Norwich vs Chelsea EPL 2022 Prediction – Who’ll become king?

Get 100% accurate Norwich vs Chelsea score prediction 2022 of EPL match to be played tomorrow, 11th of March at 01:00 AM IST to bet at Fun88 & win real money!

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  • Match time: 01:00 AM, 11th March 2022
  • Location: Carrow Road Stadium, Norwich, Norfolk, England
  • Event: Norwich City vs Chelsea English Premier League 2021-22

One of the most awaited matches of English Premier League 2021-22 is finally here, we’ll know the results in less than 20 hours. Who will win? Will it be Chelsea again, sustaining the throne, or will it be Norwich City, rising in the power once again against Chelsea?


Looking at the past, it’s easier to make Norwich vs Chelsea prediction 2022 in English Premier League. Hence, we provide you with the most accurate Chelsea vs Norwich score prediction for 2022 to help you bet on Fun88 India and earn loads of real money with amazing betting options and greater odds.

Home team – Norwich City Football Club

Norwich City Football Club is also known as The Yellows or the Canaries. They are an English professional football club based in Norfolk and play in the highest tier of English Football, English Premier League 2021-22 after winning the EFL championship in 2020-21.


  • Norwich City Football Club was founded in 1902 and they have played their home team matches in Carrow Road Stadium, Norwich, Norfolk, England since 1935.
  • Norwich City Football Club has won the League cup two times in 1962 and 1985. The highest win of Norwich City Football Club comes in 1992-93 when they came third in Premier League.

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Away team – Chelsea Football Club

Also, refer as Chelsea, Chelsea Football Club plays in the highest tier of England Football, English Premier League. It is based in Fulham, West London, and was founded in 1905.


  • Chelsea Football Club has won 6 League titles, 5 League cups, 8 FA Cups, and 4 FA Community Shields. Chelsea Football Club is the only team to win 3 active major UEFA trophies.
  • Chelsea Football Club has won 2 UEFA Cup winner’s cups, 2 European Cups, 2 UEFA Cups, and one FIFA Club World Cup. It is the fourth most successful Football Club in England.

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Norwich vs Chelsea head-to-head performance

Luckily, we have got the past to predict the future, our betting experts kept some points in mind before making the Norwich vs Chelsea prediction 2022 and one of them is Norwich city vs Chelsea head-to-head. Norwich vs Chelsea have played 57 matches since 1936, let’s look at the tabular form to know the results of their matches.


Chelsea FC Norwich-vs-Chelsea-prediction-04

Norwich City Norwich-vs-Chelsea-prediction-05

1.      Total number of matches



2.      Won



3.      Draw



4.      Lost



Well, this view isn’t enough to predict, and therefore, we need to look closer. Without further ado, let’s look into the last 5 matches to get a clear idea behind our betting expert’s Norwich vs Chelsea prediction 2022.


Chelsea FC Norwich-vs-Chelsea-prediction-04

7 – 0

Norwich-vs-Chelsea-prediction-05 Norwich City


Norwich City Norwich-vs-Chelsea-prediction-05

0 – 1

Norwich-vs-Chelsea-prediction-04 Chelsea FC


Chelsea FC Norwich-vs-Chelsea-prediction-04

3 – 2

Norwich-vs-Chelsea-prediction-05Norwich City


Norwich City Norwich-vs-Chelsea-prediction-05

1 – 2

Norwich-vs-Chelsea-prediction-04 Chelsea FC


Chelsea FC Norwich-vs-Chelsea-prediction-04

1 – 0

Norwich-vs-Chelsea-prediction-05 Norwich City

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Norwich vs Chelsea predicted line-ups

Let’s get a closer look at the teams and understand the players better to know the reason behind our expert’s Norwich vs Chelsea prediction 2022. Line-ups can tell a lot about match scores since the game depends on the player playing in the key positions of the football ground.


  • Chelsea FC’s Probable Line-up (4-2-3-1): Krul; Aarons, Hanley, Zimmermann, Williams; Lees-Melou, Rupp; Sargent, Dowell, Rowe; and Pukki.


  • Norwich City’s Probable Line-up (3-4-2-1): Mendy; Chalobah, Christensen, Rudiger; Hudson-Odoi, Kovacic, Jorginho, Saul; Mount, Pulisic; and Lukaku.

5 Facts about Norwich vs Chelsea to help you choose

It’s impossible to predict the future without any knowledge of the past, though you can always guess based on your gut feeling prediction with a strong foundation is more likely to be accurate than just some guess in the air. Mentioned below are 5 Facts about Norwich vs Chelsea to help you bet at Fun88 sportsbook.


  1. Norwich has won only 14 matches out of 57 matches played between Norwich vs Chelsea since 1936 and 18 matches resulted in a draw, while 25 matches are won by Chelsea FC.
  2. In the last 5 matches between Norwich vs Chelsea, Norwich City has not won a single match and no match has resulted in a draw. All last 5 matches are won by Chelsea FC.
  3. In the overall scoreboard of team standings at English Premier League 2021-22, Chelsea Fc is on the 3rd position and Norwich City is on the last, that is, 20th position in the league.
  4. Biggest league wins for each team: Chelsea FC score 7 goals against 0 goals of Norwich City in 2021 and Norwich City has scored 4 goals against 1 of Chelsea in 1963.
  5. Chelsea hasn’t lost in the half-times in any games or matches in its 26 Premier Leagues games this season of English Premier League 2021-22.

Norwich (2 – 0) Chelsea: Fun88 odds prediction detailed analysis

Keeping all the factors in mind, from Norwich city vs Chelsea head-to-head performances, results of last 5 matches between Chelsea FC and Norwich City, predicted line-ups, weather conditions, players’ health and so much more; our betting experts came to a conclusion to help you bet at Fun88 sports.


Match strength: No matter what the scores of the match between Norwich vs Chelsea are, the chances of Chelsea FC winning the match is strongest without any doubt. So, Fun88 India betting experts predict the win of Chelsea FC without a single trace of doubt until some miracle happens. Chances of Norwich City winning are draw are seamlessly possible.

Norwich vs Chelsea odds at Fun88 India to bet & win

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  1. Full time Over/Under betting by 2.5/3

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  1. Full time 1×2 betting

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Choose Norwich City for Full time 1×2 betting with a unit of 11.00 odds


You have got a few hours left to bet on, we have provided you with Chelsea vs Norwich score prediction 2022 for English Premier League 2021-22. Now use the information to your advantage and grab the opportunity to bet on football at Fun88 sportsbook and many more other sports like cricket, badminton, kabaddi, etc. Join Fun88 & claim a welcome bonus of up to ₹3,000 in your sportsbook wallet.