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Fun88 Sic Bo Game  Online Fun88 Sic Bo

Sic Bo is one of the most beloved live casino games. It persists with its easy rules, dice rolls, exciting theme, and various betting choices.


Moreover, it is an absolute luck game, which makes it more engaging to players. Distinct approaches could enhance your winning odds.

Learn How to play Sic Bo at Fun88 first, to apply the most efficient Sic Bo tips further to boost your winning odds!

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5 Most efficient Sic Bo tips for playing live casino for beginners

Sic Bo is one of those live casino games that had rapid growth in reputation. To help you in mastering your Sic Bo abilities, Fun88 will explain the potential ideas to play with an approach and how it could help you win. Remember that every tactic includes a specific chance you need to be aware of, and no such thing as a Sic Bo tips on winning plan promises excellent results every time.


1. The best long-term approach is even-money bets

  • The Sic Bo house limit ranges from 2.78% to 30%, and many bets are getting covered.
  • If you aim to grow with a good bankroll and some more money when you leave the online Sic Bo board, adhere to the most straightforward even-money bets.
  • The possibility of winning the even-money bets is around 50% (less than the house edge).

2. Locate a casino table with the most suitable Sic Bo odds

  • Various live dealer casinos may have separate payouts for their live Sic Bo game; that is why you must see for the fittest payout odds before holding with the first casino you encounter.
  • Fortunately, the smaller bets, like the total bet or specific double bet, differ just slightly. Although, it still indicates less money.

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3. Be alert with the total bet

  • The odds are not identical for all totals bets. Let’s say the bets put on total from 8 to 13 have a house edge of 12.50%, but 7 to 14 have a house edge of 9.70%.
  • Betting on a total from 7 to 14 will be more beneficial, and that will be your smartest Sic Bo tips when playing on a live casino.

4. Betting methods in live Sic Bo don’t run

  • Betting schemes have never worked and never will because everyone would be rich, and casinos would go bankrupt if they had been working.
  • It is not just the fact with live Sic Bo tips to win, but with other casino games too.
  • They cannot ensure your earnings, but they assure one matter that they are often inefficient. So, scratch your head instead and believe your gut feelings.

5. How about making a mixture of the bets

  • Although it is a game of pure luck, decisive bets in Sic Bo are feasible Sic Bo tips to learn.
  • Betting on Big or Small bets or other bets that pay 1:1 is the most secure form of gambling, but it might get dull and not walk out with a nifty amount in your pockets.
  • If you desire to earn additional money, try to make specific bets where even-money bets are get involved, and that pay higher.
  • With this approach, you can cover your possible loss from the riskier bets with the more competent even-money bets.

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Top 5 helpful Sic Bo tips to avoid mistakes while playing live casino

Indeed throughout the process of playing Sic Bo in the online casino, mistakes are something that nearly every player makes. However, how much of an error is critical? To understand the Sic Bo tips to avoid mistakes while playing online and adequately utilizing them in their bets!


  1. You must never indulge yourself in fall into a situation of excitement or have anxious feelings. If the player is losing self-control, the determinations will be emotional, irrational, and sound.
  2. Overly critical, it influences your choices. The more urgent, the more careless playing Sic Bo will not deliver satisfying results and as expected at Fun88 games.
  3. It is assumed that if playing Sic Bo is weak, it will be uncertain for the player’s pocket.
    Exhaustion, loss of attentiveness will make wrong decisions.
  4. Lethargy indicates that you need rest for the best improvement. Suppose the player stays to play while in a state of exhaustion. You are clearly against yourself, which is not suitable for your health and not good for the consequences.
  5. Indeed, strength is one of the most worthwhile elements for humans, so it’s essential to manage your time playing Sic Bo properly. The fact that multiple people are caught up in the game so much that they ignore their time and do not bother about their health.


The most high-grade style to win using Sic Bo tips is to transform your attitude about winning at a casino game intends. Instead of concentrating on booking a win, focus on enjoying the game; these are the primary Sic Bo tips for all players to win and get satisfied. If you learn to do so with patience, you’re a winner here.