Is Poker game legal in India for offline & online mode?

Under Public Gambling Act 1867 & Karnataka Police Act of 2021, Poker game is illegal in India for online & offline mode but Indians can play at foreign website

Online poker is fun, thrilling, easy to understand, and simple to play a live casino card game with suspense and huge profits to win. Advancement in technology led to the digitalization of poker and the start of online poker tournaments. That’s why a lot of people often wonder whether poker is legal in India or not? The latest updated news from the Government suggests crystal clear answers to players’ questions.

Is poker game legal in India for offline type?

No, the poker game is illegal in India for the offline audience according to the Public gambling act of 1867, conducting gambling in an enclosed room is prohibited and punishable by law. Not only poker, but you also cannot play any gambling game with cards, dice, or any other gambling game instrument in an enclosed house, room, or place.


If you are found in any house, room, or place with enclosed walls, playing with cards, dice, or any gambling game instrument with the purpose of playing for real money, waging, and betting, you’ll have to fill the fine exceeding ₹100 and even, imprisonment if given in the description.

Is the Poker game legal in India for online type?

Recently amended Karnataka Police (Amendment) Act, 2021 has stated clearly that any kind of device engaged in any online gambling game will be convicted of an offense, and the owner of the device and player will be held liable for the offense. Gambling laws have been a pretty vague cause of diversification in India until now, making online poker games illegal in India.


Even then, it is the most popular casino card game in India. Family and friends gather in the festive season to gamble, play poker and earn some money through it. Similarly, you can also earn on an online gambling website through online poker in India without risking your life to imprisonment.

Why should Indian players play online poker hosted by foreign countries?

Technically speaking, online poker is illegal in India but online gambling websites are overlooked. Many Indian inhabitants place bets on online poker over the Internet on daily basis, and most of the major international betting sites like Fun88 accept customers from India.

Though poker online is illegal in India, Indian players should play poker hosted by foreign countries, especially at legal headquarters based such as the Philippines, Laos. The most important reason is that all of the game’s evidence & personal information will keep confidential and this info will be protected legally by the Philippines or Laos Government.

8 standard measures to judge whether a site is safe to gamble or not

We understand your concern, after all, it’s the hard-earned money you’re talking about. That’s why we provide you with 8 standard measures to judge any online gambling site to know whether it is safe to play online poker on it or not.


  1. License: Like Elizabeth granted a charter for East India Company to run its business in India. Similarly, gambling institutions also authorize online gambling companies to perform their gambling activities like online poker for their beloved customers. License is legal documentation, showcasing the credibility of online gambling sites.
  2. Headquarter: Knowing location gives immense satisfaction of safety and if your details are saved in the company outside India, then it gets easier to be more tension-free and play online poker at the online gambling site.
  3. Active users: If the license is not enough for you to believe in the online gambling website, then the best thing to look at is the number of active users on the website on daily basis. A paper of charter may not be able to provide trustworthiness but a number of active users can show credibility, as the number speaks for itself.
  4. Payment modes: The more mode of payment methods online gambling provides, the more valid it is. Having multiple payment modes not only helps the players to choose their payment options efficiently but also help to show the safety of online gambling website since only a trustworthy website will connect itself to maximum payment systems.
  5. Promotional deals: Almost all the websites offer the best promotional deals to lure the players in their game zones, but always aware of terms and conditions. Read the terms and conditions carefully before you go on to claim Fun88 promotions as depositing money is not the only way to earn the bonus, you have to complete the rollover requirements too.
  6. Customer reviews: There is no best way to know the credibility of online poker other than customer reviews. Look into customer reviews before playing online poker at any gambling website and make sure that it is not duplicated or fraudulent. If there’s not a single negative review about a website then it’s proof that it is forged.
  7. Customer’s service: Online gambling sites try to attach with the consumers emotionally by showing great care through a dedicated team of customer care service available 24×7 in the service of customers.
  8. SSL: Information safety of the website: Every website needs an SSL certificate to keep the details of its customers secure, it preserves the ownership of the website, prevents attackers to create duplicated websites, and ensures credibility to the customers.

We understand you and are here to provide you with the answer. Know how much money can you make playing online poker and enjoy earning with Fun88 India.

Introduce top 3 trusted international betting websites in India

Some websites offer an opportunity for Indian players to let them play online poker and other online gambling games. Topmost 3 international online gambling websites for Indian players  are:

#1. Fun88 – Philippines headquarter

Fun88 Free ₹100    Fun88 Poker    Fun88 Free ₹2,000

Fun88 is one of the leading online gambling websites in the Indian market, with a variety of products to gamble on and variants of poker to advance in. Fun88 is founded by Welton Holdings Limited in 2009 and is legalized online gambling company, licensed by The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. 


Top 2 Fun88 promotions for new members at Fun88:

  1. Grab free credit ₹100 without deposit: Make Fun88 register & verify your account to claim ₹100 in your main balance account after fulfilling one rollover requirement.
  2. Claim 400% welcome bonus up to ₹2,000: Join Fun88 and make your first deposit of at least ₹500 to claim 400% first deposit bonus up to ₹2,000 in live casino wallet.

#2. Dafabet – Makati, Philippines headquarters

Dafabet is a flagship brand, an online gambling site in the market, and a subsidiary of AsianBGE. It is authorized to perform online gambling activities by Cagayan Economic Zone Authority and First Cagayan Leisure and Resorts Corporation. 


Top Dafabet promotion for newcomers at Dafabet:

  1. Grab 100% first deposit bonus up to ₹8,000: Make Dafabet account registration to claim a 100% welcome bonus of up to ₹8,000. Make the first deposit of a minimum of ₹2,000 to claim and complete the rollover requirements in a live casino wallet.

#3: W88 – Makati, Philippines’s office

W88 has been in the market for more than a decade now and still continues to rise the ladder to sky height. It is licensed by First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation and operated by Marquee Holdings Limited.


Top 2 W88 promotions for new members at W88:

  1. Grab free credit ₹250 without deposit: Register your account at W88 & verify your account to claim ₹250 in your main balance account after fulfilling one rollover requirement.
  2. Claim 150% welcome bonus up to ₹12,000: Sign up at W88 and make your first deposit of at least ₹1000 to claim a 150% first deposit bonus up to ₹12,000 in casino wallet.

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Is poker game is legal in India? No, poker is illegal in India but we know how much you love to play it and therefore, offered you an alternative. Indian players can play online poker on online gambling websites hosted by international gambling companies like Fun88, Dafabet, and W88 India.