would like to bring light on the fact that not all casinos are scams and not all online roulette rigged.

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  • Running an online gambling site is a business and no one runs a business to lose money but to earn some profit.
  • The only way for casinos to earn a profit is through house edge and having a house edge doesn’t indicate that the casino is rigged.
  • The truth is, online gambling sites will run out of business if they don’t make some money out of winning players.

Hence, most online casinos are not scams and they run legit online roulette by popular, known, and trustworthy game providers like Netent, Evolution, Ezugi, Playtech and so many more. Choose legit trustworthy online betting sites to play roulette and you’ll be safe from fraud.

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3 clues to tell whether online roulette rigged or not

When you visit an online gambling website, look out for these three clues to know whether the online roulette rigged or not. Mentioned below are the 3 clues to determine whether online roulette rigged or not:

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  1. Frequent defeat: If you lose in roulette too often, more than you should, statistically speaking. The house edge provides a better idea about this clue, the greater is the house edge, the more potential there is to get higher pay-outs.
  2. Unknown game providers: Look for legal game providers, like Evolution, Ezugi, and Pragmatic Play. It’s significant to know the credibility of a game provider before you choose to gamble in their games. Choose known popular game providers with legit software.
  3. Invalid license: If you see any red flag on the website, then run like a cheetah from it, don’t doubt your instincts. Do thorough research before starting your online gambling journey, and play with the casino operator who has a valid gaming license.

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3 reasons to assure why there can be no cheating

The primary goal of a business is to make a profit and apart from that, they do not cheat as they have to maintain their integrity to attract players. Mentioned below are 3 reasons to assure you why there can be no cheating in roulette in a trustworthy casino:

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  1. Already an edge built-in: You often hear that the house always wins and accurately, there is already an edge built-in that makes sure the house wins often called the house edge. There’s no need to cheat when the house edge is already established to advantage the casino.
  2. End-to-end segregated process: Online casino games are not provided by the house itself, there’s a third party providing the licensed games to the customers under the guidelines of licensing authority. Providers don’t handle any financial transaction and hence, are completely separated and trustworthy third parties.
  3. Live dealers are monitored and audited: Game integrity is the primary aim of every live casino games provider and hence, they take the rigged accusation pretty seriously and never want to fall under such a category. Therefore, they tend to lower their commissions to satisfy their customers.

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We understand your concern and hope that your doubt is crystal clear about whether online roulette rigged or not after reading the above points. Now, make a profit for yourself through online roulette. Join Fun88 and play online roulette, earn yourself a fortune and claim the first deposit bonuses made for you.