How to play Fun88 Lottery ’23 to win cash ₹100+iPhone 12 Pro

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Fun88 Lottery Online  Fun88 Lottery  Fun88 Lottery Game

Winning the Fun88 lottery while playing online always has a wish for every beginner player. So the question is, who doesn’t want to win the lottery? Yes, we all desire the same, aren’t we?


Because of the online lottery, players can buy tickets for all the most generous and most essential draws from Fun88 with an Internet connection. In addition, lottery online game services from the Fun88 lottery allow people to play at any place.

2 points to remember while playing the Fun88 lottery

Let’s find out what you should know about the Fun88 lottery online play.

  1. Throughout history, lotteries have been very famous, from Keno to Lotto and a Fun88 lottery. Its most conventional style consists of purchasing a ticket prior to a set of estimated balls are randomly pulled by a lottery.
  2. Just place the more numbers you can resemble on your ticket, the higher the winnings. In addition, due to technological improvements, lotteries can be executed by global viewers and are no more restricted to a particular country, initiates playing the lottery now more impressive and varied than ever previously.

3 Steps track on How to play the Fun88 lottery online

To start playing the Fun88 lottery online, there 3 steps that you must follow. Let’s get started to learn How to play the Fun88 lottery online via 3 step guide below.

Step 1: Go to the Fun88, Login & Choose Live Casino

While playing at any live casino, the initial step is to search for the best casino platform that provides live gaming on the Internet, which will be Fun88!


  • Accessing the Fun88 is easy. Just go to via your device’s browser, and voila! You’ll be on the homepage.
  • Login to your account, supposing you’re an existing member. Otherwise, Register on the Fun88 to play a Fun88 lottery online.
  • After registration, don’t forget to deposit a minimum of ₹500 to qualify for placing bets.
    Come back on the homepage, then head to the Live casino tab from the menu bar.

Step 2: Select Ezugi & Find Bet on Games to play the lottery

From Live Casino, select the Ezugi and click on the Bet Now button to proceed with the Fun88 lottery online play.


  • You need to locate the Bet on Games section from the Ezugi dashboard. Ezugi is one of the top Online Casino providers in India.
  • Currently, there’s only a single table available for betting on the Fun88 lottery online, which has a betting range from ₹5 to ₹250, the cheapest one, isn’t it?

Step 3: Enter the game “Bet on Numbers” by simply clicking on it

The “Bet on Numbers” is a betting game that gives more frequent draws and more betting choices than the standard Lottery online play!


  • The game utilized balls counted 1 to 49 and are red or White.
  • Players can wager on 36 various combinations of the numbers like the sum of the balls drawn, the odds of varying colors being drawn.
  • Once players put their bets, 6 balls are drawn by a trained dealer in Fun88’s innovatory “Bet on Numbers” studio, giving a real live draw action!

Now you must verify the draw results and claim your winnings by making Withdrawal at Fun88 if you turn into the lottery winner at Fun88!

Common lottery types to play online at Fun88


  • The most well-known lottery online play is when a player decides 6 balls, counted from 1 to 49.
  • Although in some instances, this range can go from 1 to 59 or 1 to 90. If players meet or match 3 or more numbers, they receive a winning percentage.
  • Additionally, many other games correlated with a lottery, including bonus balls and pools. Players receive a random code next to their numbers.

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Making money of ₹100 and winning super surprise iPhone 12 Pro

Being a new member, you must be thinking about whether any profit or gift is available for you or not. If so, then yes, Fun88 has a fantastic surprise gift for you. Win ₹100 along with iPhone 12 Pro! How? simply follow the below terms, and the rewards will be yours in no time!


  • The promotion is valid for all registered players. It will be effective from the 11th of May 2021, only available once per player daily. And will be issued the bonus amount into your main wallet once you successfully achieved the eligible deposit transaction.
  • Players must deposit a total of ₹1,000 in a day. Then, he/she will get 5 chances of Super Surprise prizes and get ₹100 in the main wallet after a successful win, and it can avail 600 total players.
  • Remember, the bonus will be locked in your wallet until the gambling condition is met.

Read more about the Fun88 Promotions and guide on how to claim the offers of new members!


Online games like Fun88 Lottery online allow you to experience the world’s beloved lotto betting. You won’t locate tickets for Powerball or any other at any Indian local store. Still, you can participate online as long as you have an Internet connection and a smart device. You’ll never miss claiming your prize when you play and win at Fun88 Lottery online. You can also observe the results for every lottery on the lottery pages soon after every draw has taken place.