Is Sic Bo rigged and cheating players online? Know the truth!

Is Sic Bo rigged and fake in online casinos? Does Sic Bo cheat its players online? Know the whole truth about Sic Bo online game rooms in this Fun88indi review! >

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Playing the online betting game Sic Bo is one of the most fun experiences you can have on online betting sites like Fun88. However, choosing the right place to game online is crucial as there are many claims that sic bo cheat people online. So, is Sic Bo rigged? If not why do people claim it is rigged? All these questions hold us back from experiencing fun gaming online. So, to sort this out once and for all, read the article for the whole truth.

Is Sic Bo rigged in online casinos?

Sic Bo is an online casino game that requires you to gamble to predict the outcome of the three dice that the game is played with. The outcomes are the betting options and there are many sic bo betting options that you must choose from as you must predict the total of three dice, or two dice, or the exact number that dice would land on, whether it would be a big or small number, odd or even number, etc. This makes this game not only fun but also easy to win than most online casino games.

is sic bo rigged do casino sic bo cheat truth at fun88indi

Then why does the question is Sic Bo rigged persist? Well, the answer is simple, Sic Bo game rooms are not rigged as rigged sic bo game rooms can easily be identified. That being said, if these casinos online try to rig their game rooms then it would only harm their reputation as they are licensed by the government of their country or certified by certification providers to provide their services to others online.

Thus, Sic Bo game rooms are definitely not rigged as there is a piece of special equipment used to roll the dice at random. Most game rooms often zoom in on the equipment when the dice are being rolled. Besides, live sic bo rooms are used by many gamblers across the globe at once. If you bet on one option, they could bet on the other, in the end, it is difficult to show different results to both players and fix the betting round, and this confirms that sic bo rooms are not rigged.

Why do gamblers feel like Sic Bo games cheat them?

Above we tackled the question of whether is Sic Bo rigged, but the question of does Sic Bo cheat its customers remains. In this section, let us analyze why customers may feel like they have been cheated by their online sic bo game room.

is sic bo rigged do casino sic bo cheat fun88indi explanation

  • RTP rates: Firstly, the RTP or Return To Player rate is something that makes people feel like Sic Bo cheats on them online. RTP is often low in Sic Bo and when playing you may feel like you are giving more than you are receiving. This is true because one, you may not win all the rounds, and two, the RTP depends on the betting options, the easier the betting option is the lower the RTP payout.
  • House Edge: Next, when certain betting options win, there is something known as house edge taken by the game room provider. House edges are calculated based on percentages and in Sic Bo games, it is around 2.8%. This 2.8% is taken for the maintenance of the casino but it may feel like the casino is stealing your money.
  • Losses are remembered: Last but not least, you may feel like Sic Bo cheats you because your brain remembers the losses more than the wins. This often leads to frustration and careless wagering which makes you not only lose more but also lose your bankroll. Enraged, many people claim that their sic bo site cheats them when all they must do is use some sic bo betting tips to win more.

5 tips on how you can avoid fake Sic Bo game rooms online

Now that you know the truth about whether is Sic Bo rigged or not, it is important to note that some responsibilities to ensure you do not get scammed lie on you. So, to help you avoid fake sic bo game rooms online, below mentioned are 5 tips you should take into consideration. These 5 sic bo tips can help you not only be away from fake or rigged sic bo rooms but also help you find an ideal sic bo room.

fun88indi is sic bo rigged do casino sic bo cheat

1. Make use of legal online casinos

  • Firstly, it is important that you select a sic bo game room that comes with a legal license and certification to operate online.
  • Since in India gambling online is not really allowed, you must ensure that the site is operated by a legal foreign license.
  • This is because Indian laws would not really apply to foreign licenses or casinos online. So as long as they let you play in INR and have the required licenses to operate, you can select them

2. Observe the game room for a while

  • Another best way to know whether is sic bo rigged or not is to observe the game room you select for a while to notice any fraudulent activity.
  • Sic Bo is always played with special equipment to roll the dice. Any sic bo game room that does not have this equipment must not be used.
  • Observing the gamer room is an important gambling skill that can help you ace your wins too since you can always look for the most winning option in casinos like Fun88 Casino Online.

3. Use game rooms from top well-known providers

  • The next way to avoid Sic Bo cheat rooms online is by just using game rooms from top game room providers in the betting world online.
  • These game rooms are something that is considered trustworthy as they are often provided by companies with physical casinos across the globe.
  • Cheating in their game rooms online would only harm their reputation, and thus they play fairly and expect you to play fairly as well.

4. Read real customer reviews of the casino

  • the best way to know whether is sic bo rigged or not in the online casino you wish to play is why reading reviews of the casino online.
  • Reviews are often left by players who play in online casinos and so, it is important that you read them thoroughly to gain insights on the online betting site.
  • This is of great help as here you can learn more about the casino and other products and how they function without even making a log in.

5. Make use of Virtual Sic Bo game rooms

  • Last but not least, using Virtual Sic Bo game rooms is always a good option to avoid getting scammed online.
  • Virtual game rooms operate using the RNG system and so these rooms are often very difficult to rig or fix.
  • Thus, Virtual Sic Bo game rooms make the best casino rooms you could opt for to play safe sic bo online as the results are computerized on random and difficult to hack.

fun88indi is sic bo rigged casino sic bo cheat

Top 3 betting sites to play legal & safe Sic Bo games online in India

Today there are many online betting sites in the betting world that you can use to play some of your favorite casino games like Sic Bo. However, there are only a few of them that can be considered beneficial with Sic Bo cheat free rooms. To help you with this, below mentioned are the three ideal sic bo game rooms on the internet that you can check out.

fun88indi is sic bo rigged casino sic bo cheat online

  1. M88 India: First on the list we have M88 India, which is an online betting site that is preferred by many pros on the internet. M88 is legalized with an Interactive Gaming License from the Republic of Vanuatu making this a no.1 choice when it comes to gambling online in India.
  2. Fun88 India: Next on the list is Fun88 India as this website caters to both pros and beginner players in India. Using Fun88indi is fun as here you can find a legal license provided by Offshore Gaming License. Fun88’s easy interface and Fun88 Bonus offers makes it another good gambling site for sic bo online.
  3. W88 India: Last but not least we have W88 India, one of the beginner-friendly sites that is extremely appealing. W88 is considered to be a good online gambling site that is certified by the BMM Compliance and GLI certificate providers. This website gives you free credits as well as exciting new member bonuses.


This was all about whether Is Sic Bo Rigged online or not to help you learn the truth about online casino sites and why many people feel so. Remember to follow the 5 guidelines on how to stay away from fake gambling sites so that you can play authentic and safe sic bo online. Using the aforementioned sites is definitely something you should consider as here you can get many new member benefits.