Fun88 Rewards: Collect Points & Claim Money up to ₹2,000,000

Claim Fun88 Rewards by placing bets, collecting points & exchanging them for money up to ₹2,000,000. Win 400% VIP welcome bonus up to ₹100,000 on Sports & Casino.


Fun88 Rewards for New & Existing Players

Fun88 brings the most rewarding scheme for its loyal, dedicated, and active players in 2023. After leading the online gambling market in Aisa for more than a decade, with PAGCOR legal license; Fun88 has learned to appreciate and value its customers. Therefore, Fun88 rewards are applicable to new members as well as existing players.

  • Players can win rewards from the range of ₹50 to ₹2,000,000 at Fun88 India. All one needs to do in engage in active betting and gambling activities, collect points for each ₹200-₹500 bet, and unlock the rewards.
  • New members can also claim the VIP welcome promotions on SABA Sports or Evolution Gaming Live Casino. Win a 400% welcome bonus up to ₹100,000 with a minimum deposit amount of ₹10,000 on the first deposit.

05 Terms & Conditions to claim Fun88 Rewards

There’s no Fun88 VIP Club to join in order to claim Fun88 rewards, all you need to do is be a loyal and active customer of Fun88. Place your bets, collect your points, and unlock the rewards. Read the terms & conditions first!

  1. Details: Players have to collect points by placing bets on sportsbooks, slots, virtual sports, and live casino games. These points are required to unlock the VIP levels. The value of 1 point ranges from ₹200-₹500 worth per bet.
  2. VIP Levels: There are 20 VIP levels for players to cross and claim ₹2,000,000. More information on Fun88 VIP levels is given below in this article. Keep scrolling and reading to know the VIP levels better before committing to claim rewards.
  3. Eligible Players: All players, new and existing who have Fun88 accounts are eligible to claim Fun88 Rewards.
  4. Credited wallet: The reward amount before being withdrawn, will be credited to the Fun88 Main wallet of the account.
  5. Rollover Requirement: The rewarded amount must be rolled one time to become eligible for Fun88 withdrawal process.

Explore ‘VIP Levels’ & ‘Details’ at Fun88 Rewards

Before you know how to visit the rewards at Fun88, you must know the terms and conditions. The greatest terms and conditions to claim the Fun88 reward is given in Levels & Details, explore the section to your best and claim the prize. Both the sections are mentioned below in descriptive and tabular form to make it simple for you.

LEVELS – Fun88 VIP Levels from VIP 1 to VIP 20

There are 20 VIP levels at Fun88 Rewards that are waiting to be claimed by you. New and existing players have to increase their level by collecting the points from placing bets and unlocking the rewards. The price ranges from ₹50 to 2,000,000.


  • Initial VIP Level: VIP 1 is the first level of Fun88 rewards that need to be unlocked, it requires 100 points to claim ₹50. Hence, a player needs 100 points to win a ₹50 reward. You will learn how to collect points further in the article.
  • Final VIP Level: VIP 20 is the last level of Fun88 rewards, it offers a ₹2,000,000 prize for 10029200 points. Place bets on sportsbooks, live casino games, and slots online to collect points and win rewards for being a loyal customer of Fun88.
  • VIP levels will be opened in a consecutive manner, you cannot claim VIP 2 reward until you claim VIP 1 reward.

Know all 20 Fun88 VIP Levels better in a tabular form and plan your strategy to win ₹2,000,000 as soon as you can.

VIP Level

Points RequiredFun88 Rewards




























VIP 10



VIP 11



VIP 12



VIP 13



VIP 14



VIP 15



VIP 16



VIP 17



VIP 18



VIP 19



VIP 20



Note: There’s nothing like Fun88 VIP, Fun88 VIP Club, Fun88 Club, and Fun88 VIP Group on the Fun88 Official website. There’s only one thing remotely similar to that, Fun88 Rewards! Cross the VIP levels and claim your rewards. There are 2 VIP welcome bonuses for new members at Fun88, which you will get to learn later in this article, so keep reading!

DETAILS – Terms & Conditions to Collect the Points

As you know by now, you must collect some points to claim the Fun88 rewards. But how will you claim the points? Further below in this section, the answer to your question is mentioned – How to collect the points to claim the Fun88 Rewards?


You have to place bets and play as much as you can to collect as many points as you can to unlock the rewards one by one. Players will receive 1 point when they place a bet on either four products at Fun88, sportsbook, live casino, slots, and virtual. The value of 1 point is mentioned in the table to give you a better understanding of points and placing bets.

Sr. No.

ProductsValue of 1 Point per Bet





The player gains 1 point when he bets ₹200 on BetB2B, SABA Sports, and BTi Sports.


Live Casino


The player gains 1 point when he bets ₹500 on Playtech, Evolution, Microgaming, etc.


Slots Online


The player gains 1 point when he bets ₹200 on Netent, Jili, Pragmatic Play, etc.




The player gains 1 point when he bets ₹200 on Virtual Cricket & Virtual Ice Hockey.

How to claim Fun88 Rewards up to ₹2,000,000 in 2 Steps

Now that you know the ₹2,000,000 is waiting for you somewhere at Fun88 India. Let us take you there and help you claim the reward for yourself. Follow the 2 steps guide to visit Fun88 Rewards, but don’t forget to collect the points, only then the reward will be unlocked and become eligible to be claimed by new and existing players at Fun88.

Step 1: Visit Fun88 India, Register & Go to ‘My Rewards’

  • Access the official website of Fun88 India via the original link uploaded in the article to avoid reaching the duplicated website and putting your legal information in the wrong hands. Be vigilant and careful, click the link given above.
  • Click on ‘Join Now‘ from the top right corner of the Fun88 official homepage to make Fun88 register. Complete the registration filling procedure and get access to Fun88 products, features, services, and so much more.


  • If you already have a Fun88 account in India, click on Login and fill in your username and password to enter.
  • Once you are logged in, click on your ‘Username‘ to visit your Fun88 profile where you can deposit the money, withdraw your winnings, transfer the money from one product wallet to another, and most importantly, see Fun88 Rewards.


  • Click on ‘My Rewards‘ in the right corner of all the features listed in the horizontal list and you will be redirected to a new page where all the details, levels, and collected points are shown. Play live casino games & sports betting to collect points.

Step 2: Claim your Fun88 Reward as per Collected Points

  • There are three pieces of information listed in the ‘My Rewards‘ section of Fun88; VIP Levels, Details to collect the points and the number of points that you have already collected. Rewards are locked in the initial stage.


  • Level Fun88 VIP 1 will be unlocked when you have collected 100 points and you will get ₹50 as your loyalty prize.
  • Keep placing bets and playing games to collect more coins and win greater rewards. You have a great chance to win ₹2,000,000 with constant determination and engagement. A quick tip would be to make a group with your friends & play.

Top 2 VIP Welcome Bonuses for New Members at Fun88

Fun88 Promotion has brought VIP Welcome bonus from two Gambling providers; Evolution Gaming & SABA Sports. New members can claim either of two promotions, a 400% bonus up to ₹100,000 on Sports or Live Casino with a minimum deposit limit of ₹10,000 and 20 rollover conditions to make the bonus amount eligible for withdrawal.


  1. Sportsbook: Claim Fun88 VIP welcome bonus of 400% up to ₹100,000 via depositing real money. Register & deposit a minimum of ₹10,000 in your SABA Sportsbook wallet. 20 Rollover terms must be met within 14 days to unlock the bonus amount.
  2. Live Casino: Create your new member account at Fun88 India and win the 400% welcome bonus of up to ₹100,000 by Evolution Gaming Live Casino Provider. Make ₹10,000 minimum deposit & complete 20 rollovers in 14 days to withdraw the bonus.


Don’t be disappointed, you might have not got any Fun88 VIP Club or Group; but Fun88 offers something better, Fun88 Rewards up to ₹2,000,000. Register at Fun88 India, play live casino games, place bets on sports matches, collect the points as per terms & conditions, and claim the reward according to the number of points you have collected. Win 400% Fun88 VIP welcome bonus up to ₹100,000 on Sports and Live casino wallet.