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Adopt these 12 best Basketball betting strategies by Fun88indi experts to win bets. Boost your win rate by 97% on basketball bets and win up to ₹1000 every day!

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Basketball is a sport that many people have been indulging in from across the globe thanks to the excitement the game brings to its audience. But if you want to get closer to experiencing the thrills of any basketball game, then there is no better way than to wager on the teams using sportsbooks like Fun88 India. That being said, just like the basketball teams, winning these bets should always be on your mind and so, here are the 12 best Basketball betting strategies that can guarantee wins by boosting your win rate by 97%!

basketball betting strategies to win

1. Choose a good online sportsbook for basketball betting

  • The first strategy that you can apply to win basketball betting online is the most simple yet crucial one, and that is to pick a good online betting site to play the bets.
  • This online betting site should be something that offers you all the necessary equipment any gambler should have like updated odds, live streaming services, statistical chart reports, upcoming match details, hot match details, etc.
  • Using such a sportsbook online is one of the most fundamental things you should own as a basketball gambler so that you get to experience betting smoothly. We recommend making a Fun88 Signup as this online betting site is one of the best ones made for Indian gamblers.

2. Learn more about the Basketball game and teams

  • The second and most important one of the basketball betting strategies here is to learn more about basketball and understand the game, thus, this strategy can be applied to any betting you play online.
  • Understanding the sports you wish to wager on can help you gain insights on the matches between the teams and thus, it gives you an edge in understanding which team is better than the other, and so on.
  • Knowing about these basic things in basketball can help your bets be even more accurate. Besides, you can even wager quickly on in-play best odds as these tend to keep changing, doing so would give you good payouts.

3. Set a wagering amount for each match

  • Next, it is important for you to set a wagering amount for the matches you decide to bet on, or you can even set aside a separate bankroll for the day specifically for playing basketball betting online.
  • This bankroll should be separate from your daily necessities but also should be reasonable enough to meet the betting limits in sportsbooks, etc.
  • Moreover, understanding how much you wager can help you distribute your cash evenly on top matches so that if you lose one match bet you can win another one for the day and maintain the same daily profits. Joining the Fun88 Sports site could help you with bonuses to boost your account wallet for sports betting as well.

basketball betting strategies for beginners

4. Play the Over/Under betting option more

  • In basketball betting, you will be able to find most of the popular betting options in the sportsbooks online, but as a beginner, you should be careful with which betting option you should wager on initially.
  • Since betting on the main betting options is considered the best, you should first start by wagering on the Over Under Basketball Betting options where you must predict the end score of the match to be over a given margin or under the given margin.
  • Thus, the Over/Under bets do not require you to wager on or side with any one of the teams but require you to predict the total score of both teams. There are even individual teams over/under matches that you can wager on to win.

5. Make use of the betting charts in the sportsbook

  • Above we mentioned that the statistical chart reports are one of the main things your sportsbook must give you as this is a part of one of the best Basketball betting strategies on the internet.
  • Understanding statistical charts can help you learn which team has an edge over the other as these charts present you with data from the previous matches played between the teams.
  • Lastly, these betting charts are extremely handy as they can tell you more about the stats of individual teams and players by analyzing their previous performances in basketball games to make placing bets even more accurate.

6. Wager on early matches for better odds

  • If you already have been into sports betting before then you will notice that some matches are provided with early betting odds days before the real game event. These early match odds are used as one of the best Betting Tips for Basketball online.
  • This is because wagering on early odds can help the gamblers lock their bets on the best odds for the game however this move is somewhat risky.
  • This is because the real game chances the odds in the sportsbook based on the match played in real-time, however, early odds would mean that you lock your bets on higher predicted odds and so, the bets could go either right or wrong depending on the gameplay.

basketball betting strategies to win sports betting

7. Watch the live match for in-play betting

  • If you do not want to wager on the early odds, then you can go for in-play betting which basically is wagering on the odds while the real match is being played.
  • These settings give you an additional and one of the most effective basketball betting strategies and that is to observe the live match game to match predictions of the best team yourself.
  • Thus, if you decide to wager on in-play real-time matches then be sure to observe the first few minutes of the match via the live streaming services that sportsbooks like Fun88 offer. Moreover, you can join Fun88 and claim a Fun88 Bonus for new accounts up to ₹12,500!

8. Bet on lower odds to win in small amounts

  • Another important one of the basketball betting strategies that you should keep in mind is to wager on lower odds more than the higher odds to win in small amounts.
  • Wagering on lower odds pays out less and this is because betting options with lower odds have more chances of winning and thus, the risk of wagering on them is low.
  • Thus, winning in small amounts with low risk is one of the better strategies for basketball than losing all of your betting stakes in one go.

9. Do not always wager on higher odds

  • In continuation with the aforementioned point, if you wish to you can wager on higher odds as these betting options come with even more risks and thrills of gambling.
  • However, because it comes with risks and thrills, you should not always wager on the higher odds when playing basketball betting online.
  • Higher odds are given for those options whose chances of winning are low, and so the higher the risk the higher the payout they would receive if the best wins. But since this is not always the case with these options, betting on higher odds should be avoided most of the time in order to not lose any betting stakes.

basketball betting strategies betting statistic chart

10. Avoid wagering in Mixed Parley bets

  • Another thing that you must avoid when wagering on basketball matches is Mixed Parlet bets. Staying away from Mixed Parley bets is one of the best basketball betting strategies that beginners can use to learn How to Win in Basketball Betting online.
  • Mixed Parley bets are usually used by high rollers as these bets require you to tie many bets from different matches into one single bet. The idea here is to wager on more betting options for less betting stake and more payouts.
  • However, the risk of these parley bets is extremely high because if one of the bets in the parley bet loses, your entire betting stake is lost when instead you can divide the wager for different matches and win most of the bets and their payouts.

11. Do not always wager on your favorite teams

  • Most people join online betting on sports matches as a way to support their favorite teams however, as a gambler, it is always important to acknowledge that there are stronger teams than your favorite teams.
  • This does not mean that you must abandon your favorite teams but if they are competing against a team statistically proven to have better stats than them, then you must wager on the team with the higher chance of winning from the two.
  • Betting online to win and increase your winning rate to earn more should always be done strategically and not on a whim, thus, wagering on teams with a better chance of winning who do not happen to be your favorites is also one of the basketball betting strategies to win.

12. Keep up with the basketball world online

  • Last but not least, as one of the best strategies for basketball, you should stay up to date with the basketball world online because as mentioned above, knowing about basketball can give you insights on placing accurate bets.
  • This means that you should know the dates for upcoming top leagues or hot matches and even know which player leaves or joins a team.
  • Players together build a team’s strength and if a good player joins another team then there would be a shift in their strength and understanding this would help you predict the winning team better with the help of charts and odds.

best basketball sports betting strategies


These were the 12 best Basketball Betting Strategies that you must follow as a beginner to boost your win rate by 97% and eventually earn up to ₹1,000 daily on basketball betting online. To receive good payouts it is important that you join a good online betting site like Fun88 India which welcomes you with sportsbook bonuses up to ₹12,500. For more such betting tips and tricks on basketball or other sports matches, keep visiting Fun88indi.com, India’s top online gambling guide.