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Did we hear it right? You are looking for the difference between Live casinos vs Online casinos! Well, we are happy to tell you that you are at the right place. We provide you with the best difference between Live casinos vs Online casinos. Mentioned below are 8 facts that will help you to choose one, Live casino vs Online casino.

#1. Live Casino vs Online Casino – Convenience

Convenience matters the most if you are an active gambling player and wants to make a living out of it. You cannot always go to a live casino by spending so much more on other stuff like petrol.


Live Casino – Convenience

  • You must go to a live casino to play card games, slot machines and so much more. It doesn’t come to your home to help you play card games.
  • You have to leave your comfortable bed and blanket, get ready, drive yourself to the casino, exchange your money for chips and then have to find the game you want to play. Ah, such a long process to enjoy huh.

Online Casino – Convenience

  • Whereas, the online casino lets you be in your comfortable room. Doesn’t matter what you are wearing because you will never have to show your face in virtual reality.
  • You can play at an online casino 24×7 from anywhere, you can gamble on card games from the comfort of your home. It’s more comfortable than doing a meeting with your boss. You can bet using your mobile too, no need to open your desktop.

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#2. Live Casino vs Online Casino – Time to think

Punters require time to think about their next move to make a well-thought-out and wise decision. Which casino offers them the liberty to think, Live casino vs Online casino? Let’s look a bit deeper to know.


Live Casino – Time to think

  • Live casino gives plenty of time for a player to think about its next move. Players can take as much time as they need to think and place bets at any card game.
  • Live casino dealers can not lose their customers in rush; therefore, they provide ample amount of time for the players to think and bet. Be calm and make your choices wisely in a live casino if you choose to bet live casino.

Online Casino – Time to think

  • Online casinos have a limit of time to bet, they often give 15-25 seconds to place your bets. They can’t see you; they must keep it going for every other customer.
  • Online casino gives you less time to think, but you can always skip as many rounds as you want before you understand the game and then place your bets. There’s less time to think in games like poker, in which you cannot skip the round.

#3. Live Casino vs Online Casino – Incentives

Who doesn’t like some free money? The casino offers bonuses and rewards for their loyal customers often. Let’s look at which between the two, Live casino vs Online casino offers more incentives for its beloved customers.


Live Casino – Incentives

  • Live casinos have fewer bonuses and rewards, they do offer benefits for permanent members, but you will not get anything if you are choosing to gamble once a month, they want frequent customers.
  • The live casino offers Rakeback for its loyal members, who gamble often and spend loads of money in the casino to keep them intact with the system. There are no weekly or welcome bonuses at Live casino.

Online Casino – Incentives

  • Online casino have better bonuses and rewards as compared to live casinos, they offer welcome bonuses for new customers and weekly reloads for loyal active existing customers.
  • Welcome bonuses are made for new players at an online casino, it’s a promotional deal to attract customers. Apart from that, reloads are the best deals for customers, free spins, and bets. The online casino knows how to stay in business.

#4. Live Casino vs Online Casino – First-hand experience

Best experiences are the one thing, that we all are looking for in life. Let’s look at the difference between Live casinos vs Online casinos in terms of providing a first-hand experience.


Live Casino – First-hand experience

  • Loud cheering surroundings, flashing lights, happening environment, and the company of many players cannot be replicated by an online casino. Live casino takes you to an awesome environment.
  • The environment of cheerful people, colorful lights, and happening surroundings in a live casino offers a first-hand experience to the players and ambient atmosphere. The first-hand experience offered by live casinos provides more excitement and fun.

Online Casino – First-hand experience

  • No amount of technology can provide a first-hand experience in an online casino as compared to a live casino. All you have is a mobile or desktop screen to experience a casino.
  • They are no cheerful people to shout when you win, no flashing lights, and nothing that makes you feel like a live casino player. Online casino is convenient on daily basis but if you want that wonderful experience, then a live casino should be your go-to option.

#5. Live Casino vs Online Casino – Extensive variety

Which of the two, live casinos or online casinos offers more games to play? That’s one of the most important things players look for. Exclusive variety of games to play and gamble.


Live Casino – Extensive variety

  • If you ever went to a live casino, you know how many games they provide to gamble on. There are less than 20 games to gamble and 30 tables to sit on and play.
  • The live casino doesn’t offer many varieties of casino card games, there are some options for players to choose from. Some people like the interactive session, that’s why they choose live casinos over online casino

Online Casino – Extensive variety

  • The online casino provides an exclusive and extensive variety of online casino card games, they are 10 varieties of one card game. For example, there are other 10 games for poker only.
  • You can choose your provider at an online casino, you can play from thousands of slot games, hundreds of online casino card games and so much more. That too, with the comfort of your home. So, why limit yourself to 25 games when you can play 1000.

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#6. Live Casino vs Online Casino – Socialization

Which casino offers the most socialization and are you willing to socialize with new people? Let’s look more into it to understand it better.


Live Casino – Socialization

  • If you are an outgoing person, who loves to get ready and go out with friends every weekend, then a live casino is the best place for you. You meet more new people and socialize with as many as you want.
  • Live casino helps you to socialize with other people. It’s the best destination for an extrovert person, to enjoy, meet new people and earn some more money while doing so. Be wise, know your strategy and then play casino games.

Online Casino – Socialization

  • The online casino offers no socialization. Literally, 0% socialization. You don’t have to talk to a live dealer to gamble at an online casino. Best place for an introvert and anti-social person.
  • If you don’t like meeting new people and don’t want to leave the comfort of your home, then an online casino is the solution for you. Be comfortable in your room and earn more real money by gambling at an online casino.

#7. Live Casino vs Online Casino – Conceal your emotions

Concealing your emotions is the most important thing to do in any casino since bluffing is the core of many casino games. Let’s look at the difference between Live casinos vs Online casinos in terms of emotions.


Live Casino – Conceal your emotions

  • Some casino games require the concealment of emotions to bluff your opponent to win the match, like poker. Playing poker on a live table can be difficult for a person who doesn’t know how to hide.
  • Person, who is bad at hiding his emotion and very bad at bluffing. His worse choice to gamble is a live casino. Remember, gambling requires the art of bluffing. Never choose a live casino if you can’t conceal your emotions.

Online Casino – Conceal your emotions

  • You don’t have to conceal your emotions in an online casino, as there is no one in your room to see your emotions. Play online casino card games if you are bad at concealing your emotions.
  • Online casino games don’t require you to hide your emotions, since no one can see your face while playing online casino card games. If you don’t feel like pretending, then an online casino is the best destination for you to blow off steam and be yourself.

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#8. Live Casino vs Online Casino – Greater risk

Let’s look at the difference between Live casino vs Online casino in terms of the greater risk of spending more money. Let’s face the truth, you can’t afford to spend all your earnings on gambling.


Live Casino – Greater risk

  • In a live casino, a player might get carried away and blow up all his hard-earned money in the heat of the moment. Yes, it’s that easy, even though it feels impossible, but some players do that.
  • Live casinos carry a great risk themselves, but it’s easier to get carried away while playing with an online casino carries a greater risk than live casinos to spend the money without thinking twice in the spur of the moment.

Online Casino – Greater risk

  • The online casino also withholds greater risks as it doesn’t set limits for players to bet, the limits that it sets are much greater than the amount one must have submitted.
  • They don’t set a small limit on deposits once the player starts playing. He tends to blow most of his money through gambling recklessly. Therefore, it’s important to follow money and time management if you choose to bet on an online casino

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5 Reasons why Online casino is better than Live casino

Yes, an online casino is better than a live casino. Why? Know the 5 reasons that tell the answer to why the online casino is better than a live casino and enjoy earning more real money with an online casino.


  1. Convenience: You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home, room, and blanket. You don’t have to get ready, you don’t have to drive, etc. You can gamble in the comfort of your home, anytime and anywhere you want with an online casino.
  2. Exclusive variety: Online casino offers thousands of varieties of different casino games while the live casino offers less than 25. If you like to change your life, then an online casino is the one.
  3. Promotional deals: Online casino offers superior incentives than live casino. The online casino offers welcome bonuses, weekly reloads, and much more surprises in the seasons.
  4. No emotions check: You don’t have to conceal your emotions while gambling at an online casino. If you are not good at bluffing, then this is the best place for you to gamble and enjoy.
  5. No socialization: If you are an introvert, then an online casino is the best destination for you to gamble, have fun alone and earn some real money. Online casino doesn’t offer socialization.

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We hope that you know which one is better for you, though it depends mostly on your preferences. So, which one are you choosing between the two, Live casino vs Online casino? Let us know in the comment section below to help our other beloved readers to make a choice. If you are choosing an online casino, then we are proud to suggest Fun88 India. Join and claim a welcome bonus of up to ₹30,000.