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Fun88 Rummy  Fun88 Online Rummy

A player declares “Rummy” when they get rid of all cards in their hand at once, without earlier having put down or laid off any cards. Explore the game, like how to play, rules, rummy cards with 6 smart sets of examples for new members.

What is the Rummy game?

Rummy is a card game; play with two packs of cards with two Jokers in total. A player must obtain a legitimate declaration to win the game.


Each suit’s cards rank low to high in rummy, beginning with Ace to King. Ace, Jack, Queen, and King each have 10 points. The rest value of the cards is equivalent to their face value. For example, 5 cards will have 5 points, and so on.

The goal of the rummy card game is to establish the 13 cards in authentic sets and sequences. To win the game, you require to obtain a minimum of 2 orders, out of which one needs to be a whole sequence, and the rest can be any logical sequence or sets. Without a complete order, you cannot make a valid rummy declaration.

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How to form sequences in the rummy game

A series is a group of 3 or more sequential cards of identical suites in rummy. 2 types of rows are formed, a pure sequence, and an impure sequence. You suppose to have at least one pure series in your hand to win the game of rummy. At Fun88 you will get a 300% bonus up to ₹1,000 on Live Casino!

Pure Sequence

A pure sequence is a collection of three or more identical suit cards, ordered consecutively. To make a pure sequence in the rummy card game, a player cannot use any Joker or wild card.

Here are two examples of pure sequence

  1. 5 6 7 (with three cards and there is no joker or wild card)
  2. 3 4 5 6 (with four cards. There is no use of a joker or wild cards)


Impure Sequence

An impure sequence is a combination of three or more cards of the equal suite with one or more joker cards.

Here are two samples to explain how an impure sequence form

  1. 6 7 Q 9 (Q used as a wild joker replacing 8 to make an impure sequence)
  2. 5♠ Q 7 8 PJ (with Q as wild joker that is replacing 6 and the Printed Joker(PJ) is replacing 9)

How to form Rummy Sets

A set is a collection of three or more cards having the equivalent worth but of different suites. You can use wild cards and jokers while making sets.

6 Elementary examples of sets for beginners

  1. A A A (All the Ace are of different suits, make a legitimate set)
  2. 8 8 8 8 (Formed with four 8 cards of other suites)
  3. 9 Q 9 9 (Here, Q used as wild joker replacing 9 to make a set)
  4. 5 5 5 PJ (Printed joker [PJ] replacing 5 to build a set)
  5. 5 5 Q PJ (Q used as wild joker replacing 5 and Printed joker replacing 5 to create a group)
  6. 5 5 PJ Q Q (A set of 5 cards with PJ and Q as wild joker replacing 5 5 and one more wild joker Q to make 13 cards grouping)

General Example:

  • 2 3 4 5| 5 6 7 8 | 5 5 PJ Q Q (Set of 5 cards is given to develop the group of 13 cards and obtain a real declaration)

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How to play the Fun88 rummy in 3 steps

Follow these easy rummy directions to understand how to play rummy which falls under the Live Casino of Fun88.

Step 1: Access Fun88 official, login & go to Rummy

  • Existing Fun88 members can directly login to their account using valid credentials.

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  • Once you’ve logged in, on your 1st minimum deposit of ₹333 to be eligible for the Fun88 rummy promotion – 300% 1st Deposit Bonus up to ₹1,000.
  • Then, go to the menu bar and click the tab Rummy.
  • The Fun88 rummy provider Happy Ace Rummy will get displayed. Click the “Play Now” button to proceed to the game.

Step 2: Pick your favorite variant of Rummy – Point Rummy

  • Once you click the play now button, you will be redirected to the page that displays a variety of Fun88 rummy games to prefer from.


  • Fun88indi recommends you pick a Point Rummy game because the minimum bet limit for Point Rummy is ₹4.


  • To start your Fun88 rummy game, decide your desired betting limit.

What is Points Rummy?

Points rummy is a 13-card Indian rummy alternative in which players play for points with a calculated rupee amount. The first player to obtain a valid declaration wins the game with 0 points and all the funds based on the competitor’s total points.

Step 3: Enjoy the Point Rummy at Fun88

Start placing your bets and experience your rummy game at Fun88 India. Players play for points with a calculated rupee value.

Fun88 Rummy Online

  • Every player is expected to bring a specific amount to the table.
  • The opening movement will be determined by a coin toss.
  • A set of 13 cards will be dealt with by every player randomly.
  • The game starts when the first card from the deck is placed in the open deck.
  • The rest cards are put face-down in the deck slot that has been closed.
  • At the start of every game round, a joker card is picked randomly.
  • To form sets and/or sequences, each player gets turns selecting/dropping a card from a closed/open deck.
  • To finish your sets and/or sequences, you can use one or more jokers.
  • To declare your sets and sequences, move a card to the finish slot.
  • To declare, a player needs to merge the cards in their hand into sets/sequences and next click the ‘Declare’ button.

4 Points to remember of Points Rummy at Fun88

  1. Objective: Arrange all 13 cards in your hand into sequences and/or sets.
  2. Compulsory: You must declare at least two sequences to complete the game, one of which must be a pure sequence.
  3. Caution: While playing with two decks, you can not practice the same card again in a set, hence 7 7 7 isn’t an admissible set.
  4. Printed Joker Card: If a printed joker is selected as the joker for a game, players may employ any Ace card from any suit as a joker in their sets and/or sequences.

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Fun88 Rummy Online

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Despite the simplicity, Fun88 rummy is one of the most intellectually challenging card games. There are many levels to this game, and apart from poker, it includes higher talent than just like any other card game. You need to evaluate various plots, like what you have, what potential melds are achievable, and what opponents may or may not have.