10 Best T20 cricket betting tips India – Win ₹2,500 everyday

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How long have you been dreading getting the best T20 cricket betting tips to enhance your chances of increasing the amount of money you win through Fun88 India? Well, the wait is over for you as we provide you with 10 actionable T20 cricket betting tips to increase your winning amount. Look into the T20 cricket betting tips mentioned below and enjoy winning ₹2,500 real money daily with Fun88 India.

#1. Hit for the best odds

They are calculated professionally through an algorithm and change due course of the match performance.


  • Greater odds yield great results, which indicates that the greater odd ensures the greater payout. Ensure to observe the odds before you go betting on T20 cricket to claim a big win.
  • Odds help the punters to calculate their expected payout since the multiplication of the odds on the team and the amount of wager you bet on that particular team determines the return.
  • Since the odds are calculated professionally by the betting experts at Fun88 India, they provide a great deal of help for punters to choose the teams to bet on and win real money.

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#2. Look for the optimal bets

You can bet on a T20 cricket match at Fun88 with only ₹10, making Fun88 the most affordable betting site in the Indian market and you can bet as much as in thousands as per the match conditions to bet on. Always take care of your bankroll before making a bet.

  • Always start your online betting journey with smaller bets to understand the betting world and ensure that you don’t end up losing all the hard-earned money you ever earned.
  • Use the 50:30:20 rule to ensure your money is safe, give 50% of your money to the needs of livelihood, and 20% to the investment for future preferences and safety.
  • The remaining portion of your bankroll should be devoted to your wants, whether it’s gambling, betting, traveling, shopping, or anything you love. Always start with small bets.

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#3. Set focus in small areas

There are hundreds of sports to bet on at Fun88 with thousands of live matches every day, apart from online betting there are thousands of live casino games to play and win real money. You see, the online gambling world is tempting and it’s easy to get distracted with so many wonderful games.


  • To become an expert in sports, you must avoid the temptations and focus on small areas of that sport only to ensure perfectionism in your betting style.
  • Exploring every side of online cricket betting free tips is a good thing but you must stay focused where your life resides, understand the game before betting perfectly.
  • Trying to understand every sport to bet on will be a stupidity, stick to one sport to gain perfectionism and make it your livelihood with due time to understand the sports.

#4. Understand the key positions

  • Key positions in the T20 cricket match are the player behind the wicket, fielders in every direction, bowler, and opening batsman. You must understand the positions and the players.
  • Once you know the key position and player on it, you’ll know the probability of winning by estimating the results from previous matches and their individual performances.
  • Look into the predicted lineups before the match starts or if you doing live betting then watch the match to make correct decisions to know the players at key positions to bet wisely.

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#5. Set achievable goals to achieve

It’s a lot of easy to win smaller bets at starting of your online betting journey, anyone with a small amount of knowledge of the sports can easily win the bets at the starting of the journey. It takes much more than luck to continue winning overall profits and use them for your livelihood.


  • Only a small percentage of online punters are profitable in long term, the truth is pretty ugly. Most of the players end up losing loads of money in the Fun88 sportsbook rather than winning a profit.
  • It takes much more than you think to become a successful online punter. Therefore, don’t keep your hopes high to become an expert from the moment you start betting.
  • Having unrealistic expectations will lead to frustration. Hence, set achievable goals instead of flying high in the sky with small winnings. Keep your foot on the ground while trying to touch the sky.

#6. Take a note of weather conditions

Outdoor games are often tended to impact by the weather conditions outside and hence, you should always try to look into the details of the weather forecasts before betting on any outdoor sports to know the possibility of void bets in the match via rain, winds, storm, etc.

  • If the T20 online cricket match is being played in any country which is prone to sudden rain or storm, then it’s wise to investigate the weather forecast of that place to be safe from void bets.
  • Understand the weather situations to place your bets accordingly and avoid void bets since outdoor games are dependent on the weather conditions often to be continued.
  • Keep an eye for weather conditions while you watch the match if you’re planning to bet life, then the best option is to bet at the very end of the game when you have gained enough knowledge about the match to predict accurately.

#7. Long term sensibility goes a long way

If you are willing to take betting seriously and make a life out of it with a long-term perspective, then you must take betting seriously. You will not win high profits of real money overnight; you will have to take risks, scary decisions to expect a lot or a decent amount of real money.


  • Built your bankroll and increase the amount of wager you bet in each consecutive game slowly after observing the odds. Keep going on and soon you’ll be earning a decent amount of money.
  • The most important aspect to survive in long-term online betting is to perfect the skill of expecting and accepting losses.
  • Betting is not a sprint, it is like any other long-term investment, a marathon. It will take enough time to grow your bankroll and hence, sustainable long-term sensibility goes a long way.

#8. Look into previous performances

Head-to-head performances are the best ways to understand the team, matches, and players. Consider looking into previous performances before placing your bets to make a wise decision and grab the chances of winning real money with greater odds and lesser house edge.

  • We hope you understand the importance of research and development, which other players tend to neglect. There’s a big difference between research and thorough research.
  • We are talking about thorough research and looking into previous performances, though betting experts are there to provide you with predicted match-winners, but there’s no harm to have your own knowledge.
  • Do thorough research with cricket news, matches, and players, understand key positions, and location’s weather. Most importantly, try to know the players and previous performances.

#9. Take advantage of sports forecast

Sports forecast not only tells you about the future performances of the upcoming match, but it also tells the head to hear the performances of the teams playing in the match.


  • Sports forecast and prediction of T20 cricket matches are blessing in disguise, you should give them the relevant amount of importance while listening to your instincts.
  • Don’t just look into one sports forecast to make the decision, look into at least 4-5 sports forecasts to understand the match-winner and take your betting decisions wisely.
  • Always investigate predictions for making more accurate decisions and you’ll never regret it ever in your life. Get clear-cut ideas and increase your chances of winning.

#10. Money and time management

There’s no exception for you, your time is money like every person in the world if you are not an alien. The importance of both, money and time cannot be nullified. Therefore, it is your and only your responsibility to stop and control your urges to bet on online betting sports more after a whopping winning. Winning is tempting but remembers that losing is inevitable, learn to lose less and gain more.

  • Time Management: Time is money, and we are hoping that you already understand that. That is what makes it necessary to have control over your desires. Manage your time, there are many beautiful things to engage in rather than spending all your time in online betting.
  • Money Management: Spend a small amount of your hard-earned real money on online betting sites and invest a large bit of it for your future. Keep track of bankroll and follow the 50:30:20 rule. 50% of bankroll should be devoted to your livelihood needs, 30% should be used to fulfill your desires which include betting and 20% should be spent towards investing.

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Have you tried the top 10 T20 cricket betting tips mentioned above yet? Try them to know their impact and increase your chances of starting a livelihood with online betting. There’s only no way around finding success in online betting without hard work. Join Fun88 India and experience online betting to win 2,500 every day.