Terms of use | Fun88 India – Updated 2023

Know the top 12 unavoidable pointers in Terms of use of Fun88. Learn disclaimers and specific warnings. Be aware of rules and conditions, don’t commit mistakes.

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Looking for Terms of Use of Fun88? Read updated Terms of Use in detail. It is fully licensed & regulated in the PAGCOR to provide online betting services.

12 unavoidable pointers in Terms of Use – Fun88

While getting to know about the Terms of use of Fun88, you must remember that online betting accounts are imposed by law in the Philippines. If you do not agree to any of the Terms of use, as may be revised frequently, we recommend that you not access the Website and the Services.

#1. Definition

The provisions define the terms of Use that rule your use, access, and participation in any betting services provided by OG Global Access Limited. These provisions are intended to be read in conjunction with the specific gameplay rules (collectively, the “House Betting Rules”) where applicable, and any other terms and conditions governing the use of the Services, Software, and access to the Website and the Information comprised therein.

#2. Modification

Fun88 reserves the right to change and update the terms and conditions and the House Betting Rules to use whenever it wants. Amendment will be effective on the website upon publishing the article on the website. It is the player’s sole responsibility to check any amendments.

#3. Information and Intellectual Property

The data provided to you by Fun88 can be used for personal and non-commercial use only. You cannot save, display, reproduce, copy, modify or adapt any of the given data by the website. The software, services, and data provided by the website are protected by copyrights, trademarks, and all forms of intellectual property rights.

#4. Conditions of use

By clicking tick on terms and conditions, you warrant and undertake that

  • You’re solely responsible for any activity that occurs under your username access.
  • You are not restricted by limited legal capacity.
  • You are above the legal age to gamble online.
  • You’re aware of the risk of the money.
  • You are not depositing black money.

To ensure fair gameplay, Fun88 reserves the right to ask for confirmation of identity from its customers.

#5. Software License

The software that has been made you access to services of Fun88 is the ultimate property of Fun88 and its Licensor, you cannot gain any right over the software. You can never adapt, modify, copy, reproduce, save or display the software made available to you. You are not allowed to sell, lease, lend, distribute or assign the software to anyone.

#6. Registering and opening a betting account

In order to take advantage of Fun88 services, you have to register your account as per the website’s instructions. Fill in the information accurately and Fun88 ensures the confidentiality of your information at any cost. But they might enclose your information if any court order commands them to do so.

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#7. Placement of bets and bet acceptance procedure

Fun88 accepts bets of any amount between least to highest for sports betting, live casinos, slots, and virtual games. All bets are subject to the House Betting Rules for each game and sport. Fun88 reserves a right to decline full or half bet by giving no reason whatsoever. It doesn’t accept simultaneous bets on a particular event and Fun88 has absolute power over final decisions.

#8. Settlement of Transactions

While using a credit or debit card, the name of the account holder must be the same as your given legal name. Fun88 reserves a right to decline any transaction if the name in the account is not similar to that of the legalized name.

Your winnings are exclusive to the betting amount and they are finalized while placing a bet. All your winnings are credited to your account. Payment of any taxes, levies, and funds that may apply to your winnings are solely your responsibility.

#9. Promotion and Bonuses

All the promotions and bonuses are subjected to these terms and conditions. Fun88 reserves a right to decline, alter or withdraw any promotion or bonuses, any time it wants. It can withdraw any user from the advantage of any promotion and bonus if any customer abuses the promotion in any way.

#10. Disclaimers and Specific Warnings

Betting is entirely up to your decision because some jurisdictions don’t legalize online gambling. Fun88 doesn’t take responsibility for an individual’s decision of playing gambling where legalization is not accessible. Fun88 doesn’t intend the use websites, where the use is illegal.

You acknowledge that all the Information may be provisional in nature and subject to revision or change as provided by these Terms and Conditions. You should always be aware of the rules, as the bets can be deemed void anytime.

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#11. Termination, Suspension, or Account Closure.

Fun88 reserves the right to terminate your account, suspend your services or close your account if has reasonable grounds are established.

  • You have more than one account actively with Fun88.
  • You provided misleading registration information.
  • Your name doesn’t match the name on the bank account.
  • You’re below legal age or your jurisdiction denies online gambling.
  • You participated in Fun88 promotions and withdraw before fulfilling the requirements.

Fun88 reserves a right to close a customer’s accounts and refund the balance in their account without giving any explanation whatsoever.

#12. Violations of these terms in use

If Fun88 happens to find any violation of its terms and conditions then it reserves a right to deny any service and even accessibility of the website to the customer. It can also block access from any particular internet address at any time and sole decision without providing any explanation whatsoever.

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We hope that you got an idea regarding the terms of use of Fun88 and are willing to start your journey of online gambling, only if your age is above the legal age to gamble online and if your jurisdiction allows you to do so. Have a smooth journey with Fun88 and win yourself a great deal of real money.