Is online rummy cheating? 3 secret clues to know the truth!

Find the truth about is online rummy cheating? Know if the live casino card game based on skills. Look for 3 signs to know the truth & save yourself from fraud!

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Introducing Rummy game

Alike poker, rummy is a game of skill played with two decks of cards and two jokers in total. Each card is ranked from high to low: Ace, Jack, Queen, and King will have 10 points each and the rest of the card’s value is equivalent to their face value. The objective of the Rummy game is to establish authentic sets and sequences with 13 cards.


The player must have a complete order of one whole sequence and one logical sequence to declare a valid rummy declaration and win the round. Fun88 India provides the best variants of online rummy games and its trustworthiness is ensured by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. 

Indian Laws on Rummy online

Indian gambling laws are pretty vague in India and hence, it gives liberty to Indian players to play rummy online on online gambling sites hosted by foreign countries.

  • Luckily, Fun88 India is a foreign online gambling site providing popular game providers to establish casino games like rummy for customers from India.
  • The Supreme court of India has declared the games based on skills legal, making rummy and poker legal in the Indian gambling market.
  • Hence, Indian laws on rummy online state that playing rummy online is legal as it is a game of skills and not based on mere chance and luck.

Now that you know that rummy is legal in India, increase your chances of winning more real money with rummy tips and tricks.

How is online rummy cheating at Fun88 India?

There are often some clues to look at when you want to ensure the credibility of any online gambling website and we’ll be telling you about Fun88 India today. Irrespective of amateur and experienced players, all of them often wonder about being rigged or not. A common phrase in the online gambling world revolves in hush voices in everyone’s brain, the house always wins.


Let’s face the truth, it’s the true house that always wins but that doesn’t meet its wins in the context of its customer’s loss. Fun88 is running a business and no business wants loss and hence, the house edge is the way to get some extra profit but it also benefits its customers with RTP rate. Let’s understand this to know the truth better.

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Understanding house edge & pay-out percentage

To understand that Fun88 rummy online is not rigged, to put your trust in any online gambling website, you must understand the concept behind the earnings of the company, after all, it’s a business and no business aims to lose money. Therefore, understand house edge and RTP first to know the truth.

  1. House edge: A mathematical advantage is in the court of the website ensured by the house edge. Whenever the player wins the bet, a small portion of the winning amount goes to the house as commission. This small portion is known as the house edge, which provides a mathematical advantage to Fun88.
  2. Pay-out percentage: another name for such indication would be RTP rate, which means a return to player rate. This implies the amount of money the player will get back if he wins the bet, this mathematical formula has an advantage for the player. The odds of the betting option multiple by the wager amount is the RTP rate of a particular game.

Did you understand the difference between the house edge and payout percentage? House edge tells you the casino’s commission rate from your winnings, meanwhile, the pay-out percentage tells the amount of money you will get after winning from rummy online.

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Is online rummy cheating? Know the absolute truth!

The Supreme court of India made the games of skills legal and rummy is one of them. Hence, let’s clear one thing that rummy online is legal in India. Fun88 is an online gambling business that provides entertainment through betting on sports and playing live casino games like rummy.


  • Since Fun88 is a business, its aim is to provide the best features for its customer’s entertainment and integrity in the gameplay arena, but its aim is to earn profit through its business too, as that’s why people do business.
  • Therefore, it would be absurd to say Fun88 online rummy cheating if they apply 0.5% of the house edge in their casino rummy online.
  • You see, the house edge is the way for Fun88 India to earn some extra profit in order to keep running their business website for the beloved players from India.
  • Hence, Yes Fun88 is legal in India, and rummy online is not rigged in any way.

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3 clues to know whether online rummy cheating or not

If you ever doubt the credibility of Fun88 and rummy online then we got your back but sometimes you have to search on your own and we provide you with 3 clues is online rummy cheating on not.

  1. Frequent defeat cycle: Statistically speaking, if you lose in online rummy too often, more than you probably should. The value of house edge and RTP rate provides a better idea about this as the greater house edge means less potential to get high pay-outs.
  2. Unpopular game providers: Look for legal and popular game providers, like Evolution, Playtech, Ezugi, and Pragmatic Play. It’s significant to trust the game provider before you choose to play their games to avoid such doubts while playing.
  3. Invalid license & red flags: Run like a cheetah from the online gambling website if you see any kind of red flags, trust your guts, and don’t doubt your instincts. Do thorough research on legality before starting online gambling, and play with a games operator who has a valid gaming license only.

3 reasons to assure that there can be no cheating at Fun88

Mentioned below are 3 reasons to assure that there can be no cheating at Fun88 India. Understand the points and find whether Fun88 India and rummy online or any other live casino game is legal or not.


  1. Built-in edge: Online gambling is a business and no business aim for a loss. That’s why there is already a built-in edge that makes sure the house wins often to gain profit from its business called the house edge. There’s no need for Fun88 to cheat since the house edge is already established.
  2. End-to-end separated process: Fun88 games are not provided by the Fun88 itself, there’s an involvement of a third party, which provides the licensed games to the customers of Fun88 India under the guidelines of legal authority. Providers don’t handle the financial transactions, Fun88 does.
  3. Live dealers have consistently monitored: Game integrity is the priority of Fun88 and hence, take the rigged accusation very seriously. Fun88 ensures to never want fall under such category. Therefore, they often tend to lower their commissions or house edges to satisfy their customer’s needs.

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We completely understand your concern and hope that your doubt is crystal clear, is online rummy cheating after reading the above points, understanding them, and implementing them. Now, make a huge profit of real money for yourself through online rummy games. Join Fun88 India and play the online rummy game, earn yourself a fortune and claim the first deposit bonuses up to ₹20,000 made for you.