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Betting on totals of the match is known as Over/Under in Basketball. Get a 3-step simplest guide for beginners to bet at Fun88. Join & get a free credit of ₹100!

Fun88 Basketball Betting Fun88 Free ₹100 Over/Under Basketball

What is over/under betting in basketball?

Betting on over/under in basketball is the second most popular and chosen betting option in basketball after the point spread betting. In over/under basketball betting, punters predict whether the total number of basket scores in the match will be higher or lower than the predicted number.


  • Over/under basketball betting is also known as ‘totals’ in the sportsbook language. It refers to the total number of points scored by both the teams in the basketball match.
  • It’s different from other betting options because it doesn’t want you to predict the winning team. Instead, it allows the punters to predict the total score in the match.
  • For instance, If a punter bets on Over 160.5, it means that he predicts that the total score of both the teams will be more than 160.5 in the match. Know more about over/under basketball betting in this article by Fun88.

7 points to know before betting the over/under in basketball

7 most crucial, important, and significant points to know before betting the over-under in basketball. There’s no other way to put more emphasis on the significance of these 7 points than by writing three adjectives sharing the same meaning. Must know 7-pointers before placing an over/under bet on a basketball match.

  1. Over/Under basketball betting: Predicting the total number of scores in the basketball match, scored by both the teams is betting the over-under in basketball. If you predict the total number of scores will be greater than the given number beside the betting option, choose over bet type and if you think that the total number of scores will be less then go for the under bet.
  2. Available leagues to bet: NBA, WNBA, Euro Basket, France – Pro A, NCAAB, FIBA World Cup Qualifiers, Greece A1 League, Dominican Republic – LNB, Hungary – NB 1, Chinese Taipei – P League, etc.
  3. Minimum betting stake: Minimum wagering stake at Fun88indi for over/under basketball betting varies on different bet types, leagues, and matches. The range starts from ₹100, hence, in general, the least betting amount at Fun88 is ₹100.
  4. Over/Under betting odds: There are multiple betting options to bet on at Fun88 for basketball matches, odds are displayed beside teams to help the punters determine the winners. Great odds give greater payouts. The team with greater payouts is backed up by an online sportsbook to win the match, and vice versa for smaller odds.
  5. Live betting & streaming: Fun88 allows the players to bet on live basketball matches, it also offers live streaming on basketball matches to bet on. Punters can watch the match and bet on the match simultaneously.
  6. Over/Under expected payout: Simple mathematical formula to calculate the winning amount is the multiplication of betting odds and wagering stake and then the addition of wagering stake again. You’ll understand it better further in the article.
  7. App availability to bet over-under: Fun88 offers a smooth betting application for Android & iOS users to place their bets on over/under betting options in basketball leagues.

Understand the over/under betting type in basketball

Over and Under means the same thing in every betting option available, it’s the number beside them that differs. Let’s understand what those number refers to in over-under betting options at Fun88 sportsbook in basketball betting.

#1. Over/Under 158.5

Over/Under 158.5 means that the total score of 158.5 points is scored in the match by both the teams in the end. Hence, if you think that the total score at the end of the game will be 159, then bet on Over 158.5 & if you think that the total score, in the end, will be 158, then place your bets on under 158.5


Case 1 – Bet ₹100 on Over 158.5 with 0.81 odds: If the Over 158.5 bet wins, the punter will get ₹181, otherwise loses ₹100.

Case 2 – Bet ₹100 on Under 158.5 with 0.98 odds: If the Under 158.5 bet wins, the punter will get ₹198, otherwise loses ₹100.

#2. Over/Under 159.5

Over/Under 159.5 means that the total score of 159.5 points is scored in the match by both the teams in the end. Hence, if you think that the total score at the end of the game will be 160, then bet on Over 159.5 & if you think that the total score, in the end, will be 159, then place your bets on under 159.5


Case 1 – Bet ₹100 on Over 159.5 with 0.94 odds: If the Over 159.5 bet wins, the punter will get ₹194, otherwise loses ₹100.

Case 2 – Bet ₹100 on Under 159.5 with 0.86 odds: If the Under 159.5 bet wins, the punter will get ₹186, otherwise loses ₹100.

#3. Over/Under 160.5

Over/Under 160.5 means that the total score of 160.5 points is scored in the match by both the teams in the end. Hence, if you think that the total score at the end of the game will be 161, then bet on Over 160.5 & if you think that the total score, in the end, will be 160, then place your bets on under 160.5


Case 1 – Bet ₹100 on Over 160.5 with 1.05 odds: If the Over 160.5 bet wins, the punter will get ₹205, otherwise loses ₹100.

Case 2 – Bet ₹100 on Under 160.5 with 0.75 odds: If the Under 160.5 bet wins, the punter will get ₹175, otherwise loses ₹100.

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How to compute pay-outs in over/under basketball betting

There’s a simple way of calculating your potential winning amount via simple mathematic formula. Your winning amount depends on the odds of the betting option you are betting on and the amount of money you are wagering on the betting option. Here’s a simple formula to calculate your winnings using odds and wager.

Expected Return = Odds X Bet Stake + Bet Stake


  1. Odds: 1.05
  2. Wager Stake: ₹100
  3. Potential payout: 1.05 X 100 + 100 = ₹205

In the above image, the punter decides to bet on an option with 1.05 odds and a ₹100 wagering stake. After using the above formula, the simple payout amount came equal to ₹205. Hence, continue betting and estimating your winnings beforehand. All you need to know is multiplication and addition to evaluate your winnings.

How to do over/under basketball betting – 3 Steps instructions

The Internet has made everything so simple, easy, and faster. You don’t have to wait up in lines to bet on sports anymore, you don’t even have to visit the bookmakers to place your bets. All you need to do is follow the three steps mentioned below to bet on over/under betting in a basketball match at Fun88 India.

Step 1: Access Fun88 & Select Fun88 Sports

  • Click on the link to reach the official Fun88 website to do online basketball betting from the comfort of your home.
  • Click on Login to make Fun88 register. If you don’t have an account already, click on the Join Now to create one.
  • Select Sports under the drop-down menu, after clicking on three horizontal dashes in the top left corner of the homepage.


  • There are four online betting providers at Fun88, choose Fun88 Sports to bet on basketball matches.
  • Click on Play Now to visit the Fun88 sports online betting platform where the basketball match is waiting for you to bet.

Step 2: Select Basketball sports to bet on

  • Select Basketball sports to bet on from the vertical list of different sports available to bet on at Fun88 India.
  • Choose the most recent upcoming or ongoing match to bet on for instant conclusion and win fast.


  • Select the current date under the Daily Match List table to choose an ongoing upcoming match.
  • We are choosing France – Pro A league to bet on, the match between Monaco Asvel Lyon – Villeurbanne
  • Observe the odds of the over/under betting option and place your bets on higher odds by clicking on it.

Note: Fun88indi recommended choosing Fun88 Sports to bet in basketball matches because it is the most popular online sportsbook provider of Fun88 with a modern layout and a minimum betting stake of ₹100. The maximum betting stake varies for different matches, it ranges start from ₹20,000 to ₹100,000.

Step 3: Place your bet with a minimum of ₹100

  • After observing the over/under odds, click on the odds you want to bet on and the bet slip will appear on the right side.
  • Enter the betting stake you want to wager in, the minimum betting amount at Fun88 Sports is ₹100.
  • Double-check the winning amount, using a simple formula of multiplication and addition.
  • Click on Place bets to confirm your bets and wait for the conclusion of the match to be drawn to know the winners.


Suppose to decided to place a bet of ₹100 on Over 159.5 with 0.94 odds. There are two possible cases for such betting; Case 1: If Over 159.5 wins, you will win ₹194. And Case 2: If Over 159.5 loses, you lose ₹100. Mentioned below is a tabular form to give you more clarity on betting stake, options, amount, and winning amount.

Case 1: Bet on Under 159.5

Case 2: Bet on Over 159.5

Odds: 0.86Odds: 0.94
Wager: ₹100Wager: ₹100
Pay-out: ₹186Pay-out: ₹194
If Under 159.5 wins: you get ₹186If Over 159.5 wins: you get ₹194
If Under 159.5 loses: you lose ₹100If Over 159.5 loses: you lose ₹100

3 Bonus tips to win at over/under basketball betting

Know 3 additional bonus tips and tricks to increase your chances of winning over/under basketball betting. The key to winning is consistency, follow the strategies you find worth following to the very end of the journey. Create a steady bankroll and win loads.

  1. Update the trends: Always be familiar with the history of trends to predict the future. Keep checking the scores, matchups, head-to-head, line-ups, etc. Check for the injured players, in case you can find them. Be updated with the team player changes and follow the sports forecasts to predict better with great outlooks.
  2. Shop for the best lines: Registering your account in more than one sportsbook can be beneficiary to buy better lines. You can also claim more promotional deals, sign-up offers, and so much more. Compare the odds of different betting sites to make well thought decision and increase your casino of winning more with betting tips for basketball.
  3. Offense vs defense: If two teams are playing offensively, then go for the Over betting option. And if two teams are playing defensively, go for the Under betting option. Before making any decision abruptly, look into previous matchups, head-to-head conclusions, and news reports of sportsperson to predict as accurately as possible


There’s no limit to the number of basketball matches and they are never coming down. With the emergence of the internet, there’s no basketball match in the world that is not available for betting. Betting the over/under in basketball on the highest tier of basketball, that is, NBA by sitting in India with Fun88 and winning a huge amount of profits. Join Fun88 & start your journey for free with no deposit bonus of ₹100.