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7 best times to play slots online throughout a year

Online slots offer a great RTP percentage and low house edge for online punters. But players often wonder whether there are specific time frames to play online slots to earn more winnings than usual. We have got the answer for you, mentioned below are the 7 best time to play online slots at Fun88.

#1. Festival holidays

The online casino offers a good time for its customers during festival seasons. They target their audience by offering perks like great welcome promotional deals and more reloads compared to in normal season.


  • People have got a lot of free time during festival holidays, and they often spend them gambling online. Hindu festival, Diwali encourages gambling games to ensure enjoyment.
  • Online casino brings festival-inspired bonuses with a great deal of real money in return and even slots inspired by festivals with a great RTP percentage of 99%+ at Fun88 slot India.

#2. Night-time of the day

Is night-time of the day or daytime of the day being best to play online slots? We know you are wondering the same. Hours of tiring work in the daytime make the night-time suitable to play slots.

  • After a harsh day of continuous work at the office, when gambling lovers come home. That’s when they blow the steam of the day and engage in online slots on an online gambling site.
  • The online casino takes good care of their customers by offering them good winnings cause business can not run by just taking. They got to give back to earn profits in the business.

#3. Attractive jackpot slots

When do you think it is good to apply for a bonus? When they offer the most percentage. Similarly, the best time to play slots online is determined by the amount of jackpot you might get.


  • Play online slots when the jackpot slots are extremely and sufficiently high, which gives you a high chance of earning a huge profit through online slots at Fun88 India.
  • Slots pay the prize according to the jackpots, try to hit the highest available to earn loads of real money. Hit the online slots with a spin whenever the jackpot is at its peak.

#4. Attendance on peak

When do you think there will a peak in attendance of punters on any online gambling site? Yes, you guessed it right. Night hours are the happy hours for online punters who want to play online slots.

  • When all the people come home, after hours of tiring work. Then, that is the time when they pick up their mobile to blow off someday steam by playing online slots at Fun88 India slots.
  • Hence, from 10:00 PM to 02:00 AM the night is the best time to play online slots. A casino usually collects money in the evening and passes on the winnings to the punters.

#5. End of the month

Players often wonder when is the best time to play slots online, is it the beginning of the month or the ending of the month. A long debate happened between the best online betting experts.


  • Online slots experts concluded that the end of the month is the best time to play slots online as many players believe it to the counting time for the online casinos and it really is.
  • Most punters engage in online slots at the end of the month and wager their money in the last 2 to 3 days before the month ends. Online casino counts their profit and offers winnings.

#6. Winter season

The online casino business is a seasonal business. Believe it or not, it is a seasonal business. You can access online gambling sites 365 days a year, but there’s a certain lucky season.

  • The lucky season for online punters is winter when a whole lot of people prefer to stay at home and browse the internet. They offer more winnings to attract more players to play.
  • This technique is the way for online casinos to attract more players in the casino to play more slot machine games. Start your online gambling journey in the winter season to earn more money.

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#7. Weekends

Weekends are a jackpot for clubs, markets, restaurants, and casinos. That’s when friends meet and get together and relax. The online casino also gets a great amount of traffic as compared to weekdays.


  • So, the best time to play online slots is on weekend nights. That’s when most punters grab their blanket, turn on the fans, lay on their cozy bed, and open online gambling sites.
  • Grab your mobile phone and play online slots on weekend nights to earn more winnings. Since more traffic means the online casino will try their best to make them their customers by offers.

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5 Bad times when you should avoid playing slots online

It’s important to know when is the best time to play slots online but it’s more important to take care of the bad times too. Mentioned below are 5 bad times when you should avoid playing slots online to ensure the least loss.


  1. Tight on a budget: The worse time to play slots online is when you are tight on your budget. Always keep your budget in your mind before playing slots online. Never gamble when you have less money in your bankroll, fulfilling the needs of life is more important than wants.
  2. Low laying seasons: Online gambling sites work according to the season, and it would be bad timing to play slots online in a low season when there’s less traffic. As online gambling sites must make some profit in that season too. Don’t play slots online during the Autumn season.
  3. Downgrading mood: Never play slots online in a bad mood, gambling is made for fun and to blow off some steam, not to get more steamed. Play with a light mood when you feel lucky. Keep your emotions in check before playing slots online and never play in a bad mood.
  4. Overcrowded website: It’s not a good idea to play slots online when the website is crowded way too much than usual. It might end up shutting down in between the spinning reel and you might end up losing your wagering amount. Stay away from overcrowded websites.
  5. Bad weather conditions: Bad weather conditions like storms, rain, thunderstorm, wind rush, snowfall, etc can affect the working of the online gambling website. The website host might crash, and you might lose your wagering amount if you are playing at the very same moment.

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